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Maybe I don't always get my nails done.
You know some people even bite their nails,
a bad habit. But I have always had long nails
cause I don't bite them. I'm not really into
fake nails. I love natural nails like I love
natural hair. Some nails can be so long it
looks impossible to handle things. But If I
was to get any type of design on my own nails
it would be these.

A gallery of the most elegant and
fashionable nail designs! Enjoy!


Intergalactically Sexy 2

cococuff & nail design

Intergalactically Sexy 2

..::: Mystic Nails :::..

Intergalactically Sexy 2

Winter Frost 2

Winter Frost 2

365 days 1501 001

Ko Ko Nails 06

Ko Ko Nails 04

And you know what nail designs make me think

Ok forget it, I think about shopping anyways!! Big Grin
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Originally posted by Charismaallover:
oh yes fabulous, I see what you mean. She
must have took the picture the first day
she got her nails done.

Big Grin

Or maybe she has better luck with nail studs than I would.

I wear my nails natural but I have to get them done every week because

by the end of the week, my nails are tore up from the floor up. 20
Fabulous,oh yes,natural nails are easier.
But you know from what you mentioned
about the studs falling off, I just got an idea.
Maybe if people put
aluminum on their nails,
tape it down and wear gloves that will
protect the studs. You know how they
have eye patches or those things they
put on the eyes when they sleep to block
out the light (A sleep mask? is that what they call it?)

Well if they had fingernail
patches that adjust and fit on the fingernails
over the aluminum or taped down plastic, I wonder if that would help?

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