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"...Among the troops at White Plains was the Rhode Island Regiment (the two bataillons had been consolidated on 1 January 1781) with its high percentage of African-Americans, which Closen considered the best American unit: "the most neatly dressed, the best under arms, and the most precise in its maneuvres."...

The First Rhode Island Regiment, the only all-black American unit at the siege, formed part of Major General Benjamin Lincoln's division. The soldiers were among the 4,300 men who dug the first parallel on the evening of October 6 about 550 yards from the enemy. They were in the trenches on the 9th, when the first American artillery shells hit Yorktown. And they were in the trenches again on the night of the 15th, when Lord Cornwallis made his only serious sortie against the Franco-American siege lines.

Two days later, surrender negotiations began...

Revolution's Black Soldiers << link >>

S A N K O F A : Return & Fetch It!
Learn from and build on the past. It is not taboo to return and fetch
what you have forgotten. You can always correct what went wrong.
In the past, you find the future and understand the present.
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< sarcasm turned waaaay up >

How DARE you suggest that blacks may have an important stake in our nation's history. This country was created by white people, for white people. Blacks are just the fringe beneficiaries of the Great White Man's awesome experiment and they should be thankful that they were saved from the civilizational deficits and the gods of wood and stone they left back in black Africa.

< sarcasm off >

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see ... y'all are up here playin'!!! But you know gosh darn well the only reason why those darkie regiments were as good as they were were because of the fine, upstanding white officers who commanded them ....

Now, I can't just right now explain why when the same officers trained those white regiments, the outcome wasn't the same and the degree of success and professionalism was always a tad bit off .... but, hell, what does it matter anyway?? It's not like them darkie boys are ever gonna get any of the credit they deserve anyway!!!

I swear .... that Nmaginate is always goin' around trying to start some trouble, isn't he?? fro

rotflmao rotflmao

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
Therrre you go again! Trying to write history. You revisionist folks just won't quit. Over and over you keep trying to change the truth! We've told you over, and over, and over how it was. And you keep listening to those troublemakers who just want to cause trouble.

You've done alright listenting to me up to now. You'll do alright listening to me from here own in. You black folds, or... what is it you all call yourselves this week? Well, anyway you know what I mean.

Just stop this "changing history" stuff and go own back to like its suppose to be.

Nmaginate, git yo' self tugethuh. You know we taught 'chu bettah'n at.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

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