The fires are raging in Cali....again.  And the 45 had the nerve to blame the forest people for the fires.  Knowing full well that wild fires are prevalent in Cali.  Have been for years and it is not to human error but to defying mother nature by living in areas like this that are prone to seasonal fires.  This happens to forestry in areas all over the world.  It is mother  natures way of purging the old with the new.  

But surveyors know the risk when they are researching to build housing tracks.  They know it's very risky to build in fire zones like it's risky to build in earthquake zones but they still do it.  Plus it's global warming because it is getting hotter every summer.  My thing is....this is a tragedy.  First the shootings in Newbury Park and a day later in the same area a brewing fire which has expanded out of control.  Where is the empathy from the white house?  These are people lives affected and all one can do is point blame?  This is the new America.  For now.  But!

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Same from me too Koco!! I never in my life have seen a "president" such as Orange Dude and hope I live long enough to never see another one. When his mother took him from the hospital, I think she left his brains behind. They must have come out with the afterbirth.

  Thanks sista Sunnubian.

Fortunately for me the fires are not near where I live.  That was last year.  This year its closer to those RICH white folks who wanted to move sooooooooooo far away from us blackfolks they didn't care that it was in a fire zone.  Plus they have skated for sooooooo many years with no fires.  Now don't get me wrong, there are fire zones all though Cali.  But!  Such arrogance is now paid for with this devastation that could have been avoided....since they  knew that there hadn't been fire in those areas for a long time.  And the biggesst thing:  people were killed.  So I guess last year fires apparently wasn't hint enough for them to be prepared.  And they have the money to get prepared.  One woman, however, was very smart.  When she built her house?  She built it FIRE PROOF!  And her house was the last one standing on the entire block.  Im mainly saddened by all the people killed.  And in some areas there are more than 200 folks missing.  To get an idea....these places are very rural on top of hills/mountains where its difficult to reach overlooking the ocean.  Native American back in the day warned the Europeans that the beauty they see is an inferno danger.  Like Europeans do.....they didn't listen and thought they were higher than God.  Well....who's winning?    Folks have lost their lives and homes over this form of stupidity.  Some places are  just NOT meant for man to dwell on.  Bottom line.  And if he does?  Again....well.  This is, as of yet,  the biggest fire in California's history.  I would change that and say this is most stupidest idea [to live in fire areas] California's history.    And the price paid?  Is more than money.  Will they ever learn?  ah...hell no.   It will be another year.  But!

  Thanks Sista Norland!

Im okay.  Feel sorry for the folks who lost loved ones and their homes.  Having your own is a BIG deal.  Especially when you think about the people attempting to get to America on foot.  And you're right.  Trump's brain was thrown out with the afterbirth cuz he keeps saying stupid ass shyte.  About his own Americans.  He is supposed to represent all of us.  I have NEVER in my life seen a president so disrespectful of the people he is supposed to serve.  Now he's talking about the elections being rigged.  And that people were changing clothes and coming back to vote again.  I mean he will say ANYTHING to throw people off.  To get them not look at the Mueller's case.  A sloppy distraction cuz you can see right through what he's attempting to do. 

Hope folks who voted for  him are proud.  Cuz in the midst of people dying in fires, running from fires, losing their homes in fires....all he can think to say is:  the forest people didn't do their job.  WTF!!!!  He has no empathy for ANYBODY.  That's why folks are bailing out of the white house in droves.  And his base is getting closer to realizing that Russia had a lot to with Trump before and after he became president.  Right now Trumps has questions he has to answer in Mueller's case.  So through all what Americans are going through with the elections, weather patterns and would think he settle down and become human.  But no.  He just got started.  He really doesn't understand he is an old man and don't have to much longer to raise hell.  I think he thinks he's peter pan.  And once Sanders leave...cuz she's going...I can tell by the haggard look on her face....once she goes?  The white gonna collapse.  Because all he will have left is Conway....and her husband has made it clear what side he's on.  And she is not gonna leave her husband for Trump.  So we will see what happens next.  Oh I think cuz Stormy Daniel's attorney has been arrested for domestic violence, Trump thinks he got control over the lawsuit cuz dude's accused.  But I think more fallout is acoming.  And Avenatti's arrest is merely a smoke screen to distract. Will know soon if that's true.   But!  

I like Avenatti and would vote for him in a nanosecond if he ran for something. He's my kind of no-nonsense guy. I'd vote for Comey if he ran for something.

Trump is nothing but Hitler II/Jim Jones II. People follow these people straight to their demise. He's going to California today. He'd be the LAST person I'd want to see if I lived there.

I wonder when these fires hit these people scared and hateful of blacks; do they yell "I hate Niggers" or do they say "God help me please!" I'll bet it's the latter.  If those fires hit them right, they'll never see anything again: Nigger or anything Bigger!! It'll be all over. White people need JESUS and they need Him big time!!

Take care Koco!! Glad you're safe as of now. You know how "we" do!! Will get in touch later!!

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