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CW must hate having dropped this show. This is what you get when you use black audiences as a foundation and then go "mainstream"


'The Game' returns huge for BET with 7.7 million viewer
No demo numbers yet, but last night?s return ofThe Game, which was canceled from by CW and resurrected on BET,averaged 7.7 million viewers , and a new series,Let?s Stay Together averaged 4.4 million. The Game?s debut was a record for a scripted premiere on BET. Those are big numbers for any cable network?
update: here?s the press release:
The Season 4 Premiere Telecast ofTHE GAME Ranks As The #1 Ad-Supported Sitcom Telecast In Cable Ever Viewed by 7.7 Million Viewers
The Series Premiere OfLET?S STAY TOGETHER Debuts as the #2 Series In BET History With 4.4 Million Viewers
NEW YORK, NY ?January 12, 2011 ?BET?s scripted night of programming broke ratings records as millions tuned in on Tuesday, January 11 to watch the hour long cable debut ofTHE GAME at 10:00 p.m.* and the series premiere ofLET?S STAY TOGETHER at 11:00 p.m.*THE GAME was the #1 ad-supported sitcom telecast in cable TV history , garnering 7.7 million total viewers according to the Nielsen Company and was the #1 THE GAME telecast on broadcast and cable ever. The premiere also ranks as the #2 telecast in BET historyamong viewers (behind BET AWARDS ?09).

LET?S STAY TOGETHER , a brand new scripted series on the Network, ranked among the top 5 ad-supported sitcom premieres in cable TV history ever and was the #2 series telecast in BET history behind THE GAME , debuting to 4.4 million viewers among 2.7 million households with a 3.0 coverage rating on Tuesday, January 11 at 11:00 p.m.*

?We are thrilled to see our audience respond so well toTHE GAME andLET?S STAY TOGETHER ,? said Debra L. Lee, Chairman and CEO of BET Networks. ?It is clear these two shows are real game changers for the Network and the proven success of last night tells us that our viewers are not only passionate about the types of programming that we offer, but continue to crave on-air programming that reflects and respects our voices.?
?We?re so proud that our scripted night on television performed so well and it is a testament to the incredible casts, executive producers and writers for bothTHE GAME andLET?S STAY TOGETHER ,? said Loretha Jones, President of Original Programming at BET Networks. ?As we look forward to our development pipeline, it?s clear scripted will continue to play an important role in our original programming slate to tell more of our stories that truly resonate with our audience.?
Following BET Networks? successful syndicate acquisition in February 2009, the BET premiere ofTHE GAME picked up where things left off at the end of season three with the show?s main cast? Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez, Brittany Daniel, Pooch Hall, Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson.

In addition to its incredible on-air performance, THE GAME had the highest amount of social media buzz of all other prime-time television shows, according to Trendrr?s Prime-Time Television Activity Chart for Tuesday, January 11, 2011. At one point, commenting onTHE GAME Facebook page averaged 893 likes per minute, and 750 comments per minute, after the question ?What did you think about tonight?s episode?? within the first 28 minutes after the post.THE GAME related topics dominated Twitter with 9 out of the top 10 trending topics 30 minutes into the program. The show also contributed 52% of site page viewson
THE GAME is executive produced by Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil, and Kenny Smith. Salim Akil is the Director of all episodes.
LET?S STAY TOGETHER , a romantic comedy that takes an unconventional look into the lives of five young, ambitious African Americans, centers on a married couple, an engaged couple and a single sister who all take courageous steps as they navigate life, love and matrimony. The fresh, break-out cast includes Bert Belasco, Joyful Drake, Nadine Ellis, Erica Hubbard and RonReaco Lee.
LET?S STAY TOGETHER was created by Jacque Edmonds Cofer, who is also the show?s Executive producer along with, Dana Owens (Queen Latifah) and Shakim Compere.LET?S STAY TOGETHER is a BET Studios Original Production.
*All times EST
Source: The Nielsen Company. Live + Same Day data.
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Brotha Huey wrote:  Doesn't matter, Sweetwuzzy.  BET could at least resurrect "Girlfriends" at least long enough to make a 2hr. made-for-TV movie to properly end the series. 

