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entertainment gossip and what not will be posted here from time to time.

for the first installment of "the juice"...

LisaRaye accused of being a home wrecker and sports groupie.
the pic--wouldn't let me save it Frown** dayum she's pretty!**

(Sep. 9, 2003) LisaRaye Clears It Up: Actress LisaRaye may play the role of the trouble causing ex-wife on the new UPN sitcom "All Of Us" -- loosely based on the lives of its executive producers Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith -- but in real life she's been accused of being a home-wrecker and sports groupie. In an October cover story of Smooth magazine LisaRaye talks with yours truly about her rumored infidelities with retired Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan, current Bulls player Jalen Rose, Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson, and Gary Peyton of the L.A. Lakers, among others.
On Michael, LisaRaye exclaimed, "I wish I would have caught him before [his wife] Juanita's ass did!" Concerning Jalen, the actress admitted, "He made it known that he liked me and wanted to date me. But to me, that doesn't mean anything." About Allen, who actually dated her sister -- hip-hop star Da Brat -- LisaRaye offered, "Me and Allen ain't ever been together. That's my boy; that's my homie." Lastly, on the most recent rumor that the former "Player's Club" star was currently having an affair with Gary, she said, "I guess people just want to link me up with all of the damn athletes, huh? They want to put me with all of the people that got some money, but let them be available, though!"

LisaRaye also talked about alleged flings with Naughty By Nature member Treach, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, and The Source owner and hip-hop star Benzino. That issue of Smooth hits newsstands on September 16th. Visit Smooth online at

Hollywood Tidbits: Nia Long, Jim Brown, and Whoopi Goldberg are slated for Spike Lee's next film project, "She Hates Me." Reports indicate that Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie, and Woody Harrelson are already scheduled to co-star in the flick. Anthony will star as a Harvard-educated biotech exec who gets fired when he blows the whistle on his bosses. He supports himself by impregnating high-powered lesbians. One of those is an ex-girlfriend (played by Nia).

In other news on Anthony... The actor is a 2001 Juilliard grad who was discovered by Spike. The filmmaker is casting Anthony in "Sucker Free City," a Showtime series on San Francisco gangs that Spike is executive producing. In February, Anthony is heading to Broadway to star with Alfre Woodard in "Drowning Crow."

Actress Jasmine Guy is now rehearsing with Robert Sean Leonard and Mario Cantone for "The Violet Hour." The show from the Manhattan Theater Company debuts October 16th at the renovated Baltimore Theater in New York City. Jasmine has appeared on both Broadway and off-Broadway productions before. She did a stint as Velma Kelly in Broadway's acclaimed "Chicago." Jasmine is currently starring in Showtime's series "Dead Like Me." She is also writing a book with the late Tupac Shakur's mother, Afeni Shakur, coming from Simon & Schuster's Atria division next February.

Comedienne Wanda Sykes' sitcom "Wanda At Large" debuted as a mid-season replacement last season and was such a hit that it has been picked up for the upcoming Fox fall schedule. The show will air on Friday nights. I wonder if her publicist is still only granting Wanda interviews if it is only for the cover? I've only seen her on one!


Hanging With The Debarge Brothers: y'all ever wonder what happened to them, especially Chico after his last post-prison album??
While I was on vacation in August, I got to hang out one Sunday with both Chico and El Debarge. Chico was in town performing for an outdoor festival that ended up getting rained out. The evening of the festival, Chico performed at a Washington, D.C., club called V.I.P. and El was his surprise guest. The very next day, I was scheduled to interview Chico at his hotel right after he was supposed to judge an "American Idol"-type competition called "D.C. Idol" at a club called Platinum.

I parked my car at Chico's hotel and took a cab over to Platinum club. When I pulled up, Chico and a few people from his entourage were standing at the end of the block near the club. When I approached him, the always pleasant singer introduced me to everyone with him and then explained to me that a club bouncer had sucker-punched El and they left the venue.

Apparently, when Chico, El, and their entourage arrived at the club, the head bouncer didn't recognize El and began to harass him about being searched. El is sporting a Joe Millionaire-like hairdo these days. Words were exchanged and the next thing they knew, another bouncer -- who happened to be a white guy -- hit El in the jaw. By the time Chico realized what happened, the club staff hid the bouncer and acted as if they didn't know who he was. It was speculated that the guy was an undercover police officer and it is apparently against the law for him to moonlight as a bouncer, which could get both him and the club in major trouble. Nonetheless, there was no closure to the situation that night and Chico and El will likely be pressing charges against the club real soon.

