There have been quite a few conservatives here lamenting the overwhelming support that African Americans give the Democratic party. Conceptually, I agree that political diversity makes sense for us to ensure that we can influence policy from both sides of the aisle.

In my opinion, our Democratic support is much more to do with a failure on the part of the Republican Party to craft a message and program that is compelling (or even marginally attractive) to blacks, than to any blind allegiance on our part. Certainly if blacks were ecstatic with Democrats we'd see much higher political activity and voting participation than we do. There are whole chunks of black America that don't believe that their vote makes a difference, and so don't vote.

African America has already demonstrated the ability to shift party allegiances completely when given an attrative alternative. We ALL started in the Party of Lincoln remember. If FDR can do it, why not GWB or some other "progressive" Republican with vision?

A few questions for our conservative friends: Have Republicans ever made a meaningful push to attract black voters? Based upon your view of Democratic leadership, particularly within the black community, aren't you frustrated with your own party's efforts to acknowledge you and your views?

All this said, what must conservatives do to attract more blacks to the Republican Party?

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I took one of your questions asked in another post on the Repub/Conserv subject (sorry for the theft, but it was a GREAT question!! smile ) And as was the same here, it never got answered by the Repubs/Conservs on that board! However, there was overwhelming debate on it from the liberal and democratic posters on the board, and one of the questions you asked here was actually answered!

To your question:

Have Republicans ever made a meaningful push to attract black voters?

a majority of very politically active and astute poster made it very clear that the Repubican party not only has never made such a push (at least in modern times), but that they actually do say things and make overtures that keep the average black voters away, and should only attract those that have a true conservative opinion and are willing to fight against all others with it!!

There were many references to black republican politician that received no endorsement from their own party, which then begged to ask the question of the whole racial thing ... and of course, they deny, we accuse and from there the ball goes back to turning and real meaningful dialogue comes to a halt!! LOL

I think the first step in attracting more us to the Repub party would be to show a sincere interest in us and the issues that concern and reflect us. I also think for them to actually care would require a cold day in hell ... so I won't be holding my breath!!

The more this gets discussed, though, the more I hear more black people say they are looking for alternatives to the present norm ... Republicans don't know how to woo us ... and I don't think we should be the ones who have to tell them! Should they ever get a real interest, they should be able to figure it out!
In the past, up until the end of Reagans term in office, The Republican party never needed black support. Republicans always concentrated their efforts on middle and upper income Americans leaving those in lower income levels to be cultivated by Democrats.

But after 1988 something happened. The black middle and upper class wage earners were beginning to increase, along with their interest in politics. Information was also more easily and readily available through cable and internet news.

All this combines to make black Americans a powerful voting block to be taken seriously. The Dems in the past simply worked the numbers. There are more Americans in the lower income brackets than middle and uppper brackets. Things like class envy and promises of more government entitlement programs work well with unskilled lower income voters, many of them black.

Now with black and hispanic voters beginning to make up a sizable portion of the middle and upper class wage earner......

With more and more minorities getting their share of the American dream, Republicans have to seriously consider blacks and minority voters and how they address them.

What can the GOP do to attract more black voters? By defining who they are, as opposed to who the liberal Dems say they are. By sticking to the conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, and individual rights and freedoms as citizens of this country.

Unfortunately, far too many black voters (white voters also, but we are talking about blacks) are only interested in what America can give them instead of what they can contribute to America. Far too many blacks will not even call themselves Americans and feel the 9/11 horror was America getting what it deserves. The Republican party will never reach those of this mindset.

The black voters that can be reached by the GOP are the ones who are tired of spending 50% of their earnings to federal, state and local taxes.....

the ones who feel they too can achieve success without big government entitlements paid for by someone else......

The ones who feel that private businesses, unrestricted by government regulations and red tape, can create real lasting meaningful jobs much better that big government......

The ones who feel you get out of this country what you put into it, these are the black voters the GOP should try to attract.

Unfortunately politicians of both parties pander to voters desires for more and more government goodies. It's come down to a game as to who can bring home the most pork from Washington. This is why I do not actively push participation in the GOP. I am conservative first, and the GOP is the closest political party that honors that principle. I will not endorse a party that lies thru their teeth and tells me I am nothing without government protecting me from the evils of big business, while the party accepts huge cash donations from said businesses.....

I will not endorse a party who vilifies the rich and punishes achievers, all the while lining its coffers with donations from the wealthy elite of this country thru $100.000 a head fundraisers and dinners no poor person can attend.....

I will not endorse a party that cries foul at the GOP for using PAC money, all the while selling and transfering nuke secrets and technology to the ChiComs and laundering money thru Buddhist temples, along with peddling influence thru sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom....

And finally, I will not endorse a political party that spews sanctimonious outcries over David Duke (who holds no office) and Jesse Helms (who is leaving the senate), all the while silent about the absolute filth in their own party. One so-called ex Klansman Senator Robert Byrd who was a Kleagle (recruiter), and segregationist senator Fritz Hollings who as governor of S. Carolina raised that Confederate flag that has the NAACP all in a frenzy.

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