The un-civilisation and destruction of the world by men who claimed to have civilised it.
by Teekay Akin (Notes) on Monday, May 27, 2013 at 11:36pm

The un-civilisation and destruction of the world by men who claimed to have civilised it.



Our ancestors understood the balance in nature, the necessity for it, as we are merely a minute part of nature and not the most important entity. They limited their societies to the balance within nature and didn't over exploit her - THIS WAS CIVILISATION! The understanding of nature and the balance within. 



But the European/Arab came down and destroyed that, destroyed these cultures and civilisations that spanned various continents, all through Africa, down to the so called Americas of today and what have they replaced it with? A system that feeds and develops on the destruction of nature and the earth!



The so called civilisation today is actually the least form of human civilisation as we are further destroying ourselves and the earth and what form of civilisation thrives on the destruction of its home? The wrong form of civilisation.



Many might claim it has brought them faster means of travel, communication, technology, this and that, some will even say if not for that civilisation, the same one I bash, I wouldn't be able to communicate with them, that I surely know, BUT my question is at what cost?



At what cost brothers and sisters of the human race? At what cost?Is the purpose of life to destroy earth and develop things we consider make our lives better simply because of our greed?



Which one to you is more sustainable?Is the price - the destruction of nature and earth worth this so called civilisation and advancement we claim?Or are we that blind that we merely consider ourselves and not nature, herself and the future?Now they are setting up various ''save the earth'' campaigns, BUT when the ancient man told them and warned them of these destructive actions, they ignored them, while you cheered them on. When they were told of ancient knowledge of earth, humanity and nature, he called it uncivilisation and made you hate your past and ancestors and see nothing good about them.



He even gave you gods and religions that claim to want to destroy the world and you dumped your own gods who knew the essence of nature and taught of its protection to one which claims to have destroyed it before and wants to do it again.



Everything has been driven by hate; hatred for the rest of humanity and nature itself. Everything has been driven by greed, the greed of profit which is the bane of capitalism, imperialism and the likes. The exploration and destruction of nature and her resources  not just for human consumption BUT rather for profit, and you know when profit is involved or is the main aim, men of today will never stop at exploiting and destruction.



The greed of not being contempt with his own lands and resource has driven him to invade the lands of others, destroy them, their cultures, their knowledge, their people, shed their blood amass, he was never content with what he had and that drove him to seek global dominance, control and hence destruction all for his own gain.



Today, humanity's future looks bleak than ever.You don't need any of the destructive gods they gave you to actually destroy the world, because these men who have created these gods in their own image have the weapons to destroy it themselves.



And your blind followership keeps them in power, your ignorance remains their power over you!But you assume that since you are ''benefiting'' from the ills and destruction, it must all be good then. he must be sacred, revered and worshipped as he has brought you this form of civilisation.



When we speak of the ills, crimes and inhumanity of these men, many of you jump to their defence, calling it hate and hate speech, BUT second after second humanity and nature further destroys.



We have not come out to say all their kind are evil, but their majority benefit from the evils of their leaders both political and economical. Even some of us do ''benefit'' from it. But remember a billionaire as you know it today wouldn't be one without the workers he employs, he alone could never have done it himself. It is how the system actually works - many slaving off to enrich the pockets of the few, while receiving just enough to keep them quiet and in line like donkeys driving a mill. 



The donkey will surely be fed. Is the donkey being fed just for the love of the master? NO!But for the work it does, for the master knows that for him to get work out of the donkey he needs to keep it alive, giving it the barest minimum it needs and only feeding and catering for the donkeys in his yard!



Why have we then chosen to become the donkeys of other men? Why have we chosen to labour off for them in their destructive paths?When in fact this world belongs to us all. The soil and land we stand on are ours and bestowed upon us by nature herself. So why play donkeys for other men, even in our own homes?



Would it be so bad to arise and break free and return to whom we are - understanding nature, the balance needed and what civilisation actually means?



Time and again many have come out to speak up and teach the rest, will you, the people of this generation simply brush it aside and stay glued to the illusions? Or will you again rant, attack and mock us; calling us mad men, simply because we have dared to speak?



Many of you might not agree BUT mark my words the hand-writing are on the walls if you ever bothered. With time and space you shall understand, I just hope it doesn't become too late, too late for us to act and retrace our steps!



If we spent a fraction of the time and energy we use on worrying about some after-life, some deities and the rest to restore the balance within humanity, we shall definitely be in a far better place as humans, as a part of nature!



Alarm bells are ringing!



By Teekay Akin [Akin Adeseye]












"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









Original Post

  I haven't heard something like this for yeeeeeeeeears.  Hal. lay. ler. yah.  We have become soooooooo consumed with the illusion of imagery and having possessions that we  have lost the dignity of what makes a human being.  If you  listen to massa or the sultan they will say that is about a "god" that wants your obeience...but!  In that, it STILL sounds like slavery. 


Why is it that these monsters want us to cater to them...when they are supposed to be soooooo high and mighty and can bring folks back from the DEAD or are praising an unknown celestrial who gives them power for thousands of years....and they need little ol us to sustain their lifestyle and in return they give us this "god" nobody have seen but does that REALLY makes sense?  No cuz it keeps us from focusing on the here and now.  We are going crazy thinking about what happened to us in the past [massa's/sultan's lies about our legacy] and what will happened to us in the future that we are not FOCUSING on the shafting that's done to us currently.  We can't see it.  Don't wanna see it.  Therefore, we ATTACK each other cuz we are frustrated that we are NOT where we SHOULD be and if we hear others talk about something outside of the box of massa and sultan's religious brainwashing- those free thinkers are ATTACKED and TARGETED as we give praise to invisible divinties that treat us less than slaves.   In their minds, we have no value unless we are doing something to honor them and at the same time they have full control over OUR destiny.  Why doesn't that SOUND right?   We give our ALL but get nothing in return just a pat on the head or sublimininal nod by so-called chosen ones telling us what that "god" said. 


Well for me?  That was NEVER good enough.  For me?  I questioned EVERYTHANG when I was able to think for myself as a child. But in the back of my soul, I knew who we are as people were MUCH MUCH more than what these so called divinities were telling the priests, preachers, bishops, holy brothers[all men by the way].....I knew as a little girl there was something BIGGER, WISER, and I was a reflection of that.  As why, I have always been met with conflict with who I call nonbelievers.  So this article is very refreshing to see.  Now I'm still not there yet in regards to us being descendents from outer space.    Cuz it makes me feel if that's the case then life is really a sick experiment.  My thoughts are toward the brilliance of humankind and how the soul and spirit choses what planet in the galaxy to go to.  All that other stuff is MAN MADE.  And since I am not a man....I can't possibly digest the ignorance and stupidity of the doctrine..cuz not only is it racist but it is sexist.  And to me, only an idiot would enslave the human vessel[and the only method] bringing you life.  It's ridiculous to think that can be controlled but it has been recklessly controlled for thousands of years and for those amount of years there has been constant mayhem staring right in the faces of these monsters who FEEL nothing about what they have done to humankind...absolutely nada.  So...again.  Love this article!   But!    

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