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...Roscoes chicken and waffles (pre vegetarian days)

... "Songs In The Key Of Life" - Stevie Wonder
... "All And All" - E,W & F
... Prince's 1st two albums - "For You" & "Prince"
... Michael Jackson - when he was Black!

... a get down, get funky house party - like back in the day!

... Beating Natick High on Thanksgiving day (Doug Flutie's team)

I could go on all night...
Originally posted by Lox:
Listening, No...Believing the weather forecast from Sunday, calling for 6 to 10 inches of snow by midnight...waking up at 7:00 am to see ABSOLUTELY NO SNOW ON THE GROUND NOR FALLING FROM THE SKY! AUGH Pfew...sorry had to get that off my chest! Smile

What's funny is that they have closed the schools... just because we might get snow!!?? (they did the same last week).

D.C. will never learn...
1. Walking into my mothers' house and seeing her sitting in her favorite chair,watching her favorite program(s), any/and all of the judges,ie. Judy, Joe Brown, Mathis, Milian etc.
My mothers comments about the many defendents and so on, are hilarious!!

2. Being the only African American on public transportation,ie. bus, train or plane for a long while; and then, a bunch of loud, garralous, laughing, joke cracking, black folk men/women board, who have a minimal concept of quiet, protocol or whispering. Moments like this,are when I feel some sort of 'solidarity' with the 'community' of my African American self.
And then of course it sort of starts wearing off, and I await their departure/ or at least them 'settling down' somewhat (no condescension); but not before exchanging phone numbers, email addresses, and even hugs sometimes Cool. lol!
In many ways, the African American is always a traveling 'stranger' at home in the U.S.
-scalp massages
-when you hear a song that brings back tons of memories
-rhythms that takes over your body
-long scenic drives in the country
-gazing around from high rooftops
-dancing and singing to music during hours long showers
-smelling a sweet smell you haven't encountered in years
-that four-toothed grin babies give
-q-tipping ears
-hugs from behind and kisses behind the ear

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