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-Music Videos such as Rihanna's video Rude Boy (see picture above), it makes me excercise harder and faster. It's a powerful song, especially this
song but music is powerful in general.

-Having a Job Across the Street from Where you live

-Graduating College early

-Starting hobbies early like ballet, tap dance, gymnastics,
professional roller skating..I wish I would have started all
these early…Now I do none of them.

-Having a short labor

-Having a hairdresser for a mom

-Getting hired for a job on the spot

-Learning from someone else’s mistake to avoid yours

-Having a 4.0 gpa

-Having a house with a sidedoor and a front door, and
even a back door…..I used to live in a duplex
with only one door. Me and mom thought this was a
fire hazard. Now we got a sidedoor and front door.
We have a mail slot, garage, fencing, windows in bathrooms,
We have the sliding doors, sliding windows, well sealed
toilet..God is great!

-Being a nutritionist

-Long hair instead of short hair because you can style it
with more versatility. I will find that blog but someone said
that they only wash and condition their hair once a month
and let it stay it braids and their hair grew to their waist.

-Attending college because mom gets paid for me to go
to college.

-Staying off campus, because it’s too much work living in a

-Doing your own hair, it’s costly to have others do it.
THe easiest hair to do is long hair.

-Splurge days, having 2 days where you can eat like
crazy and not feel guilty about it. It works for me.
Does it work for others? It works for me because
I excercise (boxing) for an hour and sometimes
a little over. I eat light through the week though.
I eat multiple fruits then I eat a regular meal.
This is to maintain it. WHen I was losing weight
I was eating meatloaf and a salad and oh my
goodness, the taste both blend together in

-Knowing foreign languages because you get hired
quicker and if someone is talking in secret by
using a non English language you can catch
what they are saying..

-Being an adult, because you understand life better.
When you are a kid, you walk the world confused.

-Having a job with benefits. Where did they go?

-Attending college in the city you live in…

-Knowing who you deal with right away, if you
had a superpower to scan someone’s personality
and actions to see how they would respond
to different situations….But then God is
always great at that, great at everything!

-Getting a new hairstyle every week. Then people
wonder what they will see next. I make the greatest
effort to do it.

-You’ve already graduated. I have a blessed cousin
who graduate college. I only graduated high school
which is a blessing as well…but graduating college
is the ultimate.

-You can balance college and a social life without
slipping up.

-You are a math genius…it seems like once math
is tackled, what else is hard in school?

-Timers, so if you forget to do something that bell
will remind you.

- Hats/scarves so if your hair is not exactly like you
want it, you can design it with those. I’ve done it
at times, but most of the time I’m showing off my
hair. I feel like it’s less baggage when it’s all me.

-Having a full ride scholarship

-Being Black, it’s the most beautiful race, more
youthful. I am so proud to be.

-Save the best for last, a Life with GOD in it…


"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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