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Left, right and center are all dumping on the president. They'll regret it later.

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They'll Miss Obama When He's Gone
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The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan was probably right last week when she wrote that "nobody loves Obama" anymore. In last week's Gallup poll, the president's approval rating dropped to a George W. Bush-like 40 percent. While Obama probably still has at least a 50-50 chance of winning re-election next fall, if he does, it'll be a narrow, anticlimactic win over an even less-loved rival, like impeccably credentialed but universally underwhelming former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.


As Obama joylessly ended weeks of partisan fighting by signing a budget bill that avoids a credit default but barely cuts the national debt and does nothing in the way of tax reform, nearly every constituency -- left, right and center -- has found a reason to loathe both the new law and Obama.


On the left, New York Times economist Paul Krugman thinks that Obama "surrendered," and the Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel decries the president's "eagerness" to please the Tea Party. On the right, the Journal's Bret Stephens writes that Hillary Clinton "would have made a better president," and Fox News' Mike Huckabee calls Obama's role in the episode "amateur hour."


It's clear that whether it's in 2012 or 2016, by the time Obama leaves the White House, you'll have to look hard to find anyone who still loves him. But almost everyone will miss him when he's gone.


If you're a progressive, and someone told you three years ago that after the nation elected its first black president, he'd enact universal health coverage, triple the number of women on the Supreme Court, do away with Bill Clinton's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, end major combat operations in Iraq, rescue the U.S. auto industry and declare an end to torture at GuantÁnamo Bay -- even if he couldn't shut the place down -- that's a deal you would have taken.


If you're a conservative, and someone told you three years ago that eight weeks after Lehman Brothers collapsed, Obama would be elected and then enact Mitt Romney's health coverage plan, make lemonade out of the hated TARP bailout, implement a payroll tax holiday, extend the Bush-era tax cuts and nurse the Dow Jones industrial average back from the 7,000s to the 12,000s -- all on the way to killing Osama bin Laden -- that's a deal that you would have taken.


If you're one of those wishy-washy, fence-straddling moderates (also known as everyone else in America), and you'd been told three years ago that at the apex of his presidency, Obama would stand still for a political kneecapping over raising the debt ceiling -- something Congress did for Ronald Reagan 18 times -- so that you could go out tomorrow and still find yourself a low-interest car, home or student loan if you needed one, that's a deal you would have taken, too.

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"But almost everyone will miss him when he's gone."


Koco, I have been saying the exact same thing for weeks to these disgruntled Dems and Independents who have lost favor with the President. 


You're right. Since this "major turning point in his Presidency" according to the media everytime the President does anything (and he has had a lot of those so far)  this routine, raising the debt ceiling deal, purposely got blown out of proportion by the right wing conservative Tea Party in order to have something in their minds, to "blame" the President over in order to do exactly what they are doing right now...Dumping on the President 24/7 calling him a weak and clueless leader and planning/preparing negative attack ads just in time for the next election to convince those disgruntled and dissapointed Dems and Independents to vote Republican or stay at home; not vote for him in the next election and give them exactly what they want; a one term Democratic President with a Republican President replacement.


And the really sad part? those disgruntled idiots will probably (if they haven't already) drink the sour Kool-Aid; buy the right wing bullshit, stay home, not vote or vote Republican and allow in just 4 short years, the VERY SAME people who helped fucked this country up in the first place under 8 years of Bush to return to complete and total power & control....A Republican President and a Republican Congress....The perfect storm for this country's future total disaster.


They already gave away the store (The U.S. Congress) last November by not voting and keeping the Congress under Democratic control and in less than 8 months, the Republicans without any shame in their game, have already done much "in your face" damage (Wisconsin & working to dissolving the unions, changed the voting requirements throughout the country and this debt ceiling deal) and if they grab control of the White House, primary social services and programs will be severely cut back or eliminated since no one knows what these trillions in cuts to reduce the deficit will specifically be going forward and they WILL privitize Social Security, give it all to Wall Street (that's what Bush tried to do) and raid Medicare....THEY WANT THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!!! and the middle class who now hang by a very, very thin thread, will completely dissappear and the poor will eventually vanish away in regards to getting any help whatsoever and with no job creation (they have no solutions and they have created not one job since their took control of Congress) except for giving the rich their on-going permanent tax breaks & allowing them to continue going overseas and set up shop killing hundreds of thousands of job here in the U.S., America may have to establish martial law; a police state with all the problematic issues that will become of it.


