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I just came back from doing my 3km walk around the neighbourhood before work AND I saw a beautiful Kookaburra on a branch just above my head only 1 metre (3-4feet) away!!!

WOW... and it didn't fly away when I stopped to take a closer look. eyes There are a few living in my suburb but it's rare to see them up close like that.

this is what they look like, chubby, and about 1 ft tall... & cool as! Smile

There's nothing like.... finally getting my high-speed ADSL 2 after waiting 2.5 weeks, only to discover the telco's have switched my phone number by mistake, given it to who-knows-who, Roll Eyes and given me someone else's, while leaving them high and dry without ANY phone number ~ I'm beginning to meet all their friends !!! Eek Big Grin

technology or the techo ? Roll Eyes
Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Oh, you are a Southern Gal, aintcha. All but the spinach ... what about some mustards?

lol ... well, unfortunately my country-ness only goes so far ... and being born in the big city kicks in!!

My stomach will simply not digest grits nor greens! Eek So ... I have to improvise!! sck

I can cook a mean pot of 'em though! Smile

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