I agree Brotha Huey...and to think Ms. Johnson had the NERVE to critize Oprah's network for not being DIVERSE enough!  Please   When they sold was almost if they abandoned their black audience[for more mola] which allowed the new owners to do WHAT they want in programming and cared less about HOW it affects us...well that's how I feel anyway.  But!  I'm just sayin

Quote by Huey: "Where did you hear that?  Bob Johnson's ex (co-founder of BET) is criticizing Oprah's OWN network for lack of diversity?"


BET Founder Criticizes Oprah's OWN For Lack Of Diversity But Is BET Any Better?

January 14, 2011]----- The queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey, has recently launched her own cable television network self-titled, OWN. Some heralded this venture as an exciting, innovation on her part, as there are not very many African American owned media outlets. I can only think of BET, which, if I remember correctly, has been sold to Viacom for approx. $3billion, though Founder Robert Johnson retains 52 percent shares in the network.

However critics have come out of the woodwork to point out the many flaws with this new venture. Some have accused Oprah of elitism--of putting NOW out of the reach of strapped cash fans. You see the channel is part of higher priced cable packages.

Not making the network part of the basic cable channels is seen as an affront to a wide range of those fans who had access to her on basic cable throughout the Oprah Winfrey Show years.

Another loud criticism comes from BET founder, Sheila Johnson, who cites lack of diversity in programming and color. Color meaning, not enough African American faces gracing the screen over at OWN.

Oprah has gotten this exact critism at the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Show and through it’s long years on the air, despite being a tremendous success and making the queen of talk, a billionaire.

But is BET’s diversity any better than OWN? Some of you might think I’m crazy to ask such a question, right? After all, BET has only “Black” programming. I know, but having African American programming doesn’t necessarily mean diversity in quality.

We are a multi-faceted people, with myriad talents. We are far from monolithic. So though we have to appreciate our young brothers and sisters in the rap/hip hop/R&B industry--and our young comedians/comic in our comedy shows and sitcoms--too often we are also showcased in buffoonery “reality shows,” videos where ‘hos” and “bitches” do not mean garden tools or female dogs.

We are diverse, and just like some of us are calling on Oprah to give us more than Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Susie Orman and introduce some African American and others "of color"-- intellectuals and professionals, and shows where we are portrayed in a positive light, we want BET to show us a broader, deeper, slice of the African American cultural and intellectual “pie.”

Parade quality across the screen, Bring on more than just actors, rappers, athletes, reality TV personalities. Bring on our doctors, neurosurgeons, authors, astrophysicists, scientists, teachers.

Let our children see all of what they can aspire to be.

Brotha Cholly wrote:  Parade quality across the screen, Bring on more than just actors, rappers, athletes, reality TV personalities. Bring on our doctors, neurosurgeons, authors, astrophysicists, scientists, teachers.

Let our children see all of what they can aspire to be.

   Thank you Brotha Cholly.   The thing is some blackfolks are HATERS....[I expect criticism for whitefolks]....and there's a tinge of jealousy and envy coming from Ms. Thang Johnson.  Cuz as we all know it takes time to grow and get bearings on ANY thing worth it's salt.  They used to criticize Oprah for talking and acting too white and yet she has been one of very few people to donate millions of dollars to worthy causes while the haters keep running their mouths and do absolutely NOTHING!  So I know  it will take a minute for her to launch her network in its she haven't even started good.  Look how long it took BET to get a following.  And what did they DO when they were at their height of popularity? SOLD IT!  And I careless about the 52 percent Johnson hold in the company....the network is still HOODRAT at its best....there's no quality there.  It's like eating bad food at the dinner table....where you can't WAIT to get it over you hide the stuff under your bread.  Well.,.,.,.it's the same with BET!  i.e. bad programming.  And lord knows what this is doing to our young people...who truly DON'T know any better....but!  I'm just sayin


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