by Alec Kohut

The video Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen’s recent “parliamentary inquiry” on the floor of the House of the Representatives is making the rounds, and will likely be seen by millions by the end of the week. I include this video at the bottom of the page.

The video puts to rest any argument that the GOP wants to end the shutdown and get government working again. Perhaps they are having too much fun waving confederate flags in front of the White House. The bill, H.R. 368, forbids anyone except “the Majority Leader or his designate” from bringing a clean continuing resolution to the floor for vote.

Now it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Republicans would do this. It doesn’t outrage me that the use of backhanded, undemocratic measures are being employed by the party controlled by Tea Party loons.

What does infuriate me is the fact the seven Democrats crossed party lines to vote for a resolution that gives Eric Cantor, and only Eric Cantor the ability to bring fourth a vote a clear CR to get the government working aging…and yes, open the monuments.

And now several of the seven House Democrats that voted for HR 368, are Tweeting and saying that they want a clean CR and are supporting the discharge petition. But I’m not falling for it. These seven members willfully voted against democracy, and supported the GOP’s effort to create yet another manufactured crisis.

The seven back-stabbing, turncoat, worthless Democrats are:

Ron Barber    AZ-2 John Barrow   GA-12 Dan Maffei   NY-24 Sean Patrick Maloney   NY-18 Jim Matheson   UT-4 Mike McIntyre   NC-7    Collin Peterson   MN-7   

Here’s what some of these dishonest Reps. have been Tweeting:

These are examples back-stabbing Democrats who side with the Tea Party when they think we’re not watching, then want us honest Democrats to believe them in wanting the shutdown to end.

Words are not capable of expressing my outrage and pure contempt for these low-life, scumbag traitors in our party.

Thank you Chris Van Hollen for pulling back the curtain and exposing these truly worthless Democrats!

Here's Van Hollen's Floor action: