The Biggest Forms Of Psychological Warfare Used Against Black People

The Biggest Forms Of Psychological Warfare Used Against Black People
Blacks are deliberately fed negative images of themselves

AFRICANGLOBE – The System has declared psychological warfare against us and many of us are very unaware and ignorantly blind to the psychological warfare that is being constantly used against us.

An excerpt that I’m using from a previous article that I wrote: “One of the rules of psychological warfare is when you want to control a group of people, you control certain messages that come out so that those group of people won’t be fully awakened by what has been done to them and we’re the biggest victims of psychological warfare.”

Intro: Here are the biggest forms of psychological warfare The System uses against Black people in America;

1. The Mainstream Media – The stereotypes Black men in America are often portrayed as are gangstas, thugs, criminals, trappers (aka drug dealers), d-boys, super-predators, slaves, athletes, entertainers, drag queens, violent, hyper-masculine, and also as swirlers (aka Black men w/ Becky). The main reason why they portray us as those stereotypes is because mainstream America has always hated seeing us in a very positive light whether it be The Cosby Show or A Different World.

They blindly fail to see that we are much more than their negative stereotypes of us because many of us are attorneys, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, doctors, psychologists, teachers, scholars, dentists, neurosurgeons, and builders, etc.

The negative stereotypes that Black women in America are often portrayed as are hypersexualized jezebels, mammies, baby mamas, welfare queens, side chicks, angry, bitchy, ghetto, ratchet, ugly, messy, and violent. The reason why mainstream America only shows those negative stereotypes of Black women because they love seeing Black women act very ignorant and destructive towards one another just to get money and ratings and it’s just sickening to me.

But I know personally that Black women are much more than the negative and destructive stereotypes the mainstream media loves to portay them as. The Black women that I personally know are attorneys, business owners, entrepreneurs, hair stylists, builders, investors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.

2.Corporate Sponsored Bastardized Urban Music – When these big racist corporations like Clear Channel and Coxare force feeding this mindless poison on to our kids, particularly our young boys every single day, they are brainwashing them to act and think in a certain way that is consistent with negative stereotypes they like to portray of us. They wouldn’t psychologically sprinkle that poison on their kids, but they’ll do it to our kids in a minute.

The seven ways in which young Black men in particular are psychologically poisoned by this corporate sponsored bastardized music that is constantly played on corporate radio stations is;


1) To stay high and drunk as much as possible.

2)Cannot under any circumstances respect women, particularly Black women.

3)Go out and shoot another Black man.

4)Engage in criminal activity like slinging rocks (aka selling crack) on the corner to make it “cool” to go to The Pen.

5)Have sex with every woman that approaches from within 50 feet.

6)Engage in conspicuous consumption.

7) Lie to people about what you did in your past and lie about your lifestyle.

3.Religion – I’m not a religious person, I identify myself as a spiritualist because I have not only researched the historical harms that religion has done to our people. Here are excerpts from an article I wrote many months ago


“Religion is nothing but a weapon The System uses to incite fear, hatred, racism, & violence against others & establish control over the masses.



Religion was forced on our ancestors during the days of slavery as a way to control slaves & by turning them into cheek turners & pacifists.


And KKK represents extreme radical right-wing Christian domestic terrorists.


Another problem that I have with religion is that the business called The Church financially exploits 420 billion out of the Black community & goes into non-Black banks that won’t even offer them business loans in America each year.

And then you got these pimp pastors like TD Jakes, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, & many others who are financially exploiting their congregation by funding their “lavish lifestyle” fantasy that they’re living.

These are the same Black people that love to spew these poisonous, toxic, & self-destructive religious fairy tales in your face, but when you ask them if they knew how religion was created & copied, they can’t tell you that though. It shows how deep the psychological poison has been detrimental to our community.

Religion is very detrimental to the advancement, empowerment, & progression as a community. It’s also one of the biggest weapons The Enemy uses to keep many Blacks in America mentally enslaved to it

The Conclusion – Three of the best ways to counter the psychological warfare that is used against us is to

1) take back control of our images

2) keep your kids away from that corporate sponsored bastardized music they’re constantly force fed everyday

3) cut the cable tel-lie-vision OFF!!!

By: Joe Davis











"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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Part of the problem is that our senses are not pinched and reduced. Is their envy our 'problem'?  We are too alive and dynamic, graceful, sensual, strong, deep feeling and downright cool. Is that our 'problem'?   They’d rather hate us than appreciate our grandeur. And guess what –  the author systemically bought in too -  even if we are NOT attorneys, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, doctors, psychologists, teachers, scholars, dentists, neurosurgeons, and builders, that doesn’t make any one of us into a stereotype.

Not big on the church but Gospel, yes. That would be here without the brand-name Christian church. Why? Because we have been the spiritual leaders of the US. No other race produced an MLK who advocated for equality. He proved that (Trump loving) whites embrace hatred over high moral values. American tragedy and ruination to this very day!

