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I had to return to apologize.  I was a bit harsh in my response to you and for that I apologize. Had a long day. Kinda tired...but!  I came back to let you know that we here at AA.org welcome new members with enthusiasm and delight.  We are always open to diversity in opinion, thoughts and wisdom.  So welcome.  And.....no my sista, I wasn't referring to you...not at all. But!  Folks know who though.  Don't yall?


Just so you know there are a lot of strong personalities on this board.  So don't be discouraged. And please whatever you do...don't take it to heart. If you look through our board's history, you will see we fight all the time here.  You just have to get use to how each of us express ourselves.  A lot times its war of communication...and every battle is different depending on the topic.  You will also find folks here are extremely stubborn in their convictions about their truth.   However, we say what we have to say...sometimes it's pretty many times it can get kinda ugly. But the rewards are thought provoking and poignant....and you learn a lot.  I learn everyday.  


So...just as I say to others I'll say to you... continue to STAND IN YOUR TRUTH. Be your brilliant self.  Do your thang my sista.  Put anything you want on this AA.org discussion table. Cuz we need "fresh" variety up in here.  But most importantly KNOW what you say matters-scream your voice.  Even if there are those who may disagree with how it sounds. Just remember...sharing perspectives are all a part of life lessons...the good and the bad.  But!

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 @ Brotha Jalil......please whatever YOU do?  Don't be dissuade.  Continue to stand in YOUR truth.  There is a history on this board of those who think they KNOW it all but not enough to HELP their own people. They will fight tooth and nail to tell both massa versions of the truth regarding slavery.  And will insult any black person who think outside of that.  Sound familiar? 


I've been on this board for several years and have fought and debated with almost everyone who arrogantly TRIED to dismiss my knowledge to grand stand their own as if somehow someway theirs was FACT and mine conjecture but it NEVER stopped me nor will it ever stop me for THINKING for myself no matter how many LINKS they provide to susbstantiate[sp]   their version of the truth...cuz those links?  Are in fact someone else's version, OPINION, conjecture.....and not evidence or fact. 


These folks will continue to DISRESPECT you and try to minimize your knowledge just like massa has taught them,   There is a word back in the day to define such behavior.  Pleassssssssssse don't  give these FOOLS that power.  Your graciousness inspires me cuz unlike them you give them much respect....they REALLY don't deserve?   They are brainwashed bullies and egocentrics who have a blind eye to the truth.  This conditioning causes them to not being able to recognize the [authentic] truth if it SLAPPED them right in the face.  Testimony is how they can ignore the suffering of black people today.   


As I stated many times, my father was a Black Muslim, my mom a Christian. So you can image the various information and heated arguments that were thrown against the wall in that household regarding whose God is the real God and etc and why we were in slavery.  So I'm used to this sort of self-destruction campaign of distraction from black people. Again...please don't let 'em wear you down. Cuz they will try.  Please know that it is NOTHING more than a smoke screen.  


 As you can see with me?  I don't give damn what they say.  Cuz its just lip service and is testimony that we as black people will continue to believe in the primitive mindset that has kept us in mental bondage for thousands of years. Some of these folks will continue to fight for massa and NOT their own people.  And really?  There's something very troubling about that....but!  Thank God there are black people over the centuries who thought outside of massas' slave book and demanded and got FREEDOM.  If we are to listen to fools like this?  We all would still be slaves.  


So in closing my brotha I want to welcome you and your stimulating point of view to the board-it's like a breath of fresh air.  We need more new ideas and perspectives up in this camp.  Cuz it's gettin old listening to the same old backward azz dogma that continues to keep black people in Africa.....slaves and captives in their own continent.  But!   

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Thanks for reaching out, Sista Kocolicious. Been working night and day on projects. Got to stand in one’s own truth! Yes!. Amen.

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