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The Look On This Kid’s Face When He Realizes Dad Didn’t Forget His Birthday

Will tug at anyone’s heartstrings.

07/26/2016 11:57 am ET

Below you will find a truly touching moment between a father and son. But let us briefly set the stage first.

The young ball player’s name is Braheim Fowler, and he plays for the Taney Dragons Little League team in Philadelphia. It was Braheim’s 12th birthday recently and his father, Devon, had been pretending all day that he did not get his son a present.

“I told him I had nothing for him,” Devon told local affiliate NBC10. “He had an attitude all day.” 

Now you’re ready to watch the video:

Before the big surprise, Braheim was so upset that he could not even look at his father when the two initially got in the car.

A moody Braheim in the car with his dad.

But his disappointing birthday quickly turned into the exact opposite after his dad instructed him to get a bag out of the back. When Braheim opened the trunk, he noticed an Amazon box instead of a bag. Immediately, his disappointed demeanor vanished.

Braheim’s moment of dawning realization.

The moment he got a look inside the box, Braheim started to tear up, and his father followed suit. 

The 12-year-old was overcome with emotion.

“Don’t cry,” Devon can be heard saying to his son as his voice shook with emotion, “You’re about to make me cry!” 

Still tearing, Braheim pulled out a neon green baseball bat, the exact one he wanted for his birthday.

“I want to see some home runs,” Devon told his son as he gave him a big birthday hug. 

Braheim poses with his new baseball bat.

And Tom Hanks said there’s no crying in baseball. 

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Kocolicious posted:

  I couldn't get the video to download but it is such a beautiful story between father and son...I couldn't help but post this anyway.  Black children need black love...always and they definitely need the love from their father.  This was such a special thread...I just hate it I couldn't download it...but!

It is a beautiful story.

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