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The $5M Cover-up? Video of Laquan McDonald, Executed By Chicago Police, Raises Questions About the Propagation of Black Death 


November 19, 2015 | Posted by  



At what point do we decide that we have seen enough Black death?


In recent times, part of the heightened awareness of the violence against Black people has come through video recordings of Black bodies shot down by the cops, month after month, and week after week.  Going to the videotape provides the evidence necessary to prove the war against us is real and not merely in our heads, helping to bring about reform to the system.  And under such circumstances, people in power are unable to cover up crimes that are committed.  The case of Laquan McDonald out of Chicago is a case in point.


Lisa Madigan, the Illinois state attorney general has asked police to release the October 20, 2014 video of McDonald, 17, who reportedly was shot 16 times by a single white officer Jason Van Dyke, on the Southwest side of Chicago.


According to police, Laquan, who had PCP in his system according to an autopsy report, had a small knife that he would not drop.  The officer was placed on desk duty, and the FBI is investigating.


According to Madigan, as the Guardian reported, the police made “unsubstantiated” claims that releasing the video would deprive anyone of a fair trial or hinder any ongoing investigations.  The state prosecutor also said the police had no right under law to withhold the video because the Independent Police Review Authority, a separate agency, was in charge of the investigation.


The city of Chicago quickly reached a $5 million settlement with the McDonald family – despite the value never filing a civil suit against the cityJeffrey Neslund, attorney for McDonald’s family, viewed the video and said McDonald was walking away from the police when they fired on him. McDonald’s mother does not want the footage released for fear it would precipitate unrest like that which occurred in Ferguson and BaltimoreAlso, community leaders such as Chicago Alderman Danny Solis caution against releasing the video on the grounds it would not help or heal the city.


Jon Kass of the Chicago Tribune argues that the video, from a dashboard camera, will go viral if released, and could possibly tear the city apart.  And while police claimed the teen lunged at the officer, the video reportedly tells a different story. The dashcam footage reportedly shows Van Dyke opening fire, and hitting the teen in the legs, arms, neck and head, the body jumping all the while.  Sources say the video is bad, worse than anything that has been seen in recent memory.

Laquan McDonald autopsy report.

Laquan McDonald autopsy report.


“Reading or hearing about 16 shots pumped into the body of a young man isn’t the same thing as seeing it,” Kass wrote.  “If the video is released, many won’t care about the drugs or the knife. Here’s what will be seared on the American mind: the black body flinching with bullet after bullet from a white cop’s gun.


A witness who has spoken with the feds told the Tribune he was driving his son to the hospital and saw everything.  “I was there, I saw it,” the man said. “He (McDonald) wasn’t attacking anybody. He was looking for a way out. He was just trying to turn away. The kid turned away, was dropped at the first shot or two, and the police kept shooting and shooting. You could see his body moving.”

“It freaked me out. It freaked my son out,” he added.  “The video should be released,” the man insisted. “The people have to see what actually happened. I watched the news. Everything they said about how (McDonald) ‘lunged’ didn’t happen. He (the officer) just emptied his gun into him.”


But Mayor Rahm Emanuel is fighting the release of the video.


“Ensuring our officers are accountable for their actions is critical to building trust between residents and the Police Department,” said Kelley Quinn, the mayor’s press secretary. “There are federal and state criminal investigations into this specific incident, and we have to respect that process. So their work isn’t compromised, we cannot comment on the case specifically, and we are following common practice in not releasing the evidence of an ongoing investigation.”


Emanuel also expressed his displeasure with the title of Spike Lee’s new movie, Chiraq, which will depict so-called “Black-on-Black” gun violence in the Englewood section of Chicago, and will be released by Amazon Studios by year’s end.  Surely, a reminder of the scourge of gun violence impacting young Black men is something which the mayor would like to sweep under the rug.


One can argue that we must not ignore or turn our heads away from such depictions of violence against Black bodies, lest we lull ourselves into a false sense of security.  If we deny the violence exists, we allow such vile crimes to go unpunished.  Exposing the truth brings about transparency and justice. 


