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I knew it! What a bunch of jackasses. Well, white folks better lock up their olive skinned young boys. They've got book deals already!!! Laughing and grinning all over the news like this is the best day of their lives, practically drooling over all the money they're going to make. Ugh! God, I hate capitalism! Anybody with money can be acquitted even against the strongest evidence, it was a given this child-molesting freak was going free with the shaky evidence against him in this case. They had a woman testify to actually seeing him pour wine into Coke cans to unsuspectingly intoxicate the little boy and these dipshits still found him not guilty of that. Is everyone a freaking moron these days?!?

R Kelly will go free, as well. Firstly because he's rich and secondly because no one gives a shit if you're raping little Black girls, not even Black folks. Especially not Black folks.

Wasn't Jesse just on the news hollering about the trial not being fair because the jury was all white? Heh.
Originally posted by MBM:
. . . and we always talk about the criminal justice system being biased against the black man! ek

Michael is innocent!!! Greedy music execs have been after him for years. Check with anyone in Hollywood. The trial was planned. Its acting!! Michael is hated by certain individuals. He is the biggest superstar in the WORLD.

OJ is innocent. He may know who did it, but it wasn't him. The glove did not fit! You must acquit! That freeloading guy is still suspect.

Now R Kelly. That dude's gonna do time. Mark my words.

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