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America is a WHITE country. We have all we can do to keep breathing in this joint without getting shot by our own or them or keep from getting locked up in cages for life.

We had the choice of two white men to lead. Either you want to look at Satan for four more years or a change of face that looks kinder for four more years. I chose the kinder face.

White people are all over my TV screen like roaches. The commercials have turned into Soul Train II. All kinds of Black folks singing everywhere and the babies are beautiful.

It doesn't affect us much no matter who gets "in office." Just hope you can keep on living with your family without too much fanfare, with God on your side.

America's America. Whites don't like us, we don't  like them and here we all are. Hating each other, looking like each other. Sometimes, you can't tell who's who, what's what racially. America's a HOT MESS!!!!!

White folks have shown their asses big time as to who they are. They've turned into the Human-like American Albino Wild Dogs. They're not too different from the African Wild Dogs. The slit lips are the same, the hair is the same and they're hateful as all hell. There's not a person living anywhere on this planet they won't kill if they see fit under the guise of war, racism or whatever raises the hair on their backs, stomachs, necks and everywhere else they have hair. They're bat-shit crazy.

I didn't ask to be born here, I was, and I'm not leaving.  I just make sure I stay out of their way. It has worked so far.

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