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Ladies, I recently noticed something. I ate
a huge plate of nachos and then came this water
weight. So I was frustrated. I said okay,
I'm eating more fruit now. Me personally,
my favorite foods are usually Carbohydrates and meats.
I had been eating carbs everyday, sometimes
2 bagels or one, bagels all week, not good.

I want to burn some serious body fat
so I'm giving up eating carbs everyday. I will
eat it only 1 or 2 times a week but NOT this
week. I know it's not good to eat HEAVY carbs
everyday, like bagels since I want to
lose body fat.

I am now 116 pounds and happy about
that. I also took a water pill.So if you
are looking to get rid of water weight,I was
told that you can use the water pill.

Now I eat more fruits. The light carb I have
everyday is cereal now.

Okay if you think you can eat something and
not splurge on it and just want to taste
it, it should be okay to have 1 chip or one
tiny bite of a doughnut. I do that if I get
a late night crave. Another thing to do to
avoid hunger is sleep, taking a nap.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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fro Sista Charisma....

You are still a baby....respectfully. You still have TIME to incorporate an exercise routine before you get married and have children....cuZ that's when "weight" becomes an issue for MANY women.

You have time to experiment on what works for you....and implement that for a lifetime. I always say that in order to maintain your weight you must do things that you can LIVE with as you grow older. When children come, it is a different ANIMAl...entirety. Cuz right now your body doesn't know what it feels like to gain 30-60 pounds in a few months...unless you were large as a child...but! I doubt that. You are a beautiful young woman...and I know you ARE not gonna have problems at any time...cuz you are ALREADY on itBig Grin

BTW: I appreciate all your POSITIVE threads......they are are informative, uplifting and inspirational. thanks


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