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RadioRaheem posted:;utm_campaign=buffer


Bomani Jones just won the Internet after wearing “Caucasian” shirt on ESPN

People are offended, seeing Bomani Jones wearing this and don't realize, they proved his point, simply by reacting

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Norland posted:

I like that shirt. I'd wear one, then place it along side my Crispy shirt. That shirt's more truthful than the caricatured Native American. It's a shirt that tells the truth while you smile at it. Little dollar sign dude favors The Crazy Donald, especially in the hair department; the smile, not so much.

I would buy the shirt, but i'd probably wear it too daily.  It's funny how offended Whytes are when they are the mascot

RadioRaheem posted:

Maybe Native Americans should start a Native American Baseball League and the two bottom pictures as mascots.  

I'll bet a lot of people would pay to see the "Caucasians" against the "Rednecks", at least on a baseball field, rather than in real life like it already is today [only the "redneck" don't know it or like living on "D'Nile" about it].

That's the Trumpet on the bottom; someone had to paint a smile on his face, since he's always snarling like a billionaire dog with his anus size thing frontin' for a mouth.

No matter how much money you have, how privileged you may be, how white you may be, how wonderful you think you are; your just your mother's child, born with a silver spoon in your mouth due to their wealth monetarily. Just because you have money, doesn't mean you have smarts or common sense; that you're "beautiful" or "handsome"; all that's in the eyes of the beholder. To them you could look like a total asshole. You are what you are, that's all of us. Few days on the planet, then total blackness/silence forever, as far as we know.

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