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The Murder of Tyshawn Lee In Chicago Points To A Larger Question: When Will Black America Decide That White Supremacy Must Die?

Tyshawn Lee

Tyshawn Lee


The question must be asked: To what lengths are Black folks willing to go in order to extricate themselves from white supremacy?


It is a question that is raised when reading an article by Hazel Trice Edney in the Milwaukee Community Journal.  In her piece, Edney focuses her efforts on a group out of Baltimore called the 300 Men March. The group, which is dedicated to combating street violence in the Black community, has even garnered the attention of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  However, as Edney laments, 300 Men March, known for patrolling the neighborhood “as a display of positive force and responsible manhood amidst an often violent backdrop, have made quite a name for themselves. But as police violence against African-Americans has dominated the media air space, the support needed to help those doing the work against street violence appears stagnant – despite rising homicide rates across the country.”


I would rather us focus on the bigger picture – in the face of tyranny what did white folks do? What has been their path to freedom? Let’s compare the two – are black people doing enough to wrestle our freedom from white supremacy compared to what white people have done to gain their freedom/independence from other white folks? So the argument then becomes that in comparison to what white people have been willing to do to gain their freedom, Black people are insanely complacent.


In a recent interview with Edney, Munir Bahar, the organization’s founder and president, said “You certainly get a whole lot of activity from people when it comes to police brutality – every time something goes on with the police and the Black man.” He added, “But, yet, there’s not enough support and involvement on a day-to-day basis of men of color especially, but all men around the country with regards to community violence.”


The scourge of homicide in the Black community cannot be denied and should not be ignored, as homicide is the leading cause of death for young Black men, and the fratricide and rampant violence we are witnessing demand no less than a sense of urgency.  The most recent shooing murder of a 9-year-old Black boy, who was targeted and lured into an ambush as part of a gang-related feud, is but one symptom of a crisis being played out in cities throughout the nation.  Yet, in Baltimore, 300 Men March can only attract 60 men to get the job done.  Bahar notes that Black men are watching the race destroy itself internally, and would rather go to a cocktail party than mentor young people.


Although Bahar is not discouraged, the challenges he faces are typical.  However, it is necessary that Black people view its myriad problems—whether violence in the community, police violence, institutional racism, discrimination, poverty, unemployment, mass incarceration, and the like—as interrelated.  All of these are linked to one thing which is the boot standing firmly on our collective necks.


In the face of white supremacy, Black people have been complacent and have found ways to cope, to maintain, though not necessarily effectively.  The bottom line is that Black people do not envision a world in which white folks are not in charge–of us.  But what would it take to create a world, create an America, in which Black people are in control of their own destiny, and white supremacy is pronounced dead?  I speak of the Black America that Marcus Garvey wanted, that Malcolm X and the Black Panthers looked for, that Dr. King desired when he sought to eradicate the triple evils of racism, militarism and economic exploitation, and called for a revolution of values.

american revolution


Consider for a moment what white America did when it found themselves under a form of oppression and wanted to break free from the chains of tyranny from its master the British Empire, even as it had every intention to keep Africans in chains.  There are clear lessons here.  Their path to freedom came when they changed their mindset, declared their independence and got to work.  White America went to war and waged a revolution, as it was willing to fight, and die, to get its freedom.  The thirteen colonies wrote state constitutions to provide the legal and institutional framework for what they were becoming as they liberated themselves.  And they did NOT ask for permission, but rather demanded their freedom and seized it.


Notice that white folks did not seek a tweaking around the edges or a compromise that would keep them in a semi-state of colonization.  Black America will have to find its own way forward that makes sense for twenty-first century realities, but one thing is for sure—Black folks, you can’t ask for permission to be free.












"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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That because Black man have effectively been castrated, displaced and removed from proper society.


The difference between Whites, Latinos, and Asians that successfully removed any occupying force for their society or nation or land is that their men were actively involved in their mainstream society.


A Black man's world is separate from what goes on around him. It has different rules, norms, culture and consequences. The Black man does not have access to mainstream society. He isn't allowed to accquire economic capital to benefit himself and other Black people. He isn't allowed to acquire social capital benefit himself and other Black people.


Only thing a Black man could be in mainstream society is a token nigga. 


Matter of fact even in the Black rights movement, the thorough down for whatever, about that life brothers such as Martin Delany, Marcus Garvey, Hubert Harrison were shunned by mainstream society.