When Mamie Till, Emmett Till’s mother, insisted on an open casket funeral for her son, she wanted to world to see what they had done to him.  His 14-year-old mutilated corpse, of which a photo was published in the Chicago Defender and Jet magazine, helped to place the focus on white supremacy in Mississippi and became a powerful catalyst for the civil rights movement.


And yet, the vile, gruesome lynchings of the Jim Crow days remind us of a time when the hanging, burning, shooting and castration of Black bodies made for white family entertainment.  Tickets were sold to lynchings as if they were excursions, as families had picnics, and adults and children alike posed for a photo with the “strange fruit“ as a souvenir.


The display of Black death reminds us that Black lives should matter, and yet they are still devalued.  As a society, we must find another way.  We must reach the point where there are no videos to watch because there are no Black bodies dying in the streets via state-sponsored terrorism.  In order to stop it, we must know, must see it actually exists.












"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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City Gives Up Fight to Suppress Laquan McDonald Video, Police Officer Says Watching it Made ‘Grown Men Cry’

November 20, 2015 | Posted by  



Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel


Chicago might be the next city to be hit by protests against police brutality.


Several media outlets are reporting a judge has ordered the release of a video showing a Chicago police officer shooting 17-year-old old Laquan McDonald 16 times. The video shows McDonald walking away from police while holding a knife, when he was shot multiple times by Officer Jason Van Dyke. One witness said Van Dyke fired 13 shots when McDonald was down. According to The Daily Beast, Judge Franklin Valderrama has ordered the video to be released on Nov. 25.


Reportedly that Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the city would not fight the judge’s decision.


“As a result, the city’s Independent Police Review Authority promptly sent this case and the evidence to state and federal prosecutors who have been investigating it for almost a year,” said Emanuel in a statement released Thursday. “In accordance with the judge’s ruling the city will release the video by Nov, 25, which we hope will provide prosecutors time to expeditiously bring their investigation to a conclusion so Chicago can begin to heal.”


However, even Emanuel admitted the video doesn’t make the police look good.


“Police officers are entrusted to uphold the law, and to provide safety to our residents. In this case unfortunately, it appears an officer violated that trust at every level,” he said.


The video is so shocking that the city quickly paid McDonald’s family a $5 million settlement and barred lawyers from seeing it. The video is being released because Chicago journalist Brandon Smith filed a FOIA request.


However, it’s missing several minutes of footage. Lawyers for the McDonald family claim police deleted 86 minutes of video.


According to The Daily Beast, many people fear Chicago will face riots when people see the video. Jeffrey Neslund, an attorney representing the McDonald family, told the Chicago Sun-Times he fears the release of the video will be followed by violent protests.


“I met with [McDonald’s mother] and Laquan’s uncle,” Neslund said, “and he was really concerned. He didn’t want to see their neighborhood burned.”


Lorenzo Davis, a former Chicago police commander and whistleblower, said the video was disturbing to watch.


“I have not seen the video,” he said. “But I’ve talked to people who have seen it, and they were horrified by what they saw. Grown men were brought to tears.”




First, my heart goes out the McDonald family...


the police need to release the video...if a riot occurs, oh the hell well!



they need to start taking out the cash out payment from the cops pension and if it isn't enoug, then take out equity in their homes and force them to sell all assets  to the first dime coming out of the gov....that's how you stop this ish

Yep, the Klan went from robes and dunce caps to police uniforms and suits. They're ISIS on our asses. These white people are psychotic when black men get anywhere near them. Black women's sons freak these bastards OUT!!!!! They're trying to send all the black sons to their graves and are doing a fine job. 500 years of this S.H.I.T. Boy-O-Boy! Doesn't appear we can do a damn thing about any of this mess we find ourselves in. We protect this country when they're at war, no one can protect us from their war on us. Who's the fool in this situation??

Just goes to show that the patients are running the asylum in this country.