So go ahead, be pissed at President Obama, "teach him a lesson" as many say, follow the hype and buy the 24/7 non-stop media Republican hype machine & bullshit since it is in now in high gear with all the negative rhetoric against him (which is nothing new...they have been doing that from day one) but if you allow them to brainwash you (and many have been bamboozled) with their constant, non-stop right wing criticisms each and every time that the President does something, pro or con and come 2012, you don't campaign for him, don't support him going forward, vote Republican and/or keep your happy asses at home on election day and one of these Republican morons get elected just remember, they all have one thing in common......they favor the rich.....they either are or wanna be rich.....they definitely don't give a flyin' fuck about you.....and they all kneel at the alter and pray to the one common God.....the bubble bursting, Ronald Reagan 'Trickle Down" economics theory which as their political guide, is the catalyst that got us into this horrid mess in the first place and guess what? When that Republican President gets in office they will a good game, your portfolio and retirement savings will once again look a little better (in the beginning) and you start feeling good.... will promply go out and once again buy needless bullshit once again that you don't need (piling up more debt & expenses) but when that economic bubble burst once again and this time, it will be much worser this time will destroy what was left over after this severe will take absoluty no hostages, no prisioners, provide no vasaline for your bleeding asses and you will be totally bottomed out on your ass as the rich continue to fatten their bank accounts with all your hard earned money that suddendly got all "transferred" to them.


Deja Vu 2.0




When the stock markets are increasing, you buy less and pay more to buy those exact same stocks, when the markets are in decline, stocks are cheaper and you buy more of those exact same stocks...when that bubble burst (and it will again)....stocks are in a rapid and fast freefall....your 401K, mutual funds, retirement, savings and cash are once again under seige while the rich will be once again be in a feeding, buy and buy some more (In the hundreds of thousands or millions) of those cheap stocks, sit back and wait..... and as the DOW steadily increases (if only by just by 1 point), they make multi-millions while you make very little (not enough to recover your losses) or lose all your hard earned pennies.


And those financial and corporate regulations (checks and balances) that President Obama placed on Wall Street financial firms to keep them in check?....deregulation laws once again and this time made permanent......gone.


Once again (and this time it will be much much worse)........Your job? (or what's left of it)...gone......your house?....gone.....all your money?....gone....your grown-up toys?.....gone....better schools and education?......gone.....your sanity?...gone....This time, just get the loaded pistol or rifle, put in your mouth, pull the goddam trigger and just kill yourself.


Another severe recession on top of this current one........"Fucked" once again.


And this time on top of everything else, you will have to deal with these square dancing, cowboy shirt/boot wearing, animal loving, tobacco chewing, snuff dipping, pick-up truck driving, redneck/corporate suit & tie wearing, revitalized Jim Crow, White racist assholes who finally "got their country back"...and yes they will constantly mess with you, snicker or laugh out loud directly in your face and remind you each and everyday of "what was"...That reality to me personally, more than anything else will really piss me off...and yes if they get their country back, they will party and party hard...and they will also become very brazen with swelled pride & inflated egos....we finally got that Obama son-of-a-bitch!..With probably enough cracker juice flowing through their veins to not give a damn and just called you a n*gger directly to your face just to fuck wih you....Welcome back to the 1960's.


When that happens (and it will) then don't cry, bitch or complain when they totally screw you out of everything and they try to eliminate as much progress that President Obama has completed (to try and protect your impatient ass) in his only 4 year term.


And when the Republican Prez is in office?...raising the debt ceiling? Unlike President Obama, you won't even know it got raised and how many times it happens during his/her term and just like Bush, put everything unpaid for on the nation's credit card...the nations deficit? probably balloon to 25-30 trillion....The Repubs live off of your lack of patience, focus, dissapointment, busy minds and short term memories.


The Dems and Independents gave President Obama just 4 years to correct 8 long years of total Bush Presidential fuck-ups and only after 2 short years of working his ass off trying and do so with all the previous adminstration's corrupt bullshit facing him and trying to move this country forward, they now want him gone.


I even heard some say that President Obama needs to be challenged within his own party for the Democratic Presidential nomination....THAT's laughable and that will never happen...And if it does, then they are more fucked up than I thought.


If he doesn't get re-elected, you can kiss another Democratic President (not just another Black or any other minority) goodbye for a very, very, very long time.


Dems, Independents, sitting on the fence, Kool-Aid drinkers? REALLY, REALLY careful what you wish for.

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  Thank you brotha Cholly.  Finally somebody gets it.  Damn!  I just don't KNOW what has happened to us.  We used to have the ability to see through massa's bullshyte.  It's so refreshing to know that they are a few of "us" left.  You hit EVERY point right on the head. Simply.  Brilliant.  Suddenly I am lost for words....and that doesn't happen too often....but!  It's sooooo beautiful to hear.  I think I feel an unity tear coming from somewhere.  I see black people!  What a rare sight...but. I'm just sayin 

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