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We ALL need to pray for single mom, married mom, grandmoms, single dads, married dads, granddads, childless people, homeless people, people that are struggling, people that are not struggling, children, teenagers, young people, senior citizens/elders, all the brave and caring first responders;

And all the people who HAVE to show up at work, risking their [and therefore, their family's] health because they have no other choice,

And certainly for all of the courageous, brave doctors and nurses and nurses aids, and doctors assistants, pharmacists, and hospital orderlies, receptionists, administrative personnel, cooks, kitchen workers, janitors, security, and supply techs.

We ALL need to pray for EVERYONE and for each other.

We need to especially pray for anyone Black, because they are already plotting for Black people to be taken out by this man-made germ warfare/biological weapon.

This shit has the potential to turn into a 21st century Bubonic Plague.

ALL Black people [EVERYWHERE ON THIS PLANET] are going to have to fight like hell against contracting what the TRAP has been 'baited' with THIS time.


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