Americans are glued to the news wondering when ISIL is going to strike here, as they send condolences to France for the egregious cowardly ambush murders by terrorists that took place there, and at the same time, in the same breath, NOTHING, shear indifference, or outright agreement and/or collaboration with terrorists that are doing the same thing to Black people right here in America.


And to pour salt in our wounds, America's first Black president of course has to speak out against the terrorism that is happening in France, one of America's allies, but has absolutely NOTHING to say about the very same racist terrorism taking place on his own soil against his own people.  


African America should really, really, be making a BIG mental note of that obviously racist double-standard sh!t, and not be stupid enough to forget this as quickly as it forgot Katrina, MOVE, the thousands of Black people [mostly Black men] that have withered away in America's prisons for crimes they did not commit, or those who put their lives on the line decades ago to force change in this country before. 

now video release as of yet, but here are some details...


Officer Jason Van Dyke is shown on the police dash-cam video jumping out of his squad car and within seconds unloading 16 rounds into 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, lawyers for McDonald's family have said. After the first few shots knocked McDonald to the ground, Van Dyke fired another volley that struck the teen repeatedly as his body lay in almost a fetal position, according to the lawyers.

McDonald had been acting erratically and was holding a small knife, authorities said. Van Dyke's lawyer has said the officer feared for his life.

Van Dyke, 37, who has been on paid desk duty since the October 2014 incident, is scheduled to appear for a bond hearing at noon Tuesday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building at 26th Street and California Avenue, the sources said.…/chicago-cop-to-face-first-degree…/

I just saw that on the news. 16 bullets!!! Damn!!! Jason Van Dyke unloaded 16 bullets into someone's son. What in the hell is the matter with these cops when it comes to our children?? They're shredding our kids into spaghetti. That's terrorism. No different than ISIS or all the rest of the killers of the world. 15 bullets into one human body for no reason, really. 17 years old.  


I'm glad these bastards weren't alive when I was a teenager. All the kids my age would have had the Heebie Jeebies with cops like these around. I sure as hell have to worry about the teenagers in MY FAMILY now though and the older "kids"!!!!


It's strange how the cops that are doing the killing aren't much older than the kids they're killing. White folks are waiting for us to shoot back so they can do a complete wipe out of our black behinds. We might just have to take that chance, shit's out of control. 500 years of our tears could completely submerge the entire planet under water living amongst these pale assholes.

Last edited by Norland
Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:



Chicago officials release video showing police killing of Laquan McDonald

  • Dashcam footage of 2014 killing released on judge’s order
  • City prepared for backlash to video showing teenager being shot 16 times
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Chicago police dashcam video shows the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonaldWARNING: This video contains graphic images

Anger spilled on to the streets of Chicago late on Tuesday after video footage showing the shooting of a black teenager by a police officer was publicly released, on the same day that a white Chicago officer was charged with murder in connection with the death.

Crowds stopped traffic in downtown Chicago in the hours after the video – capturing the final moments of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald – was released on judge’s orders.

The video, which lasts six minutes and 54 seconds, shows the confrontation on 20 October 2014 between the teenager and two armed police officers. Laquan is seen striding down the center of a two-way street and appears to be carrying a knife when the dashboard camera of a police patrol vehicle records the moment that two officers point handguns at him.

He turns briefly toward one of the officers and is then shot, the impact of the first bullet apparently spinning him around before he collapses on the street. A puff of smoke or dust can be seen rising near his body as a bullet hits the ground. The camera continues to focus on his prone body as the officers, now out of frame, shoot him multiple times. An autopsy report from the Cook county medical examiner’s office showed McDonald was shot 16 times.

Laquan McDonald.
 Laquan McDonald. Photograph: Courtesy of the family

On Tuesday night activists took up the chant “16 shots” as they formed a human circle at a busy intersection in Chicago. “Right now black people are angry! Right now what is important is young black people,” activist Veronica Morris Moore shouted in the centre of the ring of protesters.

