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I am truly impressed with the types, styles, colors, of many
different beads. Beads really accentuate a look on braids. To be able to braid
small braids is a dexterous(skillful) task. I would love to learn to braid hair
like our black people in Africa, America, and everywhere else around the globe.
So if you enjoy braids and want beads, I have an easy solution for you all. I
sometimes ask myself, what is it that can be done to make a hairstyle
take less time?

I never heard about this tool until day, so its fresh knowledge. It speeds
the beading process.The name of this product is the Hair Bead slyder.
Therefore you can apply beads to every single braid and twist.
It simplifies the hair beading process.

Well, we know how some people so skilled, they can
breeze right through braiding. Well, this bead slyder can breeze
you through the beading without extra effort. We know using
the hand to bead up hair can take hours. Well, slash the time, or
cut the time down.

At the end of the usually vigorous process, you just need
to take the SLyders and slide the beads onto the hair,
secure it with a rubber band and you are all done.

And now........

The process.............

1. Slide the beads onto the Slyder in your desired pattern and
color, and make sure to leave an opening at the top.

2. After the braid is finished, the end of the braid needs to go
through the opening and folded around the thread toward the rest
of the braid.

3. Using your other hand, push the beads off the top portion
of the Slyder onto the braid. Keep these same steps in motion
until you are finished beading.

4. To really speed up the process, you can have the person
getting their hair done beading several Slyders as you
are braiding. Now to make sure the beads do splatter all
over the place, use small rubberbands.

Personally, it looks like a fun product to use. IT is amazing that
the best ideas can start off as small and turn into a big invention.
Be sure to click on styles after you read the process to see
what creativity people's mind have formed.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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