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"The Kingdom Of Heaven Suffereth VIOLENCE and the VIOLENT take it by force" saith the RAGEFUL right-wing so-called Christians.

Yes Black women, the hypocritical white conservative so-called 'Christian' faction has the gall to VIOLENTLY, RAIL these words as they attack, BLACK EQUALITY, JUSTICE, AND FAIRNESS.

Yes, according to the Pat Robertsons, Jerry Falwells, James Dobson white wing Christianity 'God wants to STRIP all BLACK PROGRESS' and RE-implement 100% White male rule over America.' Like their true father the 'Serpent/Devil' that's the sinister, subtle, EVIL they RAIL about in Yeshua's Name.

They are clever and arrogantly insulting to Blacks as they 'VICIOUSLY ATTACK' their WHITE LIBERAL BROTHER sending the VIOLENT message, 'you're bothering our DEMONIC HATE with all this BLACK RIGHTS EVIL. We will not TOLERATE equality on the books, be it affirmative action, Civil Rights, Voting Rights. We will not BEHAVE CIVILY and be CULTURALLY SENSITIVE OR POLITICALLY CORRECT. In the Name of Jesus we will HATE, HATE, HATE, AND VIOLENTLY SHOUT, SCREAM, RAIL AND RAGE, TO THE HIGHEST HEAVEN AGAINST THESE ACTS OF 'FAIRNESS, JUSTICE, EQUALITY!!!!

That is exactly what they are DEMONICALLY FUMING AND FRETTING about in the Name of Jesus. Truth is, all of their anquish is at their 'white brother liberal' as they don't dignify nor respect black people, all black people, even their colored trained ones, who are at their feet yipping and roting their exact sentiments for them, what, with them being stupid and all.

In an article in Time Magazine entitled "Battling Over Birth Policy" (Aug. 24th 90'), the question was raised with regard to a book that alleges that "The U.S. and other 'western' nations are not producing babies fast enough." The question posed, "Is it racist to urge the 'west' to have more babies?" Those who profess belief in the Most High God of the Bible, should gleam much from the information that Time's article brings forth with regard to the ramification of the MAD, VENOMOUS, SPEWING ideology that the right-wing fundamentalists are espousing.

According to the article in Time magazine, "Conservative politicians and ideologues are supporting these ideas that calls for giving "incentive rewards" (WHITE'S ACCEPTABLE, NON-COMPLAINING USE OF 'OUR' TAX DOLLARS) to 'WHITE' "western women if they will have babies." The problem with this black women is that the ideas being espoused and supported consist of allegations that "Caucasian" American women's fertility rate has dropped considerably, and as so, the population level projection to maintain their status quo, cannot be maintained. Their argument continues that "Communist-bloc nations are producing at a higher rate than western countries, and that "women" of the original Biblical world i.e. offensively called "Third World" "nation's fertility rate are higher still."

As a result, the white conservatives and right-wing fundamentalists such as Pat Robertson are holding to the belief that such circumstances could lead to a 'shift in the world military, economic, and ideological power.

Time Magazine article quotes thus, "Western nations (could) no longer shape either the political agenda, the cultrue or the direction of the global community." The gist of what the article pointed out was that this supposed hypothesis has armed the white-wing to begin advocating government intrusion into childbearing.

The article quotes the advocators of bigotry as follows "government should encourage births with cash bonuses of up to 52,000 annually for each child 16 and under. Tax deductions for day-care costs and forgiveness of educational loans in the case of graduates with babies."

The article itself, quotes Pat Robertson as stating, "that the U.S. could be committing genetic suicide." It further states with regard to Pat Robertson, "He preaches that depopulation of the West threatens the power of Western industriaized democracies."

The crucial problem with this type of reasoning is that it is the same rhetoric currently being advocated by hate groups such as the Aryan nations and it is the same past rhetoric that was advocated by the German Nazi regime under HItler.