Later I went back to the hotel and completed my interview with Chico and despite all of the drama that night, he was still his down-to-earth personable self. I'll have more on Chico in the week's to come. In the meantime, check out his latest album "Free," which is in stores now.


A Slender Syleena: Syleena Johnson performed on the same outdoor festival that I mentioned Chico was slated to perform on. Syleena was the only R&B act to perform before a huge thunderstorm caused the festival to shut down. The Chicago-bred singer invited me to hang out with her that evening during her appearance at club V.I.P. I'm so not a club-goer and only because Syleena asked did I indulge. I met Syleena at her hotel and was surprised to see that she had lost nearly 25 pounds since the last time I saw her. She told me her goal is to loose 15 more. I thought she looked great before, though.

Syleena told me that she had been in the studio working with Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. She has written a couple of songs for Michelle's upcoming sophomore gospel album. Michelle was also the host of Syleena's celebrity birthday bash on August 31st at Club Marysol in Chicago. "Michelle sang "Happy Birthday" to me, too, and she blew," exclaimed Syleena. "No really! I'm not just saying it -- she really blew!" Among the other partygoers at Syleena's celebration included Michael Jordan, Bobby Simmons of the Washington Wizards, Marcus Fizer of the Chicago Bulls, Shawn Marion of the Phoenix Suns, and Glenn Robinson of the Philadelphia 76ers. There was also a big cake with Syleena face on it. "It was crazy. What a great night," concluded Syleena.


Can't Say Names: Sources say a certain Hollywood actress is becoming nuttier by the minute. Said actress has been the talk of Tinseltown in recent years after her uncanny behavior on the set of her old sitcom, her almost stalker-like attraction to an R&B singer, and her bizarre quotes in magazine interviews. who could this be?? any idea's?

What two members of P.Diddy's reality group, Da Band, were caught engaging in a little off-camera love making? Insiders say that the Bad Boy mogul was furious about the finding and was worried the cameras caught the action.

source-if the pic link above didn't work for you--the pic is in this link...


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Heather Headly Marries...

(Sep. 11, 2003) MUSIC NOTES: Only the truly fabulous folk get married in September. And Tony Award-winning vocalist Heather Headley fits the bill. Last Saturday, the Trinidadian born Broadway baby-turned-R&B music star married her longtime beau, former New York Jet Brian Musso.
Fresh off the heels of hosting and winning two Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards (Best New Artist, Solo and Best R&B/Soul or Rap album, Solo), the former Miss Headley – adorned in Badgley Mishka-- married the athlete at his family's home in the outer suburbs of Chicago. Upon returning from their honeymoon –to an undisclosed location -- the two will reside in the Chicago area, where the groom currently works with inner city youth.

The pair have been dating for two years and were both students at Northwestern University. According to published reports, the bride has said the fact that Mr. Musso wasn't involved in the entertainment business was a big plus when they first met. "I tested him the first day. I was like, `Sing a song,'" she said during a recent interview" I was like, Good, can't hold a note, that's great.'"

It's been a very good year for the former star of Broadway's "Aida." Her sensational solo debut album, "This Is Who I Am," was certified gold and is approaching platinum, thanks to the success of the #1 charting ballad, "I Wish I Wasn't."

According to her spokesperson, she was recently recognized by "Access Hollywood" as one of the "Top 10 Next Big Things In Music" and is set to make her motion picture debut in "The Breakup Handbook," starring Jamie Foxx and Morris Chestnut. The new Mrs. Musso will also make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Miramax/Artisan film "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights," inspired by the original "Dirty Dancing" and is set for February 2004 release.

MORE VIOLENCE SURROUNDS 50: He's 'bout to have a warrant put out on him.

(Sep. 11, 2003) *(sigh) Guess whose entourage is taking the retarded hanger on thing to another level. Yep, non other than the crew affiliated with current hot spot 50 Cent.
It has been reported that police are looking to identify around twelve members of 50's crew after gunfire erupted early yesterday at a Jersey City Hotel.

