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These '100 Black Men' Are Changing Their Community For The Better

Giving back is only the beginning.


100 Black Men of New Jersey is a group of black male volunteers dedicated to "improving the quality of life" of black members of their local community through a variety of services.


The organization is a chapter of 100 Black Men of America, a national organization with 120 chapters and more than 10,000 members. The group is dedicated to promoting mentorship, education, health and economic opportunities within the black community.


This September, the N.J. group will team up with the New Jersey Chapter of Links, a non-profit committed to improving the health of black communities, to sponsor a community Walk-a-Thon in conjunction with the state's recognition of September as Minority and Multicultural Health Month.


"Every year we make a point to be involved with health and wellness issues, and normally we promote health fairs, participate in walk-a-thons and those of sort of things," Matthew Horace, president of the 100 Black Men of New Jersey, told The Huffington Post. Some of the health services that his organization provides include screening for particular cancers, nutritious foods and health information.


"We're partnering with the broader African-American community to make the statement that we all believe that we have to take control of our health and we have to bring the attention of health care to everyone," Horace said.

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All 43 million of us have to come together in some way or another.  We can't be going to church, having the Holy Ghost, hopping around churches like there's no tomorrow, praising God and our kids are crazier than bed bugs. Either Jesus has fallen off the job or we're full of some serious shit. Stuff's not working.  We need to initiate a Negro Pact or something where we donate to our blackness, which will help our folks. Republicans and Democrats can get millions at the drop of a hat to run for Head Leader to the Grave and we can't do shit for ourselves. Donald Trump's shucking and jiving his pink square ass to the presidency on his pappy's money, bragging every step of the way and doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. We've been here 500 years, sorry assholes are we.  We need to start a BLACK PACT where we all contribute so we can lift everyone up and get these Caucasian monkeys off our backs and asses.  How long are we going to say "we've come a long way but we still have a long way to go?"  Go where??? To the graveyard?? We have PhD.'s in that!!!! We need to help each other, no matter where we are, so there's no more poverty riding our backs.

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