The Importance Of Holding Latinos Accountable For Their Racism

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Amara La Negra unwittingly turned into the mainstream media’s face and voice for Afro-Latino identity last month, after VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” aired a confrontation between the singer and Puerto Rican music producer Young Hollywood.

The producer had told the 27-year-old singer she should change her Afro and be “a little bit more Beyoncé, a little less Macy Gray,” prompting Amara to defend her identity and appearance. The heated exchange ultimately sparked a conversation about colorism and racism within the Latino community.
The singer, born Dana Danelys de los Santos, told HuffPost on Wednesday she feels it’s “super important” to hold Latinos accountable for racism and colorism. 

“I think it’s unfortunate that there’s so many talented Afro-Latinos all around the world but we’re not given the same opportunities based off the way that we look,” Amara told HuffPost following a live interview at the Build Studio, which is owned by Oath, HuffPost’s parent company. “It’s not that we’re not talented. It’s not that we’re not educated. They just don’t consider that we [have] what they consider to [be] the Latino look.”
The Miami-born Dominican singer said she feels the need to educate people about colorism in Latin America, but she also understands not everyone is open to learning. 
“A lot of people will never understand because they will never be looked [at] with the eyes that we’re looked [at],” she said. “There’s always this look of ‘Ugh, la negra’ (the black woman) or ‘don’t get married to a black man, don’t get married to a black woman, you have to better the race.’ I just think it’s not fair because what’s wrong with me? What makes me so ugly? Why don’t they see me [as] beautiful? What is wrong about my personality or my looks or my features that causes that problem?”
During her Build conversation with Yahoo’s Brittany Jones-Cooper, the singer also called out Spanish-language telenovelas for rarely casting Afro-Latinos outside of slavery-related storylines or the recent Celia Cruz series. Amara said she won’t feel like things have changed until there’s more representation of Afro-Latinos across all media.

“I know that I’m only one person but one person can make a difference,” she told HuffPost. “I’m working towards breaking that barrier and changing that ― not just for myself but for the upcoming generation that still doesn’t feel that [things are] possible for them.”

It’s not that we’re not talented. It’s not that we’re not educated. They just don’t consider that we [have] what they consider to [be] the Latino look.”
Amara, who began her career as a child on Univision’s weekend variety show “Sábado Gigante,” broke into the Latin music industry with singles like “Ayy” and “Sé que soy.” The singer now hopes to crossover into the English market, with some help from VH1′s hip-hop reality series.

Last month, the artist signed a multimillion dollar and multialbum record deal with Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide and BMG. Amara also signed to global entertainment and literary agent United Talent Agency on Wednesday, according to Billboard.
Many have compared Amara’s break-out stardom to the rise of another “Love & Hip Hop” alum: rapper Cardi B. But Amara doesn’t quite see the similarities.
“I’m not a hip-hop artist at all,” she told HuffPost. “Don’t get it twisted now though. I can do a little hip-hop, I can do a little trap or whatever, but I’m more of an urban pop [artist].”
Amara said her upcoming single “Insecure” also falls into the urban pop category though she’s ultimately open to tackling different genres. She also teased possible future collaborations with Sean Paul, Pitbull, Jason Derulo and Becky G.

Aside from her music, Amara also plans to launch a doll line that comes with different body shapes, different skin color and different hair textures. She hopes it will make young girls feel represented. 

“It has always been a dream of mine to at some point in my career have dolls that girls can buy and play with and feel like ‘Oh my god, she’s like me,’” she said. “I have a lot on my plate [right now] but it’s definitely one of my goals.”
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So, she's talented, beautiful AND intelligent.  

Truth is though, that it is Black people that have to stop trying to sholve "colorism" down other Black people's throats.  

I know that while so-called 'colorism' was started by ignorant racist White people, it has been Black people that have been the ones to embrace and accommodate it to the point of detriment to their own race.  

The first thing Black people have to do is ADMIT that many of us are suffering from enslavement induced psychological damage that produced a Stockholm Syndrome that has lingered in many of our psychi because it has been continuously, consciously and deliberately passed down from generation to generation by Black people themselves. 

It is far more damaging to our entire race that there are still too many Black people themselves that actually perpetrate and continuously try to force such racist/racial ignorance, and self-hatred, on Black people, on their own race, than all the discrimination of non-Black racists on the planet.  

Some women have the hair of dogs, some women have the hair of sheep and poodles, some women have wavy, heavy hair that's absolutely beautiful. Read this:  If ever chemotherapy comes your way, it'll make no damn difference what color you are or what your hair texture. You'll end up bald as the actress that shaves her head in the Panther movie and you'll be lucky if you can obtain one inch of growth and not long after, you'll be deader than a door nail. Enough of this racism shit. No one's any better than anyone else. 3 people died in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon this morning. They weren't expecting that!!

Our time's numbered on this planet. Fuck the haters; take the breaths allowed to you, kiss the loves of your life and thank God you lived to see another day.

Watch yourselves so you don't get as ugly as Donald Trump and his so-called administration. That's what HATRED does!!!!!!

  I agree with both of yall.  Colorism used to be called "color stroke." I guess when the academics got to it, they wanted it to sound better.  But it is still a very dangerous phenomena in our culture til this day.  But folks don't talk about it but you can see it in their behavior.  And in the 90s black gang rappers showed in their we can see it and STILL won't say a word.  But we must.  Otherwise that self-hate will continue to spread it venom to each generation that follows.  Black folks are like "pups" in that you never knew what your kids are gonna look like.  Both parents can be very dark and give birth to a light skin child.  So we really need to talk about this and let young black folks EVERYONE black is the SAME no matter the shade.  It's the only way we can go back really looking each other like we did back in the day.  But!

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