One of the greatest of the Mystery Schools was in Egypt at Giza. One of the greatest of the initiates was a Hebrew known today as " Jesus the Christ." Reference for this is found in the New Testament of the King James version of the Bible at Revelations 11:8 which states:

"And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city which is spiritually called Sodom, and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified."

If the Bible is to be taken literally [ as most Christians insist it must, ]

"... where also our Lord was crucified, " means:

A. Jesus the Christ was crucified at least twice; and;

B. He had to have survived at least the first event.

Since this vastly ignored passage literally overturns the crux of Christian dogma it deserves serious consideration.


In this ceremony, which is at once an initiation and the ultimate test of the control of consciousness, the candidate for initiation, having fasted and meditated properly, takes his place upon the altar of the cross, which is like a table in the form of the Roman numeral X. We would say 'spread eagle.' There, 12 priests, each attired in the robe of their degree, wearing headgear representing the signs of the zodiac, and being in ritually correct position, begin a chant. This chant ( which may also be deemed a mantrum, a sound, a tonality, the word that was good in the beginning,) creates a resonance, amplified by the stone of the chamber, which facilitates the candidate's journey inward to higher planes of mentation.

The candidate for initiation then self induces, through breath control and training, what may be called a cataleptic state. His heartbeat slows down and is suspended, and his breathing stops. In addition there is the intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity of the mind, i.e. thought. This may be likened to a breathless pause. Thus freed from attachment to the body, the spirit body draws within and enters realms of higher levels of mentation where it takes instruction from the great masters of consciousness.

This bestows the positive acquisition of metaphysical knowledge and superphysical power. The candidate remains in this state for three days. As it returns to the physical, as it descends from the planes of higher consciousness, marks are placed upon the spirit body to indicate the degrees of experience achieved. As the spirit re-animates the body these marks appear in the flesh. They are called stigmata. One who has done this successfully becomes Christed. Christ is a title, not a name. Jesus the Christ. The most successful one among the many.

This explains the biblical statement that he who would save his life must lose it, and he who loses his life for the sake of truth shall gain his life back more abundently.

The science of consciousness has nothing to do with religion, which is the methods mankind has devised to worship God. The worship of God involves belief. The science of consciousness involves direct experience.

The training was long, hard, and arduous. At every stage of learning students were tested to determine their achievement. The tests were ceremonial, each one an initiation into increasingly more difficult degrees of the knowledge of natural universal law. The first time a student failed an initiation, they were awarded the title of the last degree attained, and were not allowed to proceed further.

By tradition the degreed initiates would leave the cloistered environment of Giza and venture forth to set up their own chapter of the mysteries, where they would attract students, and generate disciples qualified to receive the inner teachings of the science of consciousness. Initiates spent half a lifetime in learning and the other half in realization.

They taught not from theory but from experience. No experience can be taught. Only the way to obtain an experience can be taught.

This was the purpose of the great Mystery Schools; to teach the methodology to access the infinite, of direct experience with God itself.
Egungun, Egungun ni t'aiye ati jo! Ancestos, Ancestors come to earth and dance! "I'm sick of the war and the civilization that created it. Let's look to our dreams, and the magical; to the creations of the so-called primitive peoples for new inspirations." - Jaques Vache and Andre Breton "Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone." -John Maynard "You know that in our country there were even matriarchal societies where women were the most important element. On the Bijagos islands they had queens. They were not queens because they were the daughters of kings. They had queens succeeding queens. The religious leaders were women too..." -- Amilcar Cabral, Return to the Source, 1973
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Gradually over time, the material world has taken over. The ancients had a relatively simple existence. There were no population problems, no extensive competition in trade, and war was limited to a few militarists now and then. People lived a quiet and natural life completely dependent on their insights into universal laws. Largely unaffected by the opinions of their contemporaries, individuals possessed the complete knowledge that they had the skills and abilities to intuit nearly everything necessary to their own survival. The rise of materialism has been the demise of mankind's trust in natural order. The Earth today is the arena of the ambitious.

From the website,

TRUST and KEEPING IT has been going down every since. BASIC PRINCIPLES that mean so MUCH just TRIVIALIZED in TODAY'S WORLD.

So if natural laws are THE LAW and AMBITIONS and MATERILAISM are NOT THE LAW, who will ENFORCE the LAW once AGAIN.

That is a MYSTERY for US today.

It can be US or it can BE SOMETHING ELSE.

On topic CRUXIFIATION and the CHRIST can be PLACED UPON ANYBODY ANYWHERE but if SELF-PROCLAIMED CHRISTIANS would FOLLOW this JESUS they PROFESS, then they would KNOW he was not meant to be WORSHIPPED.

It seems all WISE PEOPLE of CHRISTIANITY but are of other FAITHS point to EGYPT and JESUS UPBRINGING. What could have this JESUS learned in such a ANCIENT LAND.

Notice I said this JESUS went to LEARN about OTHER FAITHS and/or LANDS. Hospitable ONES. That is FOLLOWING Jesus not WORSHIPPING him.


Oh well.

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