Furthermore, the analyst of this racist/Hitler/Nazi ideology has but put forth a "projection" and not "facts." Such projections have brought forth the true white supremacy nature of so-called "evangelist" Pat Robertson and his white-wing supporters, plus his stupid colored yipping trained ones, but then, they are too stupid to live and in a whole different bowwed down category.

Still, as a result, BLACK WOMEN who are the TRUE BELIEVERS should be greatly alarmed at the madness that these so-called white "Christians," "we-are-all-one, race-doesn't matter,", grinning, similing, conniving, men and WOMEN of GOD are advocating. Let me thoroughly explain the ramifications thereof.
First of all, the facts according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Census Bureau, greatly differs from that being espoused by these deceivers.

According, to their findings with regard to American women's fertility rates "from 1980 to 1990, Caucasian births were up 12%." Of course, we know they are 'tampering' with MOTHER NATURE and seeking to bring forth 'whole litters of em' at a time' but still the point is, the births are up. At any rate, the facts show that "out of the estimated 100 million Caucasians, three million, two hundred and ninety thousand infants were birth." Among the African/American population, estimated by the Dept. of Health and Human services at '22 million' the birth rate was up 20% from 1980 to 1990. Thus, amidst the 22 million African/American people the number of infants born totaled 600,000." These facts are projecting that the birth rate is rising, so why are the right-wing fundamentalists supporting ideology that declares it is declining?

For sure the fertility rate is down among all women if compared to the 1950-1960's era, but this was by choice that came with the introduction of birth control pills than it is by a mysterious and dangerous drop in feritlity rates. God has removed the shackles of oppression that the Caucasoid so-called religious hierarchy put on all women and women having been released from such stifling, repressive, bondage by choice and need, elected to express that freedom through fulfilling their careers rather than giving birth. The shackles of bondage that God removed has freed the suppressed and sorely violated spirit of women and women have arisen to the occassion and done exploits.

The problem is that the Caucasoid male heirarchies has from its beginnings despised and suppresssed the voice of femininity so they do not acknowledge or recognize God's hand at work among HIs most prized possession Adam/Female aka the Woman (Gen. 5:2). Scripture states, "there is a time for everything, a time to break down and a time to build up" (Eccl. 3:3 NKJV). The Caucasoid male dominated hierarhies cannot comprehend the things of God for they are not of God, therefore they seek to play God and put what they consider their possession i.e. "their women" back in bondage to their ideology.

This is the real reason why they are once again advocating under the guise of western depopulation concern, the "keep em' barefoot and pregnant" ideology. Again, simply to gain dominion over the spirit of the Caucasoid woman. They have always used fear as the major weapon to keep their women sorely violated and oppressed under a heavy yoke. Fear the Black man, the Indian, The Hispanic, the TRUTH, the lie, the in-between, etc.. Fear, fear, fear! However, God whom they lie and claim they have allegiance to states "God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind" (2 Tim. 1:17). The Bible also says, the 'fearful' are not of GOD, well, black women, you knew from those 'skeered' bowwed down colored boy republicans what cowards they really are, but the white diabolical male is as cowardly, fearful, and so preaches, 'hate' and 'white supremacy demonism' out of said, fear with the Biblical result being, they are the 'cowardly and fearful' of whom Scripture says will be 'cast into the outer darkness' they so fear (Rev. 22:8).

Yes, these wretched egomaniacs are full of demonic fear and hate and as so are advocating 'fertility contests' white women vs. women of all races. How Christ-like. Oh, of course they claim, 'they are not racist with regard to this matter but only concerned with 'western values' but let's examine that.

If their argument is "just and fair" then their findings of a "fertility drop" among U.S. and ALL western women would have to be the case. That is, 'ALL' whether black, white,. brown, yellow, or red equally cherish and embrace 'WESTERN VALUES' minus white racism of course, but 'democracy', that the constitution was founded on (though never fairly implemented) is what we 'Westerner girlies' are all about, Amen black woman?

So we see, their 'JUST AND FAIR' NON-RACIST oh, and CHRIST-LIKE findings would have to be as follows, "ALL" western women would have to have contracted some mysterious "fertility drop" in order for the advocaters of deceit to NOT be advocating white supremacy. Yet, as the stats showed this is not the case.

