Oh no.She and me have become the worst of enemies.Just because of a few mistakes after that ,she refuses
to at least give me some face due to our previous close friendship.She really hates me and although I tried chatting it out on the internet,she cursed me dreadfully and I cursed
likewise.It was awful.It went on for 2 hours. And she has totally denied that we got along and even refuses to acknowledge that I was there for her when she was in an extremely difficult emotional situation.

She might even be planning my downfall in a way.What an unbeatable "opponent" I have. She can hate me because she's not attracted to me.But I can't even think logically because I have a weakness for her.The spunky coloured hair,the beauty and the smooth skin.

Please,my life has been such a drama all this time.But if my life has come to such a stage like a dramatic novel, I WANT OUT! Frown Mad
Plus I can't even relate to to novels even
since there's no such plot where the hero has to take on the heroine suddenly turned EVIL.

This is more than I can bear.I hope this isn't too much to ask,but could anyone here please pray for me so that I can have emotional strength?
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