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what issues do you have w/ what we practice here in amrikkka?

our version of electorial politricks is a complete joke imho...

for starters, could you pick a more inconvient day to hold an election besides on a tuesday?

i don't think there is a better day to hold an election (if your intent was to get people NOT to show up) then on a tuesday..

it is almost as if they (the 10%) held a meeting and did studies to determine the worst (or "best" in their perspective) day to hold a poll..

their analysis probably went something like this..

monday: "first day of the week, they have allday sunday to think about what they will do the next day"...

wednesday: "they can see the lights (the coming weekend) at the end of the tunnel and they have to much hope"..

thursday: "too close to friday"..

friday: "hell no friday is too much like the weekend.."

saturday/sunday: "they would have no excuse not to vote"..

tuesday: "perfect"!
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The electoral process is stupid, outdated and needs to be kicked to the curb.

The right to vote should be Constitutional and standardized, performed the same way in all 50 states ( and appropriate territories), and cheat proof!

And for goodness sakes ... take the Supreme Court out of being able to decide who the president should or should not be!!
Originally posted by PWG:
I think they should make people pass a literacy test, to vote.
The idea that the dumbest moron out there, actually has a say, to whats goin on is shameful.

Bush is an idiot for extending the Voters Right Act.

What do you think?

I would tend to agree with you ... because it was a majority of morons that elected Bush into office in the last election!! And look where that's got us today! Roll Eyes Perhaps such a test would have weeded out several thousands of those votes!! Confused

What do you think?

Just this morning, I read in the newspaper that Stanford University professor have devise a plan to obiviate the electoral process....

without a ocnstitutional amendment.

Clearly, the Electoral process is a 'power contirvance'.


The election process is designed to keep the powerless, powerless.

Tuesday is election day precisely because is a bad day to 'be somewhere' for 15 minutes when most people must be at work.

It is the reason that the meetings of many local legislative sessions are held during the work day.

That is how the power of the plurality is negated.



Jim Chester

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