Ten Goals Worth Pursuing

1. Personal Development

The single best investment any of us can ever make is in our own personal growth and development. The accumulation of knowledge means everything to your future.

2. Excellent Physical Health

Your body impacts everything you do. Take good care of it through proper nourishment, exercise and rest.

3. Rest, Relaxation and Renewal

We must take good care of ourselves without feeling guilty.

4. Building a Loving Family

Family is the emotional core of our lives. We should make constant deposits into everyone's emotional bank account.

5. Intimate Relationships With Your Friends

Surround yourself with nourishing friends. Share yourself with them and let them share themselves with you.

6. Involvement In Your Community

The definition of a life well lived must include a commitment to serving others.

7. Excellence in Your Work

Develop a reputation for excellence. A sincere commitment to excellence is a noble goal.

8. Financial Freedom

Money is important. Exercise wisdom in all your financial dealings.

9. A Comfortable, Loving Home

The single biggest investment most of us will ever make should be comfortable and lined with love.

10. Peace of Mind

There is no substitute for peace of mind. Everything you do either supports it or takes away from it.


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