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Eye could never be a follower of Nicki Minaj, she is so dumb as rocks....! Still using the term Uncle Tom to reference a sellout. Obviously she has not read "Black Labor, White Wealth" by Dr. Claud Anderson; nor has she read "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe. And she has 22.7 followers on <<<Twitter>>> That is sooo scary! :cool:
Joy Reid too is misinformed. In 2021 we are viewing two levels of ignorance and stupidity posing as common sense...

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."

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Joy had fifty pounds of braids piled on top of her head one night and looked like  a damn fool to me. She has a different fake hairstyle every night. Joy, it's not a beauty show, (which you would fail horribly) to do the news. You're never going to look like Laura Jarrett no matter what you do. Gail King has worn wigs ever since she did the weather on Channel 3 News ions ago. Seems like Oprah could grow her some hair with all the fancy hairdressers she has. Oprah's not bald. Why can't your buddy grow you some hair?? Snoop said you're 70 years old, Gail. I know you're not, but you're close. Close to 70 trying to look 30. It's not working. Are there any black women doing news besides Laura and Fredericka that wear their OWN HAIR??? You guys look ridiculous. No matter what you do, NO ONE's going to be as beautiful as Laura and she's not even trying, nor Fredericka.

Are there any BLACK women anywhere except in commercials that wear their own hair. The women in the commercials are beautiful too as are the children.

There was a black woman who walked door to door getting people to take the vaccine. She was on TV saying she walked "do ta do." Are there any people in the South able to teach BLACK women ENGLISH, ELECUTION? It's beyond time to stop talking like SLAVES. You're embarrassing. Not for me, but it should be for you.

Black people learn to say "door" and "Massachusetts". It's not "MASSA TWO SHITS".

Any time I can be of any help, ask.

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Hey sista Norland

I hear ya!  You are so funny.  What you say is true.  But I am victim of wearing braids.  I love them.  But since the pandemic.  I've had to start doing my own hair cuz Im not trusting these folks who braid hair for a living.  Don't know what's going on in their heads if they will lie or not about being vaxxed.  So Im doing my hair almost every morning.  Twisting it with hair moisturizers and sheen.   It's a habit now.  And I feel like my fellow African women in Africa who does this daily without pause.  But for back up I still have my blue hair wigs and my curly mixed brown/blonde wigs in case I don't feel like twisting my hair. It's a mood thing for me.  But I agree we should wear our own hair and let it breathe since it's the only thing that can breathe easily [outside and in malls/grocery stores etc ] without wearing a mask.  Ha!  Be well my sista!   

Hey Koco

I wear my own hair and have ever since I've known I have a head. I wash it every Sunday and my daughter blow dries it, flat irons it and it gets put up on curlers so that I don't look like Buck Wheat when I go to Dialysis 3 times a week. Needless to say, what my husband has to look at 4 times a week. I wear no false eyelashes; mascara works just fine. I'm too damn old for flirting with anything. I'm just used to doing what I've always done since my teen years. 150 years ago. I don't even own a hat. I hated wearing those things when I was a kid going to church. My mother used to put those damn Tams with the little nipple on the top on my head. God!!! Can't even tell you how much I hated those things.

I have my own hair, it's mixed grey and reaches my shoulders. Looks pretty to me. My daughters are mixed grey too and they look pretty to me too. We're growing old together with me leading the pact. Looking at us, no one knows our age. You know how that goes. Black don't crack!!!!!

Wear your wigs Koco; nothing wrong with it. Do you!! Love to you!!

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