What do you think it is? COmmunication? Longevity? Good Sex?

What's the key to having a successful romantic relationship?
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Two people who are able to successfully maintain an interest in one another even after the "newness" wears off. So I guess, for me, its longevity, having staying power. Loving someone even after you realize they are not exciting, passionate, beautiful, "deep," and engaging 100% of the time.
Without a doubt, communication. It takes a special person to be able to look at your partner and say (I would like for you to do this, can we do this, etc).........b/c any coward can run out to the street and find "what I'm missing at home", but the grass is not always greener as they say.

Let's not forget moral support. I think that that's a key aspect to a successful relationship especially in Black couples. We tend to try to accomplish so much, and continue to achieve higher standards and that can sometimes become overwhelming... if our significant others are not there to support us... then what are we left with?
As a man married to the same woman for 24 years and never having had an affair I would say that communication is very important, but sex is imporant too! Also you must be commited to your marriage before all else.My wife comes first before job,money,other family members before everything.
Communication. Communication. Communication. Did I already say communication? Wink I can not express how communication is important. I am going to school to be a family therapist and I have found over and over again the major issue that clients have is that they do not know how to communicate with each other. So I am going to say it again......COMMUNICATION!
Originally posted by Fagunwa:
Also you must be commited to your marriage before all else. My wife comes first before job,money,other family members before everything.

MEN ARE FROM MARS (the Planet of Achievement and Respect) WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS (the Planet of Family and Relationships)

And this, I believe, is the single most difficult and challenging thing for men to do (place their wife and family above all else), especially when they are young. They just don't seem to be able to focus on such things until much later on in their development. Everything else [e.g. money, sportscar, clothes, respect from male peers, you name it], they all seem to be more important and more valuable to them than family and building a family. Family, wife, and children are simply not as important to them as gaining respect and status among their peers. But for women, having a family is important to them, at any age. They are at least concerned about it. And its all because of the way we are socialized. Women and men are socialized to desire and aspire toward completely opposite things and achievements in life, from infancy to adulthood, especially in Western society. That is why the divorce rate is so high here I suppose.

Do you think this type of socialization helps maintain a healthy and necessary balance between the sexes or do you think they divide us and keep us from getting and maintaining relationships, especially in relation to African Americans.

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