Eyewitnesses described a lone male gunman and police found spent shell casings from a .40 and a .45 caliber gun in a nearby parking. However, a hotel surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape and police are analyzing it to determine if someone was firing on 50 and company and if the rapper's associates fired as well. It hasn't been determined yet if anyone was injured.

Police say that 50 was reportedly taken away from the scene in his SUV. But that's not the end of the story. MTV reports that police are set to issue a warrant for the arrest of 50 Cent unless he turns himself in within 5 days.

The rapper's rep says 50 Cent is now in LA shooting the video for "Stunt 101," a new single from his G-Unit crew.

This just in is reporting that they've received first hand information on the shooting incident. It paints a picture that the shots were not aimed to hit 50 or anyone in his crew but were a deadly warning.

An employee of the Doubletree Hotel who refused to give his name due to the hotel's closed-lipped policy, told that the gunshots were fired "into the air" and did not appear to be intended to hit anyone.

The gunmen then made their escape via Washington Blvd - a large multi-lane street running parallel to the hotel and a direct route for the assailants to flee New Jersey to the state of New York via the Holland Tunnel. This is apparently the same street used by 50 and his entourage to flee from the scene.

JMJ INVESTIGATION DRAGS ON: Police think they're on the right track, others say they're not even close.

(Sep. 12, 2003) *Though the police say they're doing their best to find the murderer of Jam Master Jay, people close to the situation say that cops are barking up the wrong trees.
In July, aspiring rapper Karl "Little D" Jordan and his father, Darren "Big D" Jordan, were fingered by a convicted robber and former associate of Jay's named Ronald "Tinard" Washington.

Interviewed in the Nassau County jail by the New York Daily News, Washington claimed that he saw Big D and Little D enter Jay's Queens, New York, studio the night of the murder and then saw Little D fleeing through the studio's rear exit moments later. On August 8th, police charged Little D with shooting Jay's nephew Rodney Jones in the leg on May 14 on a Queens street, and questioned Little D about Jay's murder. But the Jones shooting may have been the result of a feud over song lyrics that Jones wrote insulting the younger Jordan and may be unrelated to Jay's killing.

The Jordans deny involvement in the JMJ murder and a source close to Jay who preferred not to be named discounted Washington's allegations, telling Rolling Stone, "I don't know who did it, but I know who didn't do it. Big D and Little D were real good friends of Jay's."

Sources close to Jay also point out that Washington is widely known and feared around Queens as a stickup kid. Although Washington has denied involvement in Jay's death, several sources said they suspect he knows more than he is telling.

REDMAN ARRESTED OVER GREEN: Rapper held for transporting too much weed.

(Sep. 12, 2003) *Redman makes it known that he smokes marijuana and, for the most part, weed heads do their best to stay ahead of the law. But earlier this week he walked into some trouble when he was busted at Olso airport in Norway.
The rapper has arrived on a flight from Amsterdam, where marijuana is legal. When dogs trained to sniff out drugs honed in on him, the gig was up.

The rapper had been touring Europe for several months now and was slated to perform in front of a sold out audience at the Rockefeller nightclub in Oslo.

The amount that the rapper was carrying violated local laws, which tolerate small amounts for personal use.

Authorities finally released the frustrated rapper, saying that they realized he wasn't attempting to smuggle the drugs and that the cancellation of the show he was scheduled to perform at could cause more serious problems.

The R. Kelly Dilemna

(Sep. 12, 2003) What do we know about R. Kelly? Think about it. Does anyone even know his wife or children's names? Has there ever been a picture of them together in public? Does he have a twin brother? Did he & Aaliyah actually marry when she was 15? If so, exactly how does that happen? There are so many things we don't really know about R. Kelly.

Let's examine what we do know:

We know that Kelly was born in January 1969 in Chicago's South Side and released his first CD "Born in the 90's in January 1992 with the group Public Announcement.

We know he has worked with The Isleys, Michael & Janet, Luther Vandross, Celine Dion, Biggie, Mary J. Blige, P.Diddy, Jay-Z, Foxy, Nas, Tyrese, Nick Cannon, B2K, Aaliyah, Syleena Johnson, Kelly Price, Fat Joe, Ludacris, JaRule, Chante Moore, Ginuwine & Toni Braxton. He's introduced us to Sparkle, Changing Face & J.S.