By 9.30pm there had been no serious escalation, but tensions rose during brief moments of pushing between police officers and protesters, several of whom were detained. Chicago police confirmed there had been some arrests.

Earlier, documents filed in court describing the video’s contents said that for 14 to 15 seconds the officer – Jason Van Dyke – unloaded his entire gun into the teen, who is seen laying face down on the ground, his arms and legs jerking from the impact of the shots. Of the eight or more officers on the scene Van Dyke is the only one to have discharged his weapon, although a colleague can be seen with his gun drawn and pointed at McDonald.

The video ends shortly after a final puff of smoke rises from the ground and one of the officers moves forward and appears to kick an object from McDonald’s right hand.

The footage was released after a dramatic day in Chicago that saw Van Dykeindicted on a first-degree murder charge. He was denied bail at a hearing in the city’s main criminal courthouse hours after the state’s attorney, Anita Alvarez, announced the charges against him.


Hours later city officials at a hastily arranged press conference condemned the actions of the office 

but warned protesters to remain calm.

“People have a right to be angry,” said police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. “People have a right to protest. People have a right to free speech but they do not have a right to commit criminal acts.”

City officials and community leaders had been bracing for the release of the video showing the 2014 shooting, fearing an outbreak of unrest and demonstrations similar to what occurred in Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities after black men were killed by police. A judge had ordered last week that the footage must be released by 25 November.

“Anyone who is there to uphold the law cannot act like they’re above the law,” said the Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, at a press conference ahead of the video’s release. “I want to say one thing: there are men and women both in leadership positions and in rank and file who follow and live by that principle every day. Jason Van Dyke does not represent the police department.”

Jason Van Dyke

 Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke. Photograph: Getty Images

Brandon Smith, the journalist who won a freedom of information lawsuit leading to the video’s release, was barred from entering the press conference, as were several other journalists who did not have Chicago police credentials.

Smith and his lawyer told the Guardian that they were not notified of the video’s planned release on Tuesday until seeing it on social media. While standing outside the police headquarters Smith’s lawyer Matt Topic was notified by officials via phone that a copy was en route to his office. 

The announcement of the murder charge and slow release of details of the video before the actual dashcam footage appeared timed to lessen the chances for violent reactions. McDonald’s family has called for calm.


“With release of this video,” Alvarez said on Tuesday at a press conference before the video’s release, “it’s really important for public safety that the citizens of Chicago know that this officer is being held responsible for his actions.

“I have absolutely no doubt that this video will tear at the hearts of Chicagoans.”

Since the death of McDonald the Chicago police union and the lawyer representing the officer have maintained that Van Dyke felt the teenager presented a serious danger to himself and other officers.

“I can’t speak to why the [other] officers didn’t shoot,” the lawyer representing Van Dyke, Daniel Herbet, told reporters on Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune. “But I certainly can speak to why my client shot, and it is he believed in his heart of hearts that he was in fear for his life, that he was concerned about the lives of [other] police officers.”

Last Thursday a judge had ordered the dashcam recording to be released by 25 November after city officials argued for months that it could not be made public until the conclusion of several investigations.

The video had not been seen by anyone outside of the investigation or city officials until Tuesday – not even by McDonald’s mother, who had publicly argued against the release of the video, saying she feared violent protests.

On Monday Emanuel called together community leaders to appeal for help calming the emotions that have built up over the McDonald shooting.

Some attendees of the meeting said afterwards that city officials waited too long after McDonald was shot to get them involved.

“You had this tape for a year and you are only talking to us now because you need our help keeping things calm,” one of the ministers, Corey Brooks, said after the meeting.

Ira Acree, who described the meeting with Emanuel as “very tense, very contentious”, said the mayor expressed concerns about the prospect of any demonstrations getting out of control.

Another minister who attended, Jedidiah Brown, said emotions were running so high that there would be no stopping major protests once the video was released.

