I know a thread was started a few weeks ago about getting BET off the air, and there was talk about the News Channel in the works, but I didn't hear too much about this one.

I respect the hell out of Cathy Hughes and what she did to get where she is. I listen to her speak at a Black Awareness weekend in my undergrad days and have admired her ever since.

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This is nothing but good news. Maybe this will motivate BET to ditch the vidoes, and preachers begging for money. BET still has brand recognition that cannot be bought, if they would just change their direction, is all I am asking
They will not change their direction. Especially since it is now owned by a white conglomeration. And too, in an article I once read, BET is looked at by a majority of young, white teens ... and I mean YOUNG!! 12-13-year-olds.

Viacom will keep the name because it is profitable. They will keep the videos because they are profitable. They will keep the preachers, because the are profiting.

That's the white American way. Roll Eyes

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
Hmmm, I wouldn't be so quick to lay the blame on Viacom. To me, it seems that Johnson himself is at fault. Remember not too long ago when there was a MAJOR effort to change the negativity spit out daily by BET? Well, the response was so overwhelming that Johnson himself came on the air (news program) to address the situation. He made a complete azz of himself and basically told Black America that he would not do one thing to change the way BET is and that he could care less about the phone calls to Viacom, the email campaign, the letter writing, etc. He also said ,in a roundabout way, that as long as the programming was bringing in money, it would remain as is. Talk about a sellout!

Also, they once interviewed the two people that created or wrote that mondern day minstrel "Cita". You wanna talk about two of the most ignorant black women on the planet. They were verbally tripping all over themselves trying to justify that garbage. Made me wonder who was doing the hiring and why they're still getting a check.
Toumani ....

I wasn't saying that Viacom turned BET into trash. It was already trash under the ownership of Robert Johnson. What I was trying to say is that Viacom will most definitely keep it trashy, for as long as they own it.

Yes, I saw both of those shows! I believe ol' Bob said what he said in the interview he gave when trying to justify his firing Tavis. Somehow, I remember his little speech as sticking his mouth in his foot even deeper than he had already stuck it in there! Eek

And that "Cita" thing!! That was an absolute embarassment!! The part that sticks in my mind to this day was when one of the women was asked if she lets her children watch the show ... and she said "No."!!

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
One thing that is lost in the shuffle w/ the BET sell to Viacom is the fact that Johnson is still a major player at BET/Viacom.. He sold the company for 3 Billion in Viacom stock. Making him the second largest stock holder, behind Sumner Redstone,Viacom's Chairman and CEO and one of the wealthiest men in the world. So Johnson still has major input at BET/ Viacom

Here is a very informative article from africana.com about the sale.


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