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The black panthers local chapter is coming to my school to speak on thursday and i am extremely excited. tfro I feel a little ignorant because i didn't even know they still existed at least not in an organized form anymore. I am interested to know why they are coming to speak at my school seeing as though the school is a predominately white school with a verrrrrry small black pop. You should have seen the white students faces in class today when the teacher announced it and asked if it would be okay they looked terrified! Big Grin-i sense that shit is gonna hit the fan come thursday afternoon! sck
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MSPrettygirl, you must let us know how the event went. I know a few years ago about 13 years, Kwame Toure (aka Stokely Caramichael) came to my college to lecture. And boy did those white folks give him a hard time! But he handled his. Surprisingly quite a few of our those who gave him the hardest time were the Jews, which were a significant population at our school. Makes you say....HHHHMMMM
We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society

This is one of the things they said. They were both long time members of the party back from the 70's until the present. Here is two links about one of the men who spoke:

He served 30+ years(the articles i think state a diff. amount of time though) in two of the most notorious prisons in louisiana for a crime he didn't commit and joined the party while in prison.

The other speaker was the head of security for the Louisiana chapter of the black panthers in their hay day (the 60's and 70's). He talked about the background and founding of the movement in louisiana specifically new orleans. He talked about a famous shoot-out between the panthers and the NOPD that most blacks here know about but you all may not know about. Basically the panthers had set up their headquarters in the desire housing development (a.k.a the projects) and the NOPD had sent spies to infiltrate the group. the panthers found out about the undercovers presence and exposed them to the community at one of their weekly town meetings/block parties. They held the men in custody for a hour and a half and let them go they ran to a neighborhood grocery store that the NOPD and the FBI used as a satelitte station to spy on the panthers in the projects as people chased them with bottles, sticks and rocks. The police that were already at the store came out firing at everyone-men, women and children who were basically unarmed and one man was killed. Subsequently after that the black panthers that had set up camp there barricaded themselves into their apt./headquarters and prepared for a war. The police attacked their house and a shoot out ensued where the panthers returned fire. There were 11 panthers against approx. 150 police and fbi agents no one was hurt or injured from the panthers. After that they were held in jail for a year before they could receive a trial and after the trial some were set free and some never got out.

The thing that dissappointed me was that the white students seemed genuiely more interested in the presentation than those of us black students.They have done alot for the black community in new orleans and the surrounding areas.I don't condone or condemn the black panther party for the most part i agree with some of their ideologies but not always there methods of trying to carry them out. my grandpa was a panther till the day he died but he didn't talk about it and it was really hush hush in the family.

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