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I'm thinking about
how much I love that site Blacked
out by whitewash since it informs
and thoroughly explains
the acheivements of Black people
in the best way. So I took it to
another level. I typed "Blacked
out through whitewash" and it
listed a bunch of sites.

I stumbled upon a site that
has the book "Blacked out through
Whitewash". I checked more than
the one site for the different
prices. This book has so many pages
as I noticed from the site.
The fun just goes on and on I know.
I'm going to get it asap.

But yes it tells about Egyptians
being black, Jesus being black
and way more than that about
the great achievements of
black people.

Get the dvd Blacked out through Whitewash
for a low price here:

Here is the book Blacked out through whitewash
on this url:

Find a list of prices for this book
Blacked out through whitewash here:
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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