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Well, everyone has their own style. I just wanted to show off the African style. These are true treasures to hold up in a display case. My personal favorite is the African wristbands and how they lay flat and so pretty
is so amazing.

First, The African Ndebele Rasta Dolls comes from
the South African. THe Ndebele Rasta Doll
covered in various colors and small beads
around the doll and on the face. The Rasta
doll has long dreadlock hair (which I call
love locs I heard from a book) and gold rings
around her neck.

The Ndebele Rasta Doll is highly sought after
and was started off as a young girls today.


Second, the African Zulu Beaded Wrist Band is uniquely beautiful.
A set of 5 Zulu beaded wrist bands each set with small
colorful Zulu beads. These are considered a very popular
type of bracelet. It is commonly worn by the Zulu woman
and can be handcrafted in a variety of color and patterns.


Third, the African Beaded Wire Gecko Key Ring
is a gorgeous African beaded key ring that has been
crafted with colorful Zulu Beads to form a African gecko
image. The Gecko key ring began in SOuth Africa and
was made by a Zulu carver.
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