In April 2015 the FBI announced a joint investigation with the Cook county state’s attorney’s office and the city’s Independent Police Review Authority into the shooting. Two days later the city council approved a $5m settlement for McDonald’s family, though they had not filed a lawsuit. Chicago’s corporation counsel, Stephen Patton, said the footage had prompted the city’s decision to settle.

Van Dyke is the first on-duty officer to be charged with murder while working for the Chicago police department in nearly 35 years.

Since the incident Van Dyke has been on paid desk leave while both federal and state investigations into the incident took place.


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Police officer Jason Van Dyke arrives for court in Chicago on Tuesday.

Chicago police also moved late on Monday to discipline a second officer who had shot and killed an unarmed black woman in 2012, in another incident causing tensions between the department and minority communities. McCarthy recommended firing officer Dante Servin for the shooting of 22-year-old Rekia Boyd, saying Servin showed “incredibly poor judgment” even though a jury had acquitted him of involuntary manslaughter and other charges last April.

The fears of unrest stem from longstanding tensions between the Chicago police and minority communities, partly due to the department’s reputation for brutality, particularly involving black residents. Dozens of men, mostly African American, said they were subjected to torture at the hands of a Chicago police squad headed by former commander Jon Burge from the 1970s to the early 1990s, and many spent years in prison. Burge was eventually convicted of lying about the torture and served four years in prison.

The Associated Press contributed to this report




Not much difference between ISIS in Syria and Europe and the United States Police Departments and Self Hatred on our behinds. Not much difference at all. Terrorism is Terrorism and Dead is Dead.


Some of us would rather not have to deal with either White folks or Black folks; would just like to be left alone. If you want to lodge some bullets in a behind, let it be your own.

Last edited by Norland

The family should have received 1 million dollars for every bullet found in Laquan's body. President Obama this took place in Chicago, your city!! If you were younger and not president, this could be YOUR BODY laying in the city street of CHICAGO. For black people, CHIRAQ's a more than appropriate name. What the hell is wrong with the white men of America EMPLOYED as "COPS"? What have black boys done to YOU that you have to murder one with one bullet for every year he's been alive sans one? 16 bullets?? Suppose that had been your relative, you? You're treating us the same as if you're on a hunting trip shooting deer or moose which is just as nonsensical in my book. More than enough cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys should fill your lust for slaughter. You, white man, are slaughtering black women's children. We, on the other hand, are killing each other due to SELF-HATRED, due to living with you and yours for 500 years, being always equated as relatives to King Kong and every Simian that ever lived. Doesn't make folks feel good about themselves.


White folks, tell me something:  What the hell was wrong with your ancestors when it came to cotton picking?  What happened to their inability to bend and pluck??  Damn sure could have saved heaped of trouble for you and for us, assholes. Living amongst lions and elephants in mud huts eating grub worms, drinking cow's blood, with breasts bouncing FREE, unrestrained; would have been a piece of cake compared to living with you and your racial insanity, every single day of our lives; your lynching of yore and your fucking bullets of pure H.A.T.E now. GIVE US A BREAK AND LET US BREATHE.


President Obama, you're lucky you DIDN'T have a son while living in Chicago. Mrs. Obama needs to hug her handsome brother and thank God he made it. Refresh our memory:  What is it that Rahm Emanual does????? He's not curtailing young black deaths; where's Louis Farrakhan's crew? (I know they're Muslim spastic, brothers still could protect.)  Jessie?? Forget "keeping HOPE alive; try keeping young black dudes alive from Ours and Theirs.


Keep an eye on the neighborhood, the Cop Klan could be arriving at any moment. All of you need DEATH INSURANCE for yourselves and your children, mainly your SONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can't get out of their teens breathing.


You can get one bullet in your behind for every year you've celebrated a birthday instantaneously. That shit has to HURT like a mofo. 5 million dollars doesn't pay that bill.  Condolences to Laquan's family and EVERY black family living or dead that has gone through THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we're going to watch Laaquan's murder every single second for the next couple of weeks or more until the NEXT BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER WORTH A SHIT MURDER by Klan Cop.

