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"White people are rich. They clap at anything."

Interesting concept. This says white people don't care what we do. What matters is if it makes money.

I was busy doing the R Kelly show. I heard "if she didn't want to be peed on, she should get out of the way" a zillion times. Clearly that is the message Aaron wants to share regarding the case.

Hope the use of the word nigga is reduced. Right now its in almost every sentence!
actually, i think that he was trying to point out the absurdity of black logic when we are trying to rally around a black star who is clearly jacked up. we make all kinds of excuses to absolve someone we like. i think nigga is mentioned so much in the tradition of chris rock. he made it very clear what the difference is between black people and niggas. the use of the word illustrates how often we as black folks act like niggas. nigga=ignorant.
I love the boondocks! For those of you who love it too great, for everybody else check this...

Black folks learn how to give black folks some credit where credit is due... please!!!

Comic strip, cartoon, all of it - the Boondocks is great. I don't get black folks who don't get it. Has no one ever heard of a satire? If not,look it up. If folks take the time to understand Aaron and his politics, perhaps more black people would understand his goal is Not to be offensive, it's to be so extreme that we have no choice but to see the irony, ridiculusness, and stupidity in many of our culturally backwards ways. It's supposed to be extreme. The overuse of the word nigga among other things, is his way of making it so out there that you can't not get it. You can't not get why a "Nigga Moment" is both humorous, but more importantly the downfall of many black men. You can't not get how even though the old dude is clearly a self hater to the fullest, the black folks have to stay together, unite with both their good and their bad parts, and stop being so touchy when it comes to airing our dirty laundry. If we spent less time complaining and more time on collective upliftment, perhaps the Boondocks wouldn't have so much material. Short of UPN9, BET, and BUSH Aaron's best content comes from his amazing ability to target our flaws as a race in a way that is painfully amusing. Get all his books, read all his daily strips and then tell me he could do alot better. Because as far as I am concerned Aaron is always at his best. Short of Fat Albert and the Gang, we have yet to see consistent black syndicated cartoons, and none with this degree of political rawness and animated quality. I want to hear more folks not only see the humor in it, but respect this dude for being orginal and accomplishing something that will intellectually stimulate, frustrate, and insight debate about black folks among black folks for as long as its around! He's young, gifted and black ... and that's all I got to say about that.

Boondocks Fan For Life

support black animation and comic strips

For some reason, I actually enjoy the show a bit more than the comic strip. The strip was funny, but it seems funnier to actually hear them say the stuff vocally.

As for the excessive liberal usage of the word "Nigga" in the show, I think Aaron McGruder is trying to show us how ugly the word is when used so loosely. It's not a word to be taken lightly.

That episode with the blind dude was just TOO funny! laugh His usage of "nigga" cracked me up because he kept saying it something like, "Nigguh!" or "Nookuh!"

"I can smell the bitch in you, bitch-ass nookuh!" lol
Originally posted by DivineJoy:
Last weeks show...

Nigga, nigga, nigga, old nigga, blind nigga, young nigga, lying nigga, drunk nigga, dead nigga.

I'm nigga-ed out. Mad

Seriously, the word nigga was used at least 100 times. Is Aaron trying to tell us something?

I take it you have never kicked it around a basketball court. LOL

Where you here what's up my nigga?, Nigga you fouled me, yo nigga, ay nigga, get off the court nigga, etc

That word is so entrenched in African American vocabularies you would have to hold people at gunpoint to keep them from using it. Scratch that as shown in the blind man episode that won't work either LOL
Episode 5 is a GREAT episode. The best show so far.

************ SPOILERS ***********

White guys (America) stealing from a store (oil)...
Blaming the owners (Middle East), and make them out to look like terrorists.
Black people (innocent bystanders, riding with the white guys) on the sideline watching, saying "He doesn't have a gun".
Cheered by the crowd outside, misinformed to what happened, screaming "USA! USA!"

Also, the part of the Black man fearing anal sex all his life, being tricked by the police to confess a crime he didn't commit. Showing this man being law abiding and still getting railroaded in the system.

Aaron is speaking volumes. Red Face
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Boondocks is now in the cash flow of mainstream America.

We will have to learn to live with it.

So was 'Amos 'n Andy'.

Both shows make me laugh. In fact, we laughed for years.

We ultimately rejected that show.

That will not happen with 'Boondocks' until society turns it against us.

By the way, what is the difference with McGruder's words and Cosby's words?

Is there a 'bright-line' difference?


Jim Chester
Tonight's episode was a repeat - Reality

"I mean, everything we see is a false reality. It's like Big Brother, The Matrix, whatever you want to call it. While we're watching each other, they're watching us. All the time..."

"Obi Won Kenobi once said, Your eyes can decieve you. Don't trust them. It seems to be getting harder to distinguish reality from the illusions people make for us. Or from the ones we make for ourselves. I don't know. Maybe that's part of the plan. To make me think I'm crazy. It's working." - Huey
Hey all, if you have watched The Boondocks cartoon this past season, I need your help for a research project for school. Please answer five simple questions for me. You can email your responses to me directly instead of posting them to the board ( Drop me a line back as soon as you can. I'd really appreciate your thoughts. You will help me out a great deal.

1. There were 15 original episodes in this first season '05-'06. How many different episodes have you watched?

2. Which episode(s) did you like the most? Why?

3. What is your overall impression of the show? Include what you think about it's use of language - the 'n' word, etc. (Please be as honest and specific as possible.)

4. If you were describing The Boondocks to a friend who had never seen or heard about the show, what would you say?

5. What is your age? (not required, but would be very helpful to know)

Loved the MLK episode. And the story of Gangstalicious was nuts!

I watched the Passion of Ruckus at Uncle Ruckus is a mess!

I like how the show is so nuanced. MacGruder likes to use actual dialogue and scenes from other movies. And I'm really curious about the name "Wuncler". We know Gin Rummy is the cartoon version of Donald Rumsfeld, and Ed Wuncler is allegedly the cartoon version of Bush Sr. But, why the name Wuncler?
Originally posted by Santana St. Cloud:
Loved the MLK episode. And the story of Gangstalicious was nuts!

I watched the Passion of Ruckus at Uncle Ruckus is a mess!

I like how the show is so nuanced. MacGruder likes to use actual dialogue and scenes from other movies. And I'm really curious about the name "Wuncler". We know Gin Rummy is the cartoon version of Donald Rumsfeld, and Ed Wuncler is allegedly the cartoon version of Bush Sr. But, why the name Wuncler?

This may be a stretch, but I think that Wuncler is a derivative of the character Once-ler from Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax." Once-ler was a super-rich guy/industrialist who squandered all the resources of the forest home of the Lorax, mostly by sawing down the forest trees to make billions of dollars, only to turn it into a barren wasteland. Strange that the book was written 20 years before people started talking about the deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest, huh? In fact, some schools and libraries have banned "The Lorax" in cities where the lumberyards make the major supply of income in those areas, due to its supposed environmental message.
I didn't read "The Lorax" but I just looked it up. I think you're onto something, Huey! When you break it down like that, it doesn't seem like so big a stretch. Smile

I said I liked the nuances of the show. The name Wuncler seemed odd; I felt there was a reference there, but to what, I didn't know. I'm not that sophisticated to have picked up on "The Lorax" thing.

Guess Dr. Seuss was thinking green before it became chic to do so. Big Grin

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