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African Caftans of all styles and colors!

Well we already know how our Black people in Africa dress.Very elegant. Very sophisticated and classy. So all of this greatness must be displayed for all to see. This company Wilsdom African
Designs has set up a set of African clothes to a viewer's delight.

First off this clothes exhibit much pattern. Pattern after pattern after pattern. THe first gown is black, orange,and white. The headwrap accompanies it. From where I sit,it looks like a seashell necklace she is wearing and feather earrings.

Definitely a great fit.

TO your right you'll see this Red gown and African headwrap. The imprint and outline of the flower sets on the red gown. It shows off the neckline well.

The sweet cut in the gown finishes it off.

NExt up, there's the red and black dress with a set of swirly lines. It's almost looks like you are walking towards art. Clothes are art in itself but there's
something about that dress that reminds me of a painting.

To the right of that is the leopard print dress.

IT will make you feel like you jumped into a maze just looking at it. The big gold watch really sets it off and she's working that

THe white, the black etched on top of it.THe heavy shell necklace. Stunning, it really is. The black looks
like a bookcase to me or a tv on top of a vcr. People just use your imagination.

Oh yes, and plenty of more colors and designs for the African gowns to be found. Take a look here:
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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These are pretty, but are made in India or Pakistan. These two countries are beginning to take over the market in 'African inspired' designs. Because they mass produce and use lower quality fabrics and embroidery, yet are often sold at the ssame price as the real deal, so the mercinary, I mean merchant gets a higher profit, the real African clothing manufacturing and export buisiness is suffering. Just a heads up.

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