Last edited by Norland








UPDATE: Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke has been charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Van Dyke shot the Black teen 16 times in October of last year. The video of the shooting is expected to be released tomorrow.

In what may prove surprising to some, this marks the first time that an on-duty Chicago cop has been charged with murder. But for Van Dyke, it appears to be a case of the chickens coming home to roost.  No stranger to controversy, the officer has received a total of 17 complaints since 2006, according to Independent Police Review Authority records.  This includes three complaints over the course of four years involving allegations of excessive force, and accusations that he made racial remarks.

The decision by prosecutors to charge Van Dyke comes as a judge last week ordered the release of the dashcam video in which Van Dyke riddled Laquan’s body with 16 bullets.  The city of Chicago settled with the McDonald family for $5 million before a lawsuit was even filed, and fought the release of the video for 13 months on the grounds there was an ongoing criminal investigation.  But earlier this year, Brandon Smith, a freelance journalist and activist, filed a lawsuit accusing the police of violating the state’s Freedom of Information Act by refusing to release the video of the McDonald shooting and other related documents.  Further, the Chicago Tribune filed three FOIA requests for the video to the police department, the city’s Law Department and the Independent Police Review Authority, of which all requests were denied.


On Monday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a conference call with community leaders and ministers to condemn Van Dyke’s “hideous” actions.  He asked participants to help ensure peaceful protest after the video is released.

“Any descriptions I’ve read of this incident, to any person, regardless if you’re the mayor or just an individual, it would shock you, because it’s basically not only a person taking the law into their own hands, but they don’t have a measure and are not using the judgment that is expected,” Emanuel told the ministers, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.  “What happened here is wrong. There is no justification and it’s profoundly hideous, in my view. And it’s a shock to your conscience of what happened, and it should not have happened.”  Emanuel reportedly has not viewed the video.

Meanwhile, as the mayor attempts to get all his ducks in a row and meet with community groups in order to keep the peace, a coalition of young Black activist groups held a press conference to criticize city leaders over their slow response, and express their refusal to meet with Emanuel.  The groups include Black Youth Project 100, Fearless Leading by the Youth, Assata’s Daughters, #LetUsBreathe collective, We Charge Genocide, Black Lives Matter: Chicago, and other grassroots collectives.

“Young black organizers have declined the offer to meet with Rahm’s administration to discuss the video and are focusing on reaching out to the people who are directly impacted by the occupation of militarized police and community disinvestment,” the coalition said in a statement.  “The city historically responds to peaceful demonstrations violently and recklessly. We have no faith that the same Mayor that allowed people to starve for 34 days over a school, will be accountable to black people just because we respond calmly to a documented hate crime committed by a Chicago police officer.”

The activist coalition also noted that the Chicago Police Department has spent over half a billion dollars over the past decade to settle police misconduct claims, and claimed Mayor Emanuel has bankrupted public education “to bankroll militarized police occupation and terrorism.”  As the police presence is increasing, the group argued, Black teachers are losing their jobs and schools in Black communities are shutting down.  These Black activists, organizing against a culture of white supremacy which is destroying their communities, reject the myth of “Black on Black” crime and encourage the media to focus on Laquan’s humanity.

“Everything is being taken from us, nothing is being given to us and everyone is trying to tell us how to act and respond to that,” said Timothy Bradford of Black Youth Project 100. “There’s always focus on how black people perform and respond to being abused and exploited and oppressed politically, economically and socially. There’s very little focus and investment in addressing the root causes of everything that precedes this.”



Last edited by sunnubian
Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:


Burger King: Chicago PD Deleted Video of Laquan McDonald Shooting


That action was HIGHLY ILLEGAL!!!!!!


Burger King and each one of  its employees should sue the Chicago PD for harassment, intimidation, and violating their Constitutional Rights.