Indeed, it is hard for anyone to believe that "all " the women in the U.S. alone, out of "all" walks of life fertility rates are going down at so rapid a speed, that Pat Robertson. allegedly opts to call it "genetic suicide." Mind you, if as they claim, they are NOT advocating 'NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST REPRODUCTION STRATEGEMS' but rather, SOLELY concerned with the 'western ideas remaining in tact" then this would have to be the facts that they are basing their findings on.

Otherwise, it would be BIASED and PREJUDICED for want of a particular type of WESTERN WOMAN to carry on so-called "western values." The TRUTH of the matter is, they are not basing it on "ALL" women who possess the "western values" rather they are solely basing it on the 'White woman' maintaining their idea of 'western values' which is the 'DEMONIC SPIRIT OF WHITE RACISM.' Such an evil dispostion is nothing more than the advocating of white supremacy.

Indeed, Pat Robertson and his right wing sheep are advocating what the Bible would call the 'demonic spirit' of 'white supremacy' that calls for white women to have a 'birth RACE contest' with women of other ethnic groups and out birth us, if you will. Yes, this is the type of EVIL THEY RAIL, about day in and day out for the last 2 decades and so wrought the stripping of black rights such as Affirmative action.

Oh let the record proclaim though the Democrats/Liberals may be just as prejudice as their white RAGIN' FOAMIN AT THE BIT, WHITE so-called CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE BROTHER, the Democrat/Liberal did not CALL FOR THE STRIPPING OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION the WHITE SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN DOES.

This is their 'voice of Satan' that they selfishly, arrogantly, full of demonic venom spew from the housetops, and so birth their demon-ciples such as born-again IMUS and the ADDICT RUSH LIMBAUGH who have spewed, VIOLENTLY SPEWED BLACK HATE and Black women, can I ask you, were they 'cackling at RAGE' then? Explains why we remain bottom rung world status now don't it? The goofy, guffawin, idiot, bowwed down jackasses!

None the less, the deceivers ABUSED Scripture and VIOLENTLY RAIL at BLACKS, LIBERALS anybody who wants to 'take GOD'S name off the Pledge of Allegiance' while simultaneously offending and violating the same GOD whose BLACK PEOPLE white so-called 'CHRISTIANS' have a history of VIOLENTLY, RAGEFULLY, DEMONICALLY FUMING, ENSLAVING, LYNCHING, DISCRIMINATING, SEGREGATING, to the present day, POLICE BRUTALITY, FALSE IMPRISONMENTS, DISENFRANCHISING, ETC.. Yet, somehow today in this 21st century millinieum they have turned the corner to 'HOLY AND RIGHT' while painting BLACKS AS BAD AND EVIL. What about HOW THEY SAY IT? These white so-called "Christian" beings are ever a foamin', frettin', ragin', screamin', shoutin', of whom I swear, born-again Imus is going to have a heart attack and get to face to face see his true allegiance is to the GOD OF HELL

Still, the Scripture is right, 'And the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force" (Matt. 11:12). Enter the RIGHTEOUS BLACK WOMAN WHO GOD HAS AWAKENED TO 'TAKE IT BY FORCE' AND IF ANYONE HAS THE LUNG POWER, FAITH, TRUTH, CONVICTION, COURAGE, WILL, TO GET THE JOB DONE, IT IS AS GOD IS SHOWING THE 'BLACK WOMAN' and may her VIOLENT EXPRESSION exhilirate and bless you and cause you to join right in with us black women because let's face it, if not us, then who, 'saith the God' of HARRIET, NZINGHA, CANDACE, SOJOURNER, IDA. B. WELLS, AMINA, ZENOBIA, and every ancient BLACK WOMAN WHO 'VIOLENTLY' RAGED AND BROUGHT DOWN CAUCASOID 'VIOLENT RAGING' right along with their COLORED TRAINED ONES who repeatedly and constantly are A YIPPING AT THEIR FEET?

Hey Black woman, get the SOUND picture now?
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