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Is it just me or is anyone else confused/perplexed/amused about the extraordinary media focus being placed on a white or cream colored van in the sniper cases outside of Washington D.C.? The sniper may be maniacal, but he's probably not suicidal. Do you really think he's still in that van now that everyone is looking out for it? Wouldn't the first thing he'd do be to change his vehicle? Could this be a "smokescreen" to lure the killer into a false sense of complacency?

What do you think?

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I just saw a bit of a news briefing. OK - no cream or white van. No olive or light brown skin men. No confirmation of a single gun for all of the murders (could be up to 30 different guns).

These folks are clueless. I know it's hard work, and the killer seems to be quite skilled, but it doesn't do anything for peoples' confidence in that area. eek

Onward and Upward!
...that the media is being used in this case (as is normal these days).

If they do have information about this guy, why would they want to tip him off? Make it sound like there are conflicting descriptions, uncertainty about the color of a van/truck.

Its a bluff and I agree to its use in order to capture/close in on him, or anyone for that matter.

The thing I wonder about is... are these really random choices? So far, an African American Leader in the fight to recycle Black Dollars (MATAH) and an FBI agent was killed (not sure about the other people). Not your run of the mill folks!!!

I would also not put it past our beloved government to assassinate people and have us believing terrorist are behind it. Fear is what is used by governments/religions to accomplish their agenda. Too many people, too many views... fear is the common thread to make us forget our rational thoughts and resort to our primitive nature.

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- A witness who described the Washington sniper, his assault rifle and his cream-colored van gave police a phony story, investigators said Thursday in a setback that casts doubt on much of what the public thought it knew about the roving killer.

Prosecutors said the witness could face charges. His name was not immediately released.

Fairfax County police Lt. Amy Lubas said the inaccurate account was exposed by checking it against that of other witnesses to Monday night's killing of an FBI cyberterrorism analyst in a crowded Virginia parking lot outside a Home Depot. It was the only shooting so far that people actually saw.

Asked if the witness may have intentionally misled investigators, Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, who is heading the investigation, said simply, "Yes."

Investigators had showed a certain optimism after the latest attack seemed to yield the best details yet about the killer. But that gave way to anger Thursday.

Moose said there was no credence to the witness' description of the cream-colored van with a burned-out rear taillight. And while Moose did not give the witness' exact description of the shooter, he chastised reporters for running reports that variously described the gunman as dark-skinned, olive-skinned, Middle Eastern or Hispanic. *sensational american media!

"When we have people from the media interviewing witnesses and publishing reports, we get confusion," Moose said. "We get this noise ... out there that gives people tunnel vision and makes them focus in on things that are not appropriate. ... We would like to be able to do our job." **a fair request!!

Moose said the witness' emphatic description of the shooter's AK-74 assault rifle is also bogus. But investigators cautioned that they still believe the sniper is using one of a family of more than 30 similar assault-type weapons capable of firing a .223-caliber bullet.

"The message we're trying to say is please keep an open mind," Moose said. "People saw a description of a weapon over the last day and a half and we're convinced they eliminated people they know because they say, `Their gun is not the weapon I saw in the paper.'"

Moose said the disclosure of the fake story, coming a day after investigators said they were unable to draw a composite sketch, was hardly a setback. He said investigators were still chasing leads and he stood by previous composite drawings of vehicles witnesses reported seeing leaving the attacks: a white box truck and a Chevrolet Astro van or Ford Econoline van.

Since Oct. 2, there have been 11 shootings in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., that have left nine people dead and two wounded. One of the wounded, a 13-year-old boy shot outside his school in Bowie, Md., was upgraded Thursday from critical to serious condition. The other wounded person, a woman in Virginia, was released from a hospital last week.

The victims were men and women of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds, each hit with a single bullet while going about everyday activities. A tarot death card left at one scene was inscribed: "Dear Policeman, I am God."

Law enforcement sources said the investigation by federal, state and local authorities has led to information about a number of people with high-powered guns, both legally and illegally owned.

A firearms safety instructor said the FBI has been asking registered owners of .223-caliber guns to bring them in for ballistic fingerprinting.

"They're looking for suspects," said Mike Heffernan, owner of Self Defense Technologies in Kensington. "They're looking at people who have a background in firearms, possess .223 weapons, and have the capability of using them."

blacknewtoday-la times via bvoices news

Don't make me come down there. --God

The day the sniper shot an elderly man (please forgive me as I do not remember his name), I disobeyed my husband....

He demanded that I not go outside until the man was captured...

The intensity and fear was crazy in our section of town for a moment...

I lived in Silver Spring, MD... not too far from any of the shootings...

anyhoo... that day, I was angry and decided to be obstinant... I took a long walk, in the evening, only to come across police on my way back home.....

appx. 7-8 blocks from our home, the sniper shot a man... it unnerved me so much I did not go out for months...

I felt horrible... no amount of apology would my husband accept...


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