We know he knows a woman's feelings. Besides Babyface, what artist has connected more to a woman's psyche? Listen to "When a Woman's Fed Up," "Heart of a Woman" "Be Careful" and "A Woman's Threat." He breaks it down for the thugs, explaining what a woman expects, how men mess up and the consequences of our wrongdoings.

We know about the freak side from songs such as "Sex Me," "Bump & Grind," "12 Play" & "Feelin on yo Booty." The metaphors of "You Remind Me of Something" & "Ignition," all balanced by the spiritual nature of "I Believe I Can Fly," "The Storm is Over," "Heaven I Need a Hug" & "I Wish." The conflict of secular & spirituality had previously been seen in the works of Marvin Gaye (who went from "What's Going On" to "Let's Get It On") and Prince (remember the recital of "The Lord's Prayer" in the middle of the song "Controversy").

We know that he works well under pressure. Facing the greatest challenges of his life, he's produced more hits this past year than anyone in recent memory. Steadfastly denying any wrongdoing, he has continued to produce masterpieces and satisfy his legions of fans.

We know that a man is innocent until proven guilty. We'll be hearing R.Kelly's music for the rest of our lives. His fans have demonstrated an unimaginable type of loyalty, despite the seriousness of the charges levied against him. Sources have said that Kelly has over 10 CDs worth of material already completed, proving that he'll be releasing music in a manner that would make Tupac proud. Time will show which R. Kelly song will best apply: "I'm Your Angel" or "I'm a Bad Man."

Originally posted by Nykkii:

Sources have said that Kelly has over 10 CDs worth of material already completed . . .

He's going to need every last one to pay his lawyers! Eek

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9.15 sad juice day Confused:

J. LO AND BEN SPLIT? Reports say Affleck dumped Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
(Sep. 15, 2003) *Will we no longer hear that horrid reference "Bennifer" again? Truthfully, we hope not, but not because the couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have split. But the rumors are flying just as quickly as the paparazzi booked all the hotels in Santa Barbara this weekend intending to catch sight of the duo's pending nuptials.
However, it's been reported that Affleck has broken up with the film/music star, just days before they were to wed in the Southern California town.

Last Friday the buzz was that the two would postpone their wedding for perhaps an intimate affair with family and friends because the buzz was already out on the supposed date and location. However, news surfaced later that the two had actually broken up.

People magazine cited unidentified sources close to the couple that Affleck indeed initiated the breakup due to "second thoughts" and reported that Lopez was "devastated" and "in tears."

Well, the two did begin their romance while filming the summer bomb "Gigli." Perhaps the cinematic stinker was an omen.

do we care??? really...does anyone think this was really going to happen and if it did, that it was going to last...? Frown sorry jen.

WILLIAMS SISTERS' SISTER SHOT: Venus and Serena's big sis killed in confrontation. Man she was with identified. Suspect is being held.

(Sep. 15, 2003) *An older sister of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams, Yetunde Price, was shot and killed Sunday in Compton, California.
Price was with a man shortly after midnight Saturday night when they became involved in an altercation with some local residents. Early reports said Price was shot in the upper torso, and witnesses said they heard at least a dozen shots fired. The man, Rolland Wormley, 28, who was with her was not injured.

Authorities are said to be searching for three people suspected of being involved in the shooting.

(See the UPDATE below for news of an arrest in the case.)

Homicide and gang detectives gathered evidence late Sunday but had not made any arrests, a sherriff's department spokesperson said. An assault rifle had been found near the shooting.

"We are extremely shocked, saddened and devastated by the shooting death of our beloved Yetunde," the Williams family said in a statement Sunday night. "Yetunde was a loving mother, daughter, sister and friend."

They added: "Our grief is overwhelming, and this is the saddest day of our lives."

Price, along with Venus and Serena spent their early years in Compton before moving to Florida. Price, who was divorced, took her mother's maiden name, lived in Corona about 40 miles from Los Angeles, and worked as a personal assistant to her famous sisters, was a registered nurse, and also owned a beauty salon.

Price was the mother of three children.

Members of the Williams family were in route to California at presstime. Serena was in Toronto filming a cable drama series and Venus came in from New York.

"The thoughts and prayers of everyone at the WTA Tour are with the entire Williams family at this difficult time," said Larry Scott, chief executive of the Women's Tennis Association Tour.


The Associated Press is reporting that a 24-year-old man was arrested in the investigation of the shooting death of Yetunde Price.

