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VIDEO: Black Woman Shot Then Dragged Behind Vehicle By Brazil Govt Death Squad

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Woman Shot And Dragged Brazil photo

This is how Black people in Brazil are murdered on a daily basis by government death squads

AFRICANGLOBE – Police atrocities against Black people in Brazil, particularly in Rio, seem to always get worse? It almost seems as if they are purposely trying to outdo their previous act. Seriously, I would really like to know how and why Brazil was awarded the World Cup and the Olympics. Of course, the most popular response would be the country’s rise to the sixth spot of the world’s largest economies. But with this type of thing going on, is that all that matters?!?!

Just so you know, these types of acts that totally disregard decency or respect of human life have been going on for decades, centuries in reality if you go back to the 1530s when the Portuguese starting importing Africans and enslaving them. It would be a tragic joke if someone had made the following story up, but the actual tragedy is that it’s not a joke!

An innocent Black woman (or any woman for that matter) being shot as a result of crossfire would be bad enough, but what happened to her afterward is simply unbelievable! Outrageous! Despicable! But again, as in previous stories, this is how Black people are treated in Brazil! 

The three military officers who rescued ClÁudia da Silva Ferreira, 38, in Morro da Congonha in Madureira, a suburb of Rio, are under arrest, as shown by Bom Dia Rio on Monday (17). The cleaning assistant died after being hit by an alleged stray bullets (in the neck and back) during a police operation in the region. Witnesses reported that ClÁudia was placed in the trunk of the police car to be taken to hospital. However, along the way, the trunk opened and the woman’s body fell the fell out of the trunk, and was dragged down the street. The Military Police (MP) opened an inquiry into the facts and reported that the officers involved were being heard in the morning in Precinct of the Judicial Police and then will be forwarded to the Batalhão Especial Prisional da PM (BEP or Special Prison Battalion of PM).

The Extra newspaper published on Monday (17) a video made ​​by an amateur video maker showing the woman being dragged for about 250 meters. ClÁudia da Silva Ferreira’s body was hanging on the bumper of the vehicle only by a piece of clothing.

“My daughter (referring to his wife) said she was going to buy R$3 of bread and R$3 of bologna, but didn’t have to go,” said ClÁudia’s husband who preferred to remain anonymous out of the fear of Brazil’s notoriously corrupt and vile security force.

ClÁudia Silva Ferreira, 38, was the mother of four children and raised four nephews. The wake was to be held on Monday at the IrajÁ Cemetery. The funeral was scheduled for 1pm.

According to the PM, the police did an operation in the community. There was a shootout with an alleged drug dealers and the cleaning assistant was shot. Soon after, angry residents protested against the police action. Two buses were set on fire.

They blocked Avenida Ministro Edgar Romero (avenue), one of the main streets in Madureira. According to residents, ClÁudia was shot in the chest and head by the police of the 9th Battalion, which went up in the hill shooting.

“The police came in the morning and they came shooting not even giving any orders they came shooting and the shots came all over her. People shouted: it’s a woman, worker, resident and they continued firing,” said one resident.

ClÁudia’s friends complained that MPs took a long time to help her. To them, the victim was not immediately helped after being hit: assistance would only have been rendered after an alleged drug dealer was shot.

“At the time when they came to help her, she didn’t have the injured leg when she was placed in the PM’s car, but when she arrived at the hospital her right leg was eaten raw, we understand that she was dragged somewhere, that was not there, that didn’t have blood marked on the ground, but her leg is in live flesh. They didn’t let anyone go with them, they hardly informed anyone where they were taking her,” said the victim’s friend.

Heartbroken, ClÁudia’s husband lamented the fact that his wife had not been able to realize her dreams. “Extroverted, a true warrior, determined about what she wanted. Unfortunately, her dream could not be realized now, we’re going to try for me to do this, modify the house for her, that she couldn’t, not that she couldn’t, they interrupted her dream,” he said.

Response From The State Terrorists

Brazil Protest Police Death Squad photo

Brazilians protest the murder of ClÁudia da Silva Ferreira by Brazil’s notorious police death squad

In a statement, the Military Police said that ClÁudia da Silva Ferreira was placed in the trunk of the car and on the way to the hospital when the door opened and it was at that time that part of her body ended up being dragged through the street causing more injuries. The command of the MP stated that this type of conduct is not consistent with the core values ​​of the corporation that is the preservation of life and human dignity.

The Military Police also reported that the police found ClÁudia already shot up on the hill.

She also was taken to the Hospital Estadual Carlos Chagas (State Hospital Carlos Chagas), but succumbed to her injuries.

According to the MP, in the operation in Madureira, an alleged drug dealer was killed and another was wounded and arrested. The police allegedly seized four guns, walkie talkies and drugs in the community. The Civil Police will investigate where the shots came from.

For the family, the pain is mixed with indignation. “The feeling is that on the hill, only criminals and marginals live in the favela (slum); insecurity, we are treated like animals,” says a friend of ClÁudia.

ClÁudia’s son said that his mother feared that her children would be shot in confrontation in the community or be confused with traffickers in the region. Everton Ferreira da Silva, 16, said during his mother’s funeral that there is constant exchange of gunfire on the hill.

“She was afraid of police actions in the community. Every day, they [PMs] will come in firing and then see who it is. She wouldn’t let us stay on the street for fear of something happening or them confusing us with traffickers,” he said.

ClÁudia’s brother, Júlio Cesar, said that the woman was placed alive in the MP car. “They [MPs] did it to her. We don’t know what will become of our lives now. There are eight children. Who will take care of them now? The father can’t stop working. What will our lives be like now?” he asked.

“It was disgusting to see that hanging body. They were passing other cars, and the body was banging (on the ground). People on the street were screaming, trying to warn the police, but they didn’t care. They only stopped because of the signal and then, they managed to hear what people were saying. Two officers then descended from the car and put the body back in the car,” said the cameraman.

ClÁudia’s sister, Jussara Ferreira Silva, 39, was shocked when she saw the image of her sister’s body being dragged. Outraged, she wants the police to be punished:

“They think that whoever lives in the community is a criminal. They treat us as if we were  disposable meat. This will not go unpunished. These MPs must answer for what they did.”

Before even knowing what had happened to ClÁudia, relatives had suspicion that something might have happened, as viewed her raw flesh upon arrival at the hospital.

“We found it strange when we saw the body that way. We suspected that it had happened on the way to the hospital,” reported Diego Gomes, 30, ClÁudia’s cousin.

ThaÍs Silva, 18, the victim’s daughter and the first to find her dead, had already complained about the way the 9th Battalion police rescued her: “They dragged my mother as if she was a bag and threw her into the van like an animal, said the revolted young woman.

The victim would have been 20 years married to the Alexandre Fernandes da Silva, 41, in September of this year. Outraged, residents of Morro da Congonha staged protests in the morning and also at night.

NoteI’m sure there are folks who will look at this story, photo and videos who say, “well, the police didn’t know her body had fallen out…they didn’t do it on purpose.” Sorry! The excuse doesn’t fly! First, considering how many Black people have been killed on purpose by Military Police, by “accident” as a result of stray bullets, their “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude toward poor, Black communities and the way they handled the body of this latest victim warrants absolutely NO EXCUSE! These types of incidents are regular occurrences in Brazil. Thus, besides being the constant victims of racisminsults, discrimination in nearly every area of life and exclusion from mainstream media representation, let’s face the facts: Brazil simply doesn’t like its Black people! PERIOD! its time to do something about it.


By: Mariucha Machado, Carolina Heringer, Ligia Modena and Roberta Hoertel









"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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It is perception, not geography that is the problem.  

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