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OFAPPIT Institute of Technology
The Official Home of God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT)
Department of Mathematics
205 Seaman Neck Road, Dix Hills, New York, 11746
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We would like to bring to your attention that what we call “GAGUT UNIFIED AND RADICAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH JOURNAL” is a Peer Refereed/Reviewed journal, modeled after the Annals of Mathematics Journal, with the basis of acceptance/rejection of papers being proof/disproof, where the burden of proof is on authors and burden of disproof is on Referees/Reviewers, within an open Peer Referee/Review process. The first volume of the journal has published a paper by Professor Albert Einstein, whose papers made the Annals of Mathematics reputable and famous, and hence should make “GAGUT UNIFIED AND RADICAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH JOURNAL” reputable and famous as well. The Principal Peer Referees/Reviewers of  Prof. Einstein’s paper were Prof.  E. Luchins and Prof. G.  Oyibo, for Prof. P.  Garabedian’s paper were  Prof. George Carrier (Harvard Univ), Presidential Medalist and Prof. G. Oyibo, while the principal Peer Referees/Reviewers of Prof. G. Oyibo’s Paper were math legend Prof. Grigoris Tsagas, Prof. Jaume Carot, other GAGUT Referees/Reviewers and the distinguished invited reviewers listed and explained in the following attachements. We are hoping that this introduces the new Journal to you and your colleagues. The summary of the proposal that deals with the GAGUT Riemann Hypothesis briefing that calls for the involvement of other reputable math journals like Annals of Mathematics, AMS and EMS journals, which is requesting funding from the NSF, is also attached for your review. GAGUT has previously been published in peer Refereed/Reviewed Journals  like in the following Russian journal: Oyibo, GA, Generalized Mathematical Proof of Einstein's Theory Using a New Group Theory-in: Problems of Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering Systems. An International RUSSIAN Journal, Vol 2, 1995,pp 22-29.  Perhaps the best proof of the largeness of the number of Peer Referees/Reviewers of GAGUT is the Gauss 2005 celebration committee’s selection of GAGUT as the center (week 26 of the 52 weeks of the year 2005) of the Gauss celebration, which we consider to be one of the highest recognitions in Mathematics. Please find enclosed a copy of a part of the list of the Research Works that were selected to honor Carl Frederick Gauss, which includes the GAGUT work "Grand Unified Theorem: Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory by Prof. G. A. Oyibo" located in the GÖttingenUniversity Library, recognized as the German Library of the Year 2002.  Please find enclosed also the Table of Contents and the covers of “GAGUT UNIFIED AND RADICAL MATHEMATICS RESEARCH JOURNAL” where you can see additional Peer Refereed/Reviewed comments about GAGUT. The unit price of the Journal is $181.00 USD and the Subscription for three volumes per year is $500.00 USD. You can order and subscribe to the journal by calling us at (631)-242-3069, and our e-mail is or you can also buy the journal on and on our website You can also purchase an expanded version of the GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM NICKNAMED GAGUT Gij,j=0 revealed solution to the Riemann Hypothesis  entitled “GAGUT G ij,j = 0 Radically Unifies Mathematics and solves Riemann Hypothesis, A Clay Mathematics Millennium Problem By Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo” whose covers and Table of Contents are attached below for your information.  The Unit price for this 308 page research monograph  is $199.00 USD. You can purchase it by calling us at (631)-242-3069 and by e-mailing us at or buy it on or our website You are authorized to publish this information globally for general enlightenment so that GOD is Praised. GOD Bless you

John Glover


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