Black people in Chicago should file a Class Action Lawsuit against the Chicago PD for all of the racist executions of Black people, [particularly Black male] they have committed, and all the racist harassment, wrongful detentions and arrests, all the wrongful trumped up 'charges', the Homen Square torture chamber, and all the violence, brutality, torture and death the Chicago PD has inflicted on Black people in Chicago.  


Black people in Chicago should also file a Class Action Lawsuit against each and every entity, and branch of the judiciary/judicial system that has collaborated to guarantee that racist cops get away with murdering Black people, Black males, Black women and Black children.  

Last edited by sunnubian

  When we will SEE that the only way we gon have POWER?  Is to unify.  Stop all this inner hood hating.  Stop all this jealousy, envy, sabotaging, putting down, crazy ass stuff that would have KEPT us in slavery had we did that back then.  What is the matter with black folks?  Can't they SEE that massa never STOPPED hating us or the fact that we are no longer his slaves?  Modernization and high technology have nothing to do with we can see.


 So.  What's the hold up?  Why is it STILL that I can't walk down my community screaming with RED or BLUE on?  While it doesn't  matter to massa one bit what the fock color blacks have on...if they spot us?  They gon kill us.  So why it is that we are soooooooooooo color stuck that if we THINK we see a color...we commense to shooting to kill.  No it's something WRONG with us.  Cuz we ALREADY know how massa FEELS about us.  Ain't never been no secret. do we justify self-murdering of our folks?  Our children?  Our women?  Our men?  


Like Celie said to Harpo..."they would have NEVER gotten to Sophia if you hadn't tried to rule her."  As I am saying...the po po or massa and his boys would have never tried to revisit the old methods of lynching/maiming/targeting us if we CONTINUED the solidarity we once HAD.  This would have NEVER happen.  We had massa by the balls and then we sold our souls [the next generation of us did] for crack and guns.  And never questioned why massa was so open to give it to us.  And now look what has unfolded since.     With broken black neighborhoods all over the wonder we have become easy prey.  It was all planned that way.  And it appears that it is sooooo much blood that we still can't see what massa is and has been doing to us all along.  These policemen were once children.  So who taught them that black lives NEVER mattered? And who verified it?  Who snatched away their humility?  And turned them into killers instead of protectors?  Who?!!!


 Somethin to think about as many protest the ramifications of us dropping our own ball.  Which our off springs and next generation of black folks NEVER had a focking chance.  Having said all of that...I'm not surprised that this young boy was shot 16 times.  I'm not surprised that our young black men/women/children are used as target practice.  


I guess now mothers of murdered children voices will be heard.  But! Is it too late?  Well..every time I hear about ANOTHER black person dying by the hands of massa/po po...I think so.  Cuz we have no black advocates...where are they?   I hear nothing....absolutely nothing from them.   But!  

Last edited by Kocolicious

When you're initially bought and sold like farm animals, a family bond has never been formed. We have relatives all over this country, we'll never know. Self-hatred took precedence over love and we still suffer from this to this day. Old Step-Poppa YT showed us how to hate too; just not them. We do a hell of a job on each other. Consequently, we get it from all barrels of guns; theirs and ours.

  Not spending those black dollars will let folks KNOW black folks MEAN business.  Plus it will show how extremely powerful we are as a people and will also teach our children the meaning of integrity and black pride.  So let's silence the ching ching.  Cuz that's only thing....unfortunately that will make white folks LISTEN.


Oh and while we're at it...let's boycott being rude, crude and disrespectful to each other as a people.  Let's stop endorsing gang behavior as cool and let's put a shine on behaviors that bring down our community's growth.  Let's show our young that not only is it cool to have a's also cool to inform our peers that we're just not gonna kill each other anymore.  We gonna work on unity, pride, courage and self-improvement.  So let's boycott being STUPID self-hating naysayers.  That way?  Our community will be on its path to the resurrection of Black progress.  I mean since we're doing all this boycotting...let's make it effective all around.  Just sayin  But!  

Last edited by Kocolicious

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