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We are all members of teams. Some team memberships come by birth, while others come by choice. The purpose of each team is to compete with other teams in the same category for the allocation and distribution of resources that influences survival. Team membership is simply an effective strategy for individuals to seek individual gains from the victories of the team.

Team categories include Citizenship, nationality, ethnicity, race, tribe, clan, family, gender, class, language, religion, political party and so on and so forth. Team memberships for individuals are multiple and often overlapping. Thus, an example of multiple overlapping team memberships could be an individual who is an American, Black, male, Christian and a Democrat.

It should be made perfectly clear that the effects of all team memberships are divisive. The team memberships that were created by man and not by God and nature are in fact the most divisive. Race is a concept with no clear demarcation as to where one race begins and the other ends, thus even though in practice it is accepted as an existing concept, in science it is not. The most humanly divisive team membership are the ones with clear demarcation, such as borders that separate people or religious faiths. These team memberships create mutual exclusivity and intense competition, with religion probably being the most divisive in that each religious teams sees there faith as the TRUE faith for all mankind and thus all mankind needs to be converted.

People usually order their team memberships into a hierarchy, with the top overriding team membership being the one that produces the most reward to the individual be it emotional, spiritual or monetary/material, with the least rewarding membership being the usurped by the interest of all the others. It all depends on what the individual values the most, whether it is spiritual, emotional, physical or material/economic. Ultimately all team membership is for selfish individualistic reward, but it all depends on what individuals value.

Black people in America who do not feel the same about Africans in Africa, or black people in Haiti, as they do black people in America, have obviously placed the team membership of America over the team membership of blackness. For blackness has no man made boundaries that would give premiums and value unto those in specified locations. Moreover, most black people see little reward in membership to blackness. In fact, it has been a curse for over the last few centuries. Thus, very few blacks are compelled to place blackness very high up in their hierarchy of memberships, because it offers little reward, but it is a membership that they can never escape from, unlike the many other memberships we belong to.

Blacks in America may curse America, but they generally are not going to leave America because despite all the discrimination and racism, team membership in America offers the greatest material return, than does blackness. Even a great percentage of Africans would give up membership in their nationality to become Americans. Thus, no one is really seeking to invest in anything associated with the team of blackness, because they perceive little and certainly no immediate return on such an investment. Consequently, we seek to invest in memberships that are predominately comprised and controlled by the team members of "Whiteness".

Part of the psychological consequence of centuries of racial slavery has been the transference of traditional beliefs about blacks, by those of the white team, upon black thinking today. Thus, blacks see little reward or value in Teams were blacks represent the majority. This is why black people disassociate themselves, for the most part, from Africa and African people. But as Malcolm X astutely noted, we cannot learn to love ourselves until we learn to love Africa and the Africans. Certainly if any of our people look down on Africa and Africans, that they have in effect looked down upon black people, for Africa is the definition and root of blackness.... not African Americans. The only thing that differentiates African Americans from Africans in Africa is prolonged mixture and contact with whites. Thus, for the African American to somehow think that African Americans are superior or better than Africans is to acknowledge the superiority of whiteness, because that is the only thing that has made us different from the native African.

Personally, I am too a victim of this psychosis, but I am gradually breaking free as I now see myself as an African living in America and not an African American. I have grown to care as much, if not more, about Africans as I do African Americans. I am also investing more and more in Africa financially and with my time. I travel to Africa for culture and vacation and to transferee dollars into the hands of Africans. I am trying to make blackness a team membership that offers individual it once did before the slave Holocaust by the white "Team".

The truth has the effect of sunlight upon vampires when exposed to the wicked. If one recoils and does not embrace the light of truth....they are likely vampires.

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Vita vya panzi (ni) furaha ya kunguru. War among grasshoppers delights the crow. Msema kweli hana wajoli. The speaker of truth has few friends. ("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._ `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`) (_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-' _..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,' (((' (((-((('' (((( Noah The African in America
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I feel ya Noah,

Since the TBWT days, I have also re-examined who I am in this country and what my purpose should is scary because the closer I look, the more superficial I find things across the board, from our identity here as americans, to our religion with its slave origin and white supremacist slant and especially that liberal/conservative ideological box that so many of us have been herded into thinking along the lines of. it has been a very enlightening experience. As so far as Africans are concerned, i have always viewed the world as whites do...white and non-white...and know if things got in a bind, where I would fit in on my own accord....or be lumped by others....period.
Thank you, Noah for your usual sane and well-informed perspective.

It's good to know Brothers like you in the Diaspora do not put garbage in their head and try to connect at least spiritually with the Motherland.

If you only knew the terrible situation we are in right now. In CONGO here we literally starve. The system intended by colonization only produce injustice and anarchy regardless of our cries and protests.

You are very aware of the misery here Noah. The most painful part is that even our African Brothers and Sisters in the Diaspora today have forgotten us, as the Oppressor intends it.

You who remember your Ancestry should fight for our right of existence, our right to live as human beings on the face of earth!

But those of our own who have forsaken us do they not remember how not even 100 years ago themselve were mistreated, lynched and sold publically in every corner of the streets. Do they think that the jim crow have let go of his hold over their destiny? The white Devils decide who to kill and when to kill it, they own the media to brainwash them. They are serfs-citizens who when you ask them their History have no word to say or would rather praise the one of the Beast.

