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This Meteorologist Dancing With His Friend Will Brighten Your Day


10/03/2016 11:38 am ET

There’s nothing quite like some black boy joy. Meteorologist Ted Phaeton and his friend Charles Russ proved that they brought cookout-worthy entertainment to a weather forecast green screen. 

Phaeton, who works for FOX Carolina in Greenville, South Carolina, shared a video of him and his friend doing the viral #tzanthemchallenge, created by Zay Hilfiger, on Facebook Sept. 16. In the video, the duo nail a compilation of popular dance moves, including the running man and the hit dem folks. As of Monday, the video has more than 640,000 views.  

Phaeton, who has created other videos with Russ, told The Grio that he wanted to get creative with his weather report after his friend suggested he create a “Sunshine Alert.”

The meteorologist didn’t think Russ was serious initially but, with the help of his creative services department, they shot the video. Since then, the duo also shot a cute little video for the first day of fall.

Russ, who’s a financial planner, told the outlet that it’s important for him to spread positivity in times of darkness and show his twin boys that you can have fun and still be professional.

Phaeton said he thinks it also sheds a different light on men of color.

“To be able to dance and be myself and show that I am an authority and know my stuff when it comes to the weather,” he said. “It’s not ignoring what’s going on, but it’s combating it with positivity.”


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