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Amy Kremer (pictured above right in the upper picture), leader of the Tea Party Express, a peculiar anti-Obama movement that has swept the conservative part of the nation, was on the "The View" attempting to defend that which cannot be defended. Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the most conservative host on the show, attacked the Tea Party movement for being racist.

That's when Kremer went on the defense. She first explained to Hasselbeck that the Tea Party movement is not about racism, it's about fiscal issues. She also claimed that her enemies are trying to discredit their organization.

What was most interesting was when Kremer went on to try to argue that President Barack Obama's "Tea Baggers" name is the same as calling someone the N-word.On comments like that, I have to tap in to my inner Gary Coleman: "What you talkin' 'bout, Amy?"

To compare the use of the term "Tea Bagger" to the N-word is not only false, but incredibly weak and problematic. Such a comparison can't be made with good sense, and for Kremer to say such a thing only adds insult to the injury that her group has caused minority groups across the nation.


One point that Kremer accurately made, however, is that it is patently unfair that we live in a nation where those who vehemently disagree with President Obama are somehow racist. I think this assessment is wrong, since there are African Americans who can't stand Obama and many well-intended white Americans who don't like him either.

The problem is that racism is such an elusive social disease that it's hard to identify it when it happens to be present. Even most racists don't know that they're racist, and would never admit to being so.

Another point that can be made in light defense of the Tea Party Express (which, for the most part, has become labeled as a ridiculous, extremist movement), is that the party itself does not deserve to be identified by its fringe elements. Yes, there are those who are going to use the Tea Party Movement as a cover for their own racist hatred of President Obama, but those who show up to events with racist signs and language do not represent everyone in the group.

The Tea Partiers, however, would do best to facilitate this process by working extra hard to exclude racists from their camp. Any sign of racism, either blatant or subtle, should be removed from their group immediately.


I don't like what the Tea Party Express stands for politically, since I do not agree with their views. Also, the anger by which they attack President Obama certainly stinks of the damaging subtle racism which cripples the rest of our society. But on the other hand, the Tea Party Express represents the very best America has to offer, because they are putting their freedom of speech and expression to work and letting the government know what they think. There's nothing more patriotic than that.
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 Unbelievable, the criminal trying to make him/her self look like the victim. You know I call Tea Party members and their supporters Tea Baggers. My use of it is meant it in the most derrogatory and demeaning way, regardless of the race of the individual.
What gets under my skin is the author's comment about how the assessment of the Tea Party is wrong. So what some blacks and some whites don't like Obama? I can assure you that the reasoning for each group is vastly different, which I find a significant issue. Yet she addresses only one issue, racism which is the White Baggers deal as if both groups reasoning would be the same.
 Finally, there is no subtle racism with these protests in the least. Has the author not been to or seen these protests on YouTube? Have they been hiding under a rock or something?
The Tea Baggers don't realize that the WORLD is watching them and thinking to themselves, these bastards haven't changed a bit.

The Tea Baggers are exactly what they are –reactionary paranoid whites who resent the reality of a black man in the White House. Where was all this outrage and fiscal indignation when Bush drove the country into the deficit we see today? The financial black hole the nation is facing already existed before Obama became POTUS. As I said, where was the outrage when Bush drug this country into a deficit and invaded a nation that had no ties or links to Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaida and did not have the alleged WMD’s? They are what they are and the nefarious comparison to the “N” word is dishonest and bullshit…..

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