It was all about Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, WEB Dubois and Martin Luther King Jr. Hell, even Dubois was part of the precusor to COINTELPRO and got Marcus Garvey deported. Mainstream Black society was willing to let Hubert Harrison die nameless. Mainstream Black society tried to deradicalize Malcolm X and make him a gay social democratic.


Mainstream Black society is not comfortable with a Black man that does not cower or bow to no one. The Black population that are in the mainstream does not even want a free, authoritative and powerful Black man. They want whatever they need from the Black man at the time. A father, a husband, a son, a leader, a martyr,  a nigga to blame for the plights of the Black population, a nigga to blame for fatherlessness, a nigga to blame for the single neuortic Black woman, and a nigga to blame for single motherhood. How about let the Black man just be a man to his own self?


Black man is alone and isolated instead and left to look out for themselves on the streets and since the Black man is so alone and isolated Black men cannot even organize criminal activity like Asians and Whites did. 


Black men have street gangs that fight over corners and do anything to get a damn corner. Do anything to get a damn building to sell drugs in. But he cannot even organize himself so everybody can have a corner, everybody can have a building, because he is too paranoid and scatterbrained in his own isolation to not realize the best thing for business is no murders and no fighting. 


Black folks will never ever ever have excise White Supremacy from touching our population if the Black male has his own world where the rules, norms, culture and consequences are different. And the only way he could be part of the mainstream society, even the mainstream Black society is by compromising himself to the detriment of himself and those that look him. 


In order to have a revolution, you must free yourself from social constraints. You can't have a role in society. You can't have a defined place in society. You can't be outside of society either. You can't be isolated in the middle of nowhere and unable to act on the mainstream.


One half of the population is mainstream and the other half is in its own world. 


Nothing is gonna happen until those that are in Zion can get into the Matrix. 

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Ever since we've been forced to these shores, we've never been unified. You can't be unified, when people are threatening, raping, selling your family, forcing you to do everything for them. We've been living with these fuckers for 500 years with their boots on our necks with their full weight. We've NEVER BEEN WITHOUT THEM. They're all we know!! You're not going to be FREE HERE. Where we going? How may billions would it take to locate to God knows where? Who would be our "ruler", Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams??


They use us as their shooting practice targets before they start the supa dupa wars, and will use whoever remains to fight those too.


We are so screwed, with our Caucasian Step Pappy, The United States of America.


They wish we'd all leave for AFRICA yesterday. No love for the African humans in America; NONE.

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  True it's hard for a black man these days.  But by no stretch of the imagination are Hispanics, Asians and Europeans ahead of the game simply cuz they all have the feet on the heads of their women forcing them to stay submissive with no voice.  Most storefront Asian establishments like nail shops and beauty salons are run by TOKEN Asian women.  The real owners are the Asian men who stay in the back counting those dollars.  They are just pimping and controlling their women.  Most of these women hardly speak English.  So it's not that these men are on their way to blending in white society....they are doing the same thang massa did to black people.  And that's oppressed their own women...and dare them...I mean dare them to say any focking thang.


 True black men have a long way to go but at least it is EQUAL between some of them and black women,  It's not the head of the household assholes putting their feet on the coffee table and demanding their women get them a beer.  Most of those  women too are child brides forced away from their homeland-many found in cargo binds, hiding in diesel trucks...anything to escape to America.


 So get it straight.  If what you say?  Then it would more wealthy Hispanics and Asians running around in Mercedes, BMWs and road rangers.  Yeah they may have houses but trust me.  They purchased those homes through bond programs for low income or qualified by making under 30 thousands a year[in Cali].  So what you see?  It is nothing short of a show.  But!

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"The difference between Whites, Latinos, and Asians that successfully removed any occupying force for their society or nation or land is that their men were actively involved in their mainstream society."



When have there been any occupying force in Whites', or Asians' communities? And many Latino communities are experiencing the same racist treatment from cops as Black communities?  


Though its a given that Latinos/Latino communities are not stalked and brutalized the same rate as Black communities, but only because until recently there hasn't been as many Latino communities as Black communities in this country; that and the fact that the cops are afraid of the Mexican Mafia, and the fact that many Latinos can exact revenge and be out the the country in a matter of hours.  


Hell, even in the Black community, they're not f--king with Black people that are even likely to be armed and will shoot back without a second thought, or who will make them pay, instead they are out there ambushing innocent and/or unarmed Black men, Black children, Black women, or waiting until they have the person handcuffed then execute them, or shooting the person in the back as they are running AWAY, or only when they have the Black person/people outnumbered and out-gunned.  