The suspect was identified as Aaron Michael Hammer. He was jailed without bail, said sheriff's Deputy Richard Pena. The deputy didn't say what led to Hammer's arrest or when he was taken into custody.

Pena said homicide detectives were still seeking the public's assistance in gathering information about the case.

Also, authorities have now identified the man with Price as Rolland Wormley, 28. He was jailed after authorities discovered he was on parole, which they said he violated by being at the scene of the shooting. It wasn't disclosed what he was on parole for.

To read the complete family statement regarding the shooting death of Yetunde Price, click here.

9.16 juice

SISQO DONE LOST HIS DAMN MIND! R&B singer shoots neighbor's car, say cops.

(Sep. 16, 2003) *We know that Dru Hill has been going through a luke warm period as far as their material is concerned, but that ain't no reason for Sisqó to be actin' like he lost his got-dang mind, or is it? reports that Sisqó was arrested early Saturday morning along with his girlfriend after pulling a *Richard Pryor. He allegedly fired several shots at a car parked outside a neighbor's house. Eek

Police detained Sisqó, whose real name is Mark Andrews, at his home in the Baltimore suburb of Randallstown and charged him with five criminal acts, including first-degree assault, resisting arrest and reckless endangerment.

His girlfriend, Tera Thomas, was also arrested and charged with second-degree assault and resisting arrest.

Police believe three shots were fired. Sisqó allowed officers into his house and denied firing any shots. Officers said they found a gun in the singer's kitchen and it appeared to have been recently fired.

(*Old heads will recall one of Richard Pryor's classic comedy routines that centers around the time he was arrested by LAPD for shooting at his wife's car back in the 70s.)

Playboy Pulls The Plug On Blu.

(Sep. 16, 2003) You can forget about seeing Blu Cantrell on the cover of Playboy magazine. The cover feature is now a no-go and the reason why seems to vary depending on who you ask. Blu told London's Daily Mirror that she posed for the pictures and then decided it would make her too much of a sex symbol if they ran. She felt that a nude photo shoot would take away from the fact that she can actually sing. Roll Eyes(That didn't seem to matter when her Black Tail spread that she was paid pennies for surfaced after her debut album hit.)
Nonetheless, my sources are singing a song of a different tune. An insider tells me that Playboy canned Blu's cover because the photos were horrible, and they refused to re-shoot the singer. Eek I also hear that although Blu's camp initially said she was paid $1 million for the shoot, and then later $750,000, it was actually about $600,000 the biracial singer would have received if the cover had hit newsstands. Apparently, Playboy pays a partial retainer off the top, and you get the rest of your money off the back end -- pun intended.

In other Blu news ... The Arista artist continues to take shots at Beyonce Knowles in the European press. (Sidebar: Blu is doing so many interviews in Europe because her album isn't selling well in the US, but is having great success in London.) The Sun reports Blu said she wouldn't strip in her videos like Beyonce. "I won't take off my clothes like Beyonce in order to sell records," she said. But remembering her scandalous Black Tail spread and her attempt at Playboy, she added, "I'm not ashamed of anything I've done. I'm not embarrassed by it, and I don't regret it." Confused

Blu said to another London paper, "Beyonce is talented and beautiful, and I'm a fan...but she's ripping me off! Her song "Baby Boy" has the exact words as "Breathe" in the hook." Ironically Sean Paul is featured on both tracks and Blu further claims that Beyonce collaborated with the ubiquitous reggae star to get back at her for once being connected to Jay-Z.


(Sep. 16, 2003) *Pop star Michael Jackson hosted a fund-raiser at his Neverland Ranch with a celebrity invitation list that included boxer Mike Tyson and musicians Patti LaBelle and Boyz II Men.
About 700 people were invited to Saturday's event, which cost $5,000 to attend. Some of the proceeds were to go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Oneness and E Ai Como E Que Fica, a Rio de Janeiro organization that provides food, clothing and medical care for poor children.

Fans outside the ranch gates traveled as far away as Denmark and Croatia to catch a glimpse of Jackson and other celebrities.

"I'm here to show love and support for Michael," said Tea Kos, 23, president of the Michael Jackson fan club for Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

Jay-Kid, a 13-year-old Michael Jackson look-and sound-alike, sang a few bars from his CD "Bring You the Magic," which is gold in Denmark.



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