So many of our people around the world have false ideas about Africa and really think their government care for them. When their governors do nothing else than discriminate them daily by beating and harassing them with their police, keeping their schools in ruin, keeping their health care terrible which promotes higher rates of disease, malnutrition and denied them the right for reparations. Do they care?

Do they care about the massacre and genocide of Congolese people here under pretext of the Tutsi genocide? I want those in the Diaspora to use their brain and souls if not compassion for the human beings that we also are.

Who are the people who shot the Rwanda president Habiarimana? Why? The French? How could the french soldiers killed the president of a country and lie to the people that it is this ethnic group that killed that president while they knew that wasn't true. The responsible of the genocide are french government and the U.N which allow the killing to justify the balkanization of Congo, today under forces and mercenaries armed and sustain by the Bush administration.

Why do the UN army sit here watching the genocide? The truth is when the Monkeys are killing themselves give them more ammunition so they can kill themselves very good they empty the land and "noble people" will take it in the name of J.E.S.U.S. That's the scenario of the control of the great lakes regions, the control of MY NATION THE WORLD MOST RICHEST PARTY OF THIS PLANET EARTH..

Also, what the amerikkkan establishment has done for CONGO and its people? A CATASTROPHE! The nuclear bomb that has made Amerikkka the first nuclear power of the world come from here, in exchange they dump all the nuclear and toxic waste also here that laws don't allow them to do in their part of the world. We are crumbling in misery worst than DEATH itself and the amerikkkan establishment blames it to Us!

Who killed all my Fathers Patrice LUMUMBA, MPOLO, OKITO, ONALIKONDO and not too long ago General ANDRÉ NGANDOU KISSASSE? The same amerikkkan establishment killed General Nicolas Olenga but this time a name comes to me and that is of Gorge Bush sr. one of my Fathers killers. Now you see Bush jr. and Olenga jr. meet in a twentieth century reasoning affrontment on the interpretation of the writ of law and its application by US international terrorism.

When you look back who armed Iraq US. Who armed him US, who gave him chemical and biological weapons US, why to kill some monkeys in Iran and that was right fine since it served the amerikkkan interest. Who encourage Saddam to invade Kuwait US. Who called coalition to attack Iraq US, who wanted to have the parallel for line of protection US. Who wanted more up to forge document US, who decide to unilaterally attack to toddle sovereign country US.

They did it in Panama, Afghanistan and now Iraq, who is next after CONTROLLING MOST OF AFRICA RESOURCE US has moved into controlling Iraq and the region resources and make the majority of the earth population living in the worst misery humanity never experienced before.

When you look the correlation between genocide of Tutsi/ Hutu and you pair that with the genocide of the Iraqis you are assisting to the amerikkkan establishment led by clone Bush jr. This clone has drive sane people to choose to be a suicide bomber instead to live in rape abuse and to kill arbitrary the "heroic" cold-killers amerikkkan soldiers which I prefer to call amerikkkan mercenary than amerikkkan army.

The modern world GENOCIDE IN CONGO accomplishes amerikkkan interests and that of his European allies with their weapons of mass destruction you can see by yourselves the demonstration in Iraq. What about us who are dying EVERYDAY for not having anything else for them to plunder?

These bullies colonial power are utilizing their weaponry of mass destruction to invade all the world's weak countries and takes away our right of OUR soil resources even our LIVES. With Tutsi hoax, they orchestrated the whole massacre here in the Great Lake Region. They are only LIES, HOAX AND DECEPTION.

My whole existence has only been suffering and struggle. Neither my ancestors nor myself have lived in peace since those Kaukazians invaded and destroyed our Land. Today I only demand compassion and relief from an existence of misery.. I feel sorry for myself to have maybe one day, to bear children because a lot of sorrow will rise and the beast is in the action.

Few are aware that the World War III has been raging in Central Africa for the last SIX YEARS... Fewer even care. Only apathy, cowardice and cruelty.

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If one accepts this proposition that humans of shared interest compete in teams due to strength in numbers, then one should therefore see what black people need to do in order to rise to our proper equilibrium in this world. What is required is the elevation of blackness in the hierarchy of team memberships of black people. We have remained a conquered people due to the ability of non-black teams to divide us by exacerbating our competing intra-black team memberships and our inability to recognize and end it. Consequently, tribalism, borderism and individual black on black violence are weakening the ability of the team of blackness to effectively compete with others for our survival.

The proper ranking or hierarchy of team membership of blacks, which will most effectively support black uplift, is to place membership and commitment to blackness above memberships and commitments related to borders, nationality, tribe and religion. It must be understood that for the most part, such an ordering can be come a conflict of INDIVIDUAL interest, which is programmed by nature to always be the top allegiance of all humans. Often times, individual interests are best served by promoting and putting the interest of memberships that are majority white comprised and controlled, above memberships and interest of blacks. Thus, the effect of blacks being rewarded by the system often leads many blacks to support the team that rewarded them by working in opposition to the interest and needs of the black masses. Black so called republicans and conservatives are a perfect example of blacks joining teams that compete against the team memberships of blacks.

United we stand, divided we fall. A divided house will never stand. Divide and many adages and cliché's must be presented before we fundamentally realize that our future rest upon our unity, cross cultural, cross tribal, cross religious, cross language, cross class and cross nationality.

The truth has the effect of sunlight upon vampires when exposed to the wicked. If one recoils and does not embrace the light of truth....they are likely vampires.

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