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Originally posted by sergeant:

But anti-discrimination laws are one thing, and affirm action is another. No?

You're not getting the point. If there was no discrimination, there would be no AA. It's really that simple. Let's be clear, I don't like AA just for the sake of it. AA is needed because there is unlawful discrimination. Believe me, I have far more reason to oppose AA than you do. Ideology is one thing, life is another!

Yes there are anti-discrimination laws. The fact is that whites don't follow the law. As a result, there need to be programs and policies to further "guide" their behavior.

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Mandela

I'm disappointed. I thought you were one who wasn't afraid to go Toe-To-Toe, Blow-For-Blow...
Instead of addressing my APPLE Analogy nor have you began to illustrate how AA is similar to Segregation.

I guess I should get use to your COWARDICE. You have shown it to me soooooooo many times already. Admit it! You are a hopeless IDEOLOGUE who could care less about right and wrong... You just want what's "right" for your party and your way of thinking.

ALL you do is advocate for your political affiliation... no more, no less...

YOU, like so many others, have been EXPOSED for the fraud that you are... A Big LYING, Contradicting yourself, backing away from your statements, injecting you confusion and calling it what somebody else said, making arguments that aren't there... FRAUD!!!

Most everyone knows this rhetoric revolving around "colorblindness" is bogus. Most consider it political posturing. But I am yet to get where you come from, and I've read your posts repeatedly. The most consistent thing I read from you is your insistent use of "gubment" like is a characteristic of African Americans different from you. I'll keep reading.

I am intrigued by this you said: "Colorblindness in law was implemented a long time ago." Would you please cite the law(s) that make this true? I mean of course the laws that assure the practice. The Civil Rights Law of 1964 comes to mind of course. But we know that left a gapping hole in the supposed equality of American Society. Is/Are there other, better examples?


Jim Chester


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