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1-Year-Old Beautician Hosts A Salon Talk With Mom: ‘He Trippin,’ Girl’

Little Jayde Robinson already knows the importance of the beautician-client relationship.

There’s nothing like some good salon talk as your beautician slays your hair.

Jayde Robinson already knows this and she’s only 1. Jayde’s mom, Kerry Robinson, recorded a hilarious conversation with her daughter on Snapchat.

Robinson engages her daughter in some good ol’ girlfriend kiki and young Jayde has no problem responding perfectly with “he crazy, girl,” as well as “girl, yes” and “then what happened?” At one point in the video, Robinson tells her daughter that she has free Sea World tickets and Jayde’s reaction is priceless.

“Girl, yes. I’m excited, girl,” the mom says.

“I’m excited, girl,” Jayde repeats. 

Robinson shared the video above on Facebook on Thursday and it already had more than 15 million views as of Tuesday. The San Antonio, Texas, mom told HuffPost that she and little Jayde make videos like this all the time.

“She loves to play in my hair and act like she’s really a mom,” Robinson said. She said that she wasn’t surprised that Jayde engaged in salon talk with her, but “I was caught off guard at her response a few times so I just kept going.” 

Robinson said that she’s proud of how smart Jayde is.

“The best moment had to be when she said, ‘Then what happened.’ It really just shows me how intelligent she is,” she said. “I posted her reaction to the actual video and she memorized even what I was saying!”

Jayde may be a little heavy-handed, but she sure is smart (and adorable).  

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