  I agree.  And take those high tech phones away and replace them with track/gps phones with restricted features.  No computers unless for homework.  Definitely no social media.  Young people need to know how to engage socially face to face- how to be around other folks who's different.  Cuz the lack of communication (or the inability to communicate effectively) is what's causing the distraction in our youth-which by the way increases cultural violence in high risked neighborhoods.  So we have to take those devices away at an early age and limit computer use by treating it as a tool for academic development-not a necessity to live life. Cuz once these gadgets are gone, young people can  developmentally focus which allows critical thinking to manifest. This important transitional process  will help them to understand what's going on around them in real time with the ability to respond to it cognitively.  Instead of being  robotic zombies with button reflex.  However,  I am so glad to see self-appointed mentors out there stepping up-talking to the youngins.   Cuz many of em  are hypnotized by all these psychological see it in billboards, in movies, commercial, music..and all the gadgets.  Kids don't know how to navigate through all of that.  So we must take control and teach them.  However way we can.  It's the only way.  We can start by making sure any child in our presence can read.  But!

"Religion is very detrimental to the advancement, empowerment, & progression as a community. It’s also one of the biggest weapons The Enemy uses to keep many Blacks in America mentally enslaved to it"



I'm posting this for no reason at all....


Black pastors rally in Washington for AG nominee Jeff Sessions

Guy King, Medill News ServicePublished 5:20 p.m. ET Jan. 9, 2017 | Updated 3 hours ago

President-elect Trump has picked Sen. Jeff Sessions to be U.S. Attorney General. Here's what you need to know about the Alabama senator. USA TODAY NETWORK

WASHINGTON — A group of black pastors Monday criticized African-American opponents of attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions for demonizing the Alabama Republican, instead characterizing him as someone who shows “respect and care for people of all races.”

The ministers are holdout Sessions supporters in a much larger crowd of opponents among Southern black clergy and African-American and civil rights groups, including the North Carolina Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Alabama NAACP and the activist group PICO, which uses congregations and churches to help in community organizing.

“There is an attempt by some to demonize people and call them racist when there is actually no proof for it,” Evangelical Bishop Harry Jackson said at a Capitol Hill news conference. “Let me say clearly, Sen. Sessions is not a racist.”

Jackson, the pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Md., said Sessions “worked to bankrupt the KKK in Alabama with a $7 million judgment,” and helped to desegregate the state’s public school system.

But clergy who are leaders of the African-American organizing group PICO, sent a different message Monday to the Senate Judiciary Committee that will consider whether to recommend confirmation of Sessions by the full Senate. The committee will hear from Sessions on Tuesday.



Desmond Meade, president of the civil rights group Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, said Sessions has not shown a strong commitment to racial equality or social justice.

“When you talk about the position of attorney general of the United States, that is an extremely powerful position, and I think it is prudent to scrutinize any individual being considered,” Meade said. “I don’t think that is a form of racism, and I’m weary of anyone that doesn’t have a sustained history of campaigning for civil rights. [Sessions] has not demonstrated a strong commitment to the restoration of civil rights.”

In 1986, Sessions was denied a federal judgeship after allegations of racism in his decisions as a U.S. attorney in Alabama. At least one former colleague testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Sessions supported the Ku Klux Klanuntil he realized its members used marijuana.


The NAACP has called the selection of Sen. Jeff Sessions 'deeply troubling.' Video provided by Newsy Newslook

“One of the most important factors [in confirming a nominee] in my opinion, is to have an open and honest process,” says Dr. William Merritt, North Carolina Southern Christian Leadership Conference state field director. “That gives any individual the right to present themselves in the manner that qualifies them for their job.”

African Americans have to stop allowing other people to control our narrative.

African Americans have to stop allowing sold-out, ignorant, apathetic, selfish, and money-hungry Black people to have a platform to give other people the power to control our narrative, by continually playing the most racist conceived stereotypical roles of African Americans in movies, on t.v. shows, and in Rap Videos, et. al.

African Americans need to stop supporting the multi-trillion dollar "Rap" Industry that has been corrupted and used as racist propaganda machine against the image of African Americans/the Black race, and as a tool to brainwash and socially condition at least two generations of young Black children, teens and youth into believing the most ignorant and the most dangerous, and the most SELF-DEFEATING stereotypes that "Rap" promotes is their reality; is who they actually are; and/or is the only thing they can aspire to be in life.  

  This is why a pastor/preacher/priest/bishop can't TELL me shyte.  Sorry.  I can read.  I can comprehend what I read.  And I don't need any of em to speak for God.  To me?  They are nothing but coon traitors of the worse kind.  All this violence we're going through and they have the NERVE to rally around this racist?  WTF?!!!!   Their congregation....every last one of em.... should leave their churches and STOP supporting them.  Bottom line.  It is clear what these so-called religious leaders priorities ain't black folks.  They make me shame to be black.  Coons all of em.  Pitiful!!!   BTW:  If black people follow these coons lead....then they haven't learned a damn thang about house n%ggers-which is what these fools are.  But!

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