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Arab ruins (graves)
The Arabs worked the slave trade in East Africa. They were the first outsiders to settle in Bagamoyo. The town was the exit terminal for the slave caravans from the area around Lake Tanganyika, far inside the country ... a three month trek. Livingstone began his travels here too. He estimated that 10 slaves died for every one that made it to Bagamoyo.


IMHO--Historically/Spiritually--Islam, has been just as much a cult of control as the Arabs themselves...


The Arab Slave Trade is the longest yet least discussed of the two major trades. It began in the 7th century AD as Arabs and other Asians poured into Northern and Eastern Africa under the banner of Islam, either converting or subjugating the African societies they came upon. In the beginning there was some level of mutual respect between the Blacks and the more Caucasian-[Semitic] Arabs. Mihdja, a Black man, is said to be the first Muslim killed in battle while another, Bilal, is regarded as a "third of the faith." Dhu'l-Nun al-Misri, born in Upper Egypt near Sudan, is regarded as the founder of Sufism. Today Sufism's greatest stronghold is in Southern Egypt and Sudan. Islamic prosperity was based upon Black as well as Arabic genius.

"...The children of a stinking Nubian
black---God put no light in their complexion..." -- Arab Poet, late 600AD

But as Islamic prosperity grew, so did an air of hostility towards many Blacks, Muslims or otherwise. Some Arabs complained about having to work next to Blacks in high positions. After the Prophet's death, even the descendants of Bilal received negative treatment. Arabic writings became laced with anti-Black sentiment. This reaction of Blacks at the time to this can be seen in the writings of a contemporary 9th Century Black scholar in residence at Baghdad by the name of Abu 'Uthman' Amr Ibn Bahr Al-Jahiz. Al-Jahiz, to confront a growing tide of anti-black sentiment in the Muslim world, published a highly controversial work at the time titled, Kitab Fakhr As-Sudan 'Ala Al-Bidan, "The Book of Glory of the Blacks over the Whites." Al-Jahiz in his work contended that even the Prophet Mohammad's father may have been of African lineage.

These new attitudes towards Blacks by Arabs marked the beginning of African enslavement. Though not based solely on race, the Arab Slave Trade did focus heavily upon Africans whom Arabs now saw as inferior to themselves. At first these Arabs raided African villages themselves seeking humans for sale. This not being always successful, they soon enlisted the aid of fellow African Muslims or recently converted Blacks.

Wrapping themselves within Islam, these converts rationalized the slavery of their non Muslim brethren as the selling of "unbelievers."

At other times the Arabs would demand tribute in the form of human bodies from Africans weary of the fight against Arabic-Islamic incursions.

"...The Arabs took advantage of regional wars in Africa to buy captives from the victor. They also used the old divide-and-conquer technique. They worked one group against the other and took or killed the best and strongest..." --
S.E. Anderson, The Black Holocaust for Beginners

Slave Raids/Markets
After surviving the torturous ride aboard the Arab slave ships, Africans were taken to the slave markets. Here Muslim men would inspect their intended purchases. Women and young girls were degradingly probed by these men in public or private stalls to test their sexual worth. Those that did not survive their time in these markets were left out to rot. It is said that that hyenas, very numerous in the region, "gorged themselves on human flesh..."

Concubines and Eunuchs
The Eastern Slave Trade dealt primarily with African women: a ratio of two women for each man. These women and young girls were used by Arabs and other Asians as concubines. Filling the harems of wealthy Arabs, they often bore them a host of children. This sexual abuse of African women would continue for nearly 1200 years.

The Eastern Slave Trade also dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves: Aghas or eunuchs. Used as guards and tutors, these slaves were central to familial peace, protection and order in many wealthy Muslim households. Eunuchs were created by completely amputating the scrotum and penis of 8-to-12-year-old African boys. Hundreds of thousands of young boys may have been subjected to this genital mutilation. Many bled to death during the gory procedure. The survival rate of this process ranged from 1 in 10 to 1 in 30.

The Numbers
Due to the enormous length of the Arab Slave Trade, from 700 to 1911AD, it is impossible to be certain of the numbers of Africans sold in this system. Estimates place the numbers somewhere around 14 million: at least 9.6 million African women and 4.4 African men.

It has been estimated that in all, at least 14 to 20 MILLION African men, women and children died throughout this trade.


Semitic--this is a made up 'word' of F.W. Edwards[i.e. an anthropologist] that was wholly accepted in "a private letter to Amedee Thierry"[i.e. a Jew] in 1829.

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."


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I really try not to comment on stuff like this....

I like to leave this to those who like to argue fine points with people whose minds are already made up.....

but for some god forsaken reason....

I would like to say.....

Islam is to Arabs....


Righteousness is to Christ....

the principles and the values may have been brought through this particular medium but are by no means limited to its expression....

and gravely misunderstood if one's perspective rests on the messenger and not the message....

Heard on a TV special many A-rabs in America are Christians. They may not be in our neighborhood as peddlers but should they start asking for redemption by highligting these PAST SINS even though they are not officially acknowledging the teachings of the Koran and proclaiming Islam as a way of life and that may have been their STUBBORN not so distant ancestor?
Interesting DE!

Q. So does this mean that maybe they've taken on the character of "the Grandees" --

"...#21. The Grandees, "the money managers of Spain, mostly Sephardic Jews," financed the Afrikan Holocaust, "the greatest single crime in the world" against a people. Over 100 million human beings died during this Holocaust. Many Jews converted to Catholicism. They practiced Catholicism by day and Judaism by night. They were called the Marranos or the "silent Jews...."
Dr. Kwame Nantambu
June 2001

A. They practice what they really feel behind closed doors.
Originally posted by Fine:
Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion...but the fact is...

X-tianity is a control cult as well...with the Koran and Bible in tow...

Thank you for this most enlightening discussion.

I believe that the history of the Arab slave trade is not well discussed. I have spoken to Arabs who approve of it today.

If Prince Bandar was at a BBQ in the neighborhood of 63rd & Cottage, Southside of Chicago, dressed like an "African American", would he look any different than the people who live there?

I thought of him because he is your complexion and has a similar grade of hair.

Also, I notice that your signature is a quote from Malcolm X. By this we would tend to believe that you may agree with Malcolm's views. Malcolm, first and foremost, claimed to be a Muslim. Malcolm was a very light skinned Black man, closer to white than Black. Perhaps this "who is Black enough talk" is not well placed. However, you may wish to consider a Pan-Africanist quote; one not influenced by, or claiming Islam, if you are going to denegrate Islam. This makes you look confused.

So, Arab is spelled Alif (first) Ra-Alif-Ba (Rabb {teacher/Lord or Nourisher}). It literally means the first teacher. Just because a man speaks Chinese, doesn't make him Oriental. Just because we can no longer speak Arabia, does not mean we are not the original Arab.

Let's have some constructive talk.

Thank you.
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I knew, unfortunately, that some would come on board and defend this based upon their religious beliefs. In that aspect, they are just as bad as black Christians who defend everything that white Christians do. The majority of people who look stereotypically "Arab" and don't claim Arab descent that were born in this country within the last 100 years are that way because of the mixing of different phenotypes, blacks, native Americans from north and south America, whites and some asians.
The fact remains that Arabs participated wholeheartedly in the slave trade, and Arabinized Africans continue to do so even today in the Sudan. Even Hon. Louis Farrakhan who is light skinned, mixed phenotype stated this after he went to Sudan. So I don't understand your point aobut Malcolm being lightskinned. First and foremost he was a black man. He also stated this.
This is constructive talk, you just don't seem to necessarily agree with the subject matter.

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