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Hello Everybody. It's been raining lately. Two days this week it rained.
So in the spirit of weather combined with fashion I would like to discuss clear
umbrellas. Some umbrellas simply don't appeal to the eyes. Others you can
tell the design took time and creativity. But us ladies love fashion. So let's set it off with
transparent umbrellas, clear like a prism.

To begin, the Mini PVC manual folding umbrella is off the charts
great from the way it expands out to the way it folds up
in its clear case.

Next, Some of the umbrellas on the site are partially clear and partially colored in.

Now, for the Petite Dome Umbrella, it has a colored Trim and is a canopy to cover
head and shoulders.It has a smaller frame and shaft length.

There's even more umbrellas I had to
point out. The Silver 2 tone parasol umbrella is a male and female
walking umbrella. It has an automatic opening with
a silver aluminum shaft and handle, black metal frame.

ALso, there are Black and white stripe umbrellas that makes
the eyes go crazy but looks just as great as it can be.

Further, the Edwardian Parasol is a pagoda shaped parasol has
a slim crook handle with decorative moulding and a tassle.
It's also a waterproof and can be used as a rain umbrella.

Last, the Pinstripe Pagoda Parasol Umbrella has a very
defined pointed top. It's really very elegant in appearance.

BOth the Edwardian Parasol umbrella and the Pinstripe Pagoda
Parasol Umbrella are both on this site:

Oh yeah, a note, I don't see that many people in Michigan sporting
them. I wonder what cities, states, these are popular in. I'm sure somebody
in michigan has the clear umbrellas. But I had to take time to point out
some very finely designed umbrellas other than the transparent ones. These
umbrellas make a BIG fashion statement.
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