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Teen Charged With Stealing 65-Cent Milk Carton To Go To Trial

Ryan Turk’s family says the 14-year-old was handcuffed, searched for drugs and suspended from school.

10/05/2016 01:04 pm ET

A 14-year-old Virginia boy will face trial after he was charged with stealing a 65-cent milk carton from his school cafeteria ― despite being enrolled in the free-lunch program.

Police arrested and charged Ryan Turk with two misdemeanors of disorderly conduct and petit larceny in May after a school resource officer claimed to have seen him “conceal” the drink at Graham Park Middle School, according to the Prince William County Police Department.

The debacle ended with Turk being handcuffed, suspended and allegedly searched for drugs in the school principal’s office, his mother alleged in an interview with WTVR shortly after his arrest.

The boy’s family has since accused the officer and school of unfairly targeting him because he’s African-American. They declined to handle his arrest non-judicially, police said, leading to a trial date being set for November, The Washington Post reports.

Ryan Turk was placed in handcuffed at his middle school in May after a school resource officer accused him of stealing a carton of milk.

The acting officer, who is with the Prince William County Police Department, reported seeing Turk take the beverage after cutting in his school’s lunch line on May 10, police said.

Turk told WTVR after his arrest that he had forgotten to pick up the drink during his first pass through the line. He put it back and explained himself after being the officer confronted him, the teen added.

When he was ordered to go to the principal’s office, however, things apparently got hostile. 

Police said in a statement, which The Huffington Post obtained, that the boy “refused and became disorderly.”

“When the officer attempted to escort him to the office, the student leaned back and pushed against the office,” the statement read. “As they were approaching the principal, the student attempted to push past the officer to get away. The student was subsequently handcuffed and taken to the office without further incident.” 

Ryan’s mother, Shamise Turk, said her son is not going to admit to something he did not do.

Turk admitted that he did pull away from the officer and told him to get off of him. He said the officer grabbed his neck in response.

The family’s attorney, Emmitt Robinson, argued that it was merely a case of someone not wanting to go along with someone who was being unfair. But he also alleges that Ryan was targeted and accused of stealing because of his race.

“No one needs to be punished for stealing a 65-cent carton of milk,” Robinson told The Washington Post last week. “This officer treats kids like they’re criminals, and guess what happens — they’re going to become criminals.”

The boy’s mother, Shamise Turk, said her son’s ordeal left her “angry” and “frustrated.”

“It just went too far,” she told WTVR. “They are charging him with larceny, which I don’t have no understanding as to why he is being charged with larceny when he was entitled to that milk from the beginning.”

She said that her family’s decision to go to trial is over wanting to set the record straight.

The 14-year-old boy was enrolled in his school’s free lunch program, so he was entitled to the milk without paying, his family has said.

“My son is not going to admit to something he did not do,” she told The Washington Post. 

A spokesman for Prince William Public Schools said in a statement Monday that it had no role in how the situation was handled, beyond academic discipline. Local authorities brought the legal charges and police action, he said.

The school suspended Turk because his actions broke its code of conduct, school spokesman Philip B. Kavits wrote.

“As every parent and student knows, principals must look at how a student behaved, and how that behavior affects both the student and others at the school. Following that determination, principals act in the best interest of all concerned,” he added.

Addressing allegations of racism, Kavits  noted that both the school’s principal and the police officer that handled his arrest are African-American.

“These individuals are well known in our highly diverse community for their dedication and caring approach to ALL students,” he wrote.

Requests for comment from Robinson and Shamise Turk were not immediately returned.


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Anyone could have paid 65 cents for the milk. Tell me where to send the money, I'll pay for it for him. 65 cents does not require a trial. These fuckers lost billions during the Iraq war, nothing happened to anyone. Trump hasn't paid taxes for 18 years, you try that, you'll get 3 life time sentences to be served concurrently. There's something wrong with these folks called "white", and it's beyond serious. I can barely look at them anymore. They all look corpse-like to me and I'm not kidding. The look of "death" surrounds them all; they're so evil and hateful for no god damn reason.

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It's not about the milk or the fact that he "took" the milk that he was entitled to.


It's about the RACE WAR that is being waged against Black people in America.  


It's about the RACE WAR that is being waged against young Black males in America.


It's about the RACE WAR that is being waged against Black children in America.



Nothing is going to change until Black people realize and accept the fact that WE ARE AT WAR and act accordingly!  


RACE WAR is being waged against Black men, against young Black males, against Black teenagers, against Black children, against Black women, and nothing will change until Black people UNIFY in this country and push back twice as hard against this dirty, cowardly WAR that is being waged against us!




  Hell no it's about the MILK.  It's about putting BLACK PEOPLE back in their so-called "place."  This shows how extremely ignorant and racist that school system is.  Where our the black leaders/attorneys/religious preachers to represent this family?  It should have gotten this far.  If the police can stop to burger king and buy a murderer of 9 black people a hamburger, surely there is someone in the black community who can speak up for this child-besides the mother.  There is no common sense to taking this young boy to jail just to destroy his life.  Reminds of the Scottsboro boys.  Massa targeted them....just like massa is targeting him.  Hell...where are the black celebrities/advocates SCREAMING about this?  I'm pissed cuz children will be children.  What?  Black kids are not children?  Apparently this school that is getting money to have him in their school doesn't think so.  Where is the focking outrage?  But!

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We haven't had "leaders" since 1965 or so. Leaders don't do a damn thing but kill or be killed. What is it that "Leaders" do except fill their pockets with money and walk around in clean-looking pressed suits??

I believe some are thinking about dropping NUCLEAR bombs on heads at the moment. All the fuckers do is have a war of some sought or another.

I watched the "Dandies" of the Congo yesterday, on YouTube. That was a fuckin' mess. Pimp-lookin' Africans dressed to the nines; bathtubs, toilets, streets, houses non-existent, dirt everywhere, folks washing clothes out of filthy buckets; where the fuck are the Congo's "Leaders?" 

Haiti's in trouble. Bill Clinton's lookin' for donations. He took all their donations from the Earthquake; he and Hillary's brother, they're living large; Clinton looks like he's about to drop dead any second. Where are Haiti's "Leaders?"

With "Leaders" like those, who needs fuckin' "Leaders?" What is it that "Leaders" do except fight among each other and kill folks by the millions, by pitting peoples' kids against kids to do the slaughtering, and count their illegal bucks they obtained by hook and by crook? They're no different from "Preachers", "Actors/Actresses", "Drug Dealers", "Gang Bangers", and "Entertainers." They're a SCAM; everyone looking for heaps of money for themselves and they GET IT.


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