I just came back from doing my 3km walk around the neighbourhood before work AND I saw a beautiful Kookaburra on a branch just above my head only 1 metre (3-4feet) away!!!

WOW... and it didn't fly away when I stopped to take a closer look. eyes There are a few living in my suburb but it's rare to see them up close like that.

this is what they look like, chubby, and about 1 ft tall... & cool as! Smile

there's nothing like wickedly fattening White Diamond cheese and a bottle of icy cold champagne in the fridge... and a good friend and Sydney Harbour to watch while you eat and drink... I'm outta here.... Wink

Happy Valentine's Day to all the goddesses on AA.org and their beau's and admirers kiss enjoy!!
There's nothing like.... finally getting my high-speed ADSL 2 after waiting 2.5 weeks, only to discover the telco's have switched my phone number by mistake, given it to who-knows-who, Roll Eyes and given me someone else's, while leaving them high and dry without ANY phone number ~ I'm beginning to meet all their friends !!! Eek Big Grin

technology or the techo ? Roll Eyes
Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Oh, you are a Southern Gal, aintcha. All but the spinach ... what about some mustards?

lol ... well, unfortunately my country-ness only goes so far ... and being born in the big city kicks in!!

My stomach will simply not digest grits nor greens! Eek So ... I have to improvise!! sck

I can cook a mean pot of 'em though! Smile

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