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Congressman meets with gang leaders
Congressman Bobby Rush went to ADMAX prison to meet with two inmates who founded the gangs at the center of a dispute that police say triggered a 9-year-old's murder.
ABC7 Exclusive
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 06:42AM
The murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee led an Illinois congressman in search of peace to a supermax prison.

Congressman Bobby Rush went to the most secure prison in the United States - ADMAX prison in Florence, Colorado - to meet with two inmates who founded the gangs at the center of a dispute that police say triggered Tyshawn's murder one week ago.

"Right now, as I see it, they're part of the solution, not part of the problem," said Rep. Bobby Rush.

The reverend/congressman Bobby Rush was in full pastoral dress as he talked with Larry Hoover and Abdul Malik Kabah - formerly known as Jeff Fort - about Tyshawn Lee, the targeted 9-year-old murder victim.

"They knew about it and were appalled at it," Rush said.

Hoover, who co-founded the Gangster Disciples, has been in prison since a 1973 murder conviction. He was transferred to ADMAX for running a drug ring from an Illinois prison.

Fort formed the Black P-Stone Nation in the 1960s. His ADMAX sentence is the result of a terrorism-related conviction.

Investigators say decades later, factions of gangs founded by Hoover and Fort led to the Tyshawn Lee murder last week.

"Jeff/Malik and Larry said, 'Use my name. Tell those youngsters to stop the killing,'" Rush said.

ADMAX houses just under 500 of America's worst criminals, including 911 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, the shoe bomber, the Unabomber, Oklahoma City and Olympic bombers to name a few.

Hoover and Fort spend 23 hours a day in their cells and are allowed minimal human contact.

"They didn't ask me to move mountains or to use any kind of clout to help them," Rush said.

Rush is convinced that if Hoover and Fort are allowed to communicate, they could help the now-desperate effort to stem Chicago's violence.

"We cannot continue to allow our community to be wiped out," Rush said.

The prison would not allow the congressman to take photos or make voice recordings during his visit.

Hoover and Malik could go weeks, months, or even years without this kind of human contact again.

23 hours a day locked up in a cage!!! 23 hours a day locked up in a cage!! 23 hours a day locked up in a cage!! There are 4 legged animals that would go insane locked up 23 hours in a cage!! Is whatever you're doing criminally worth getting your behind locked up 23 hours a day locked up in a cage?? If that's where your headed, because of what you're doing criminally; you're NOTHING BUT A MASTERMIND FOOL!!!!!!!!!!







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  Hell I don't BUY this bullshyte from these criminal cuz gangs and black youths have been KILLING each other way in the 80s and 90s where innocent children including babies were killed.  And those mofos didn't give a shyte cuz it was about those dollars in the streets.  Who gon believe a person who was still slinging drugs in prison sooooooooo bad they had to move his ass to another prison?  You think I give a fock what the hell he says.  Wasn't thinking about those drugs poisoning the minds of blackfolks in prison and on the street.    So why is he sooooooooo concerned now?


Plus!  Whose gon listen to these old cranks now?  Kids today don't have respect for their elders.  And definitely not gonna listen to those who's been in prison for over 42 years.  GTHOH!  Makes no sense.  Need to talk to the new brothas arriving in prison in droves not these fellas who can't begin to wrap their heads around having a cellphone...let alone a computer.  They are has beens.  Don't have the fingers on the problem in black culture.  Know why?  CUZ THEY WERE THE PROBLEM IN BLACK CULTURE and in many ways STILL ARE.  


So as the kids say?  These fools can miss me with this bullshyte.  It's focking fake.  They just need to shut the fock and continue doing their time for the crime against their own.  Cuz they are definitely no examples to listen for wisdom to since them being where they are....thousands upon thousands of black youth have followed in their footsteps.  So miss me whydontcga cuz I ain't listen to no self-righteous self-centered FOOLS whose goal was destroy black culture by any means necessary.    BTW:  I don't believe these men have the power to lessen any violence in the streets. Cuz as I said earlier if they were sooooooo concerned they would have rectified this problem upon entering the prison system some 40 years ago.  Why now?     So, Don't believe 'em.  But!

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What are 43/44 million of us going to do while continuing living in this place?? So far it's been far from a hoot!!!! I don't even have a clue. I do know this racism shit's getting out of hand to put it mildly.


My grands went out of here the other NIGHT and I wasn't informed; hubby was, and I almost lost my mind. They walked to the Pizza House, but I was beyond scared. All this cop shit's taking a toll on me. I'm not going to be able to take a catastrophe of the killing kind.

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