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Tampa police refusing to work sold out BeyoncÉ stadium show
Tom Boggioni 
18 FEB 2016 AT 09:38 ET

BeyoncÉ’s show at Raymond James Stadium in April is expected to be a sell out but — for the moment at least — there won’t be any police on hand to control the crowds because Tampa cops are refusing to sign up to work at the event, reports Fox 13.

A sign-up sheet for the April 29 event has been posted since tickets went on sale, but has so far remained blank — possibly in retaliation for the singer’s performance during the Super Bowl halftime which some police officers felt was anti-cop.

Typically for special events, off-duty officers sign up to pick up extra pay, but no one seems interested in working when the pop star hits town.

According to Tampa Police Department spokesperson Steve Hegarty, he’s not sure if the lack of willing officers is related to the controversial performance, and that the department would assign officers if none volunteer.

“We’re going to staff it because we have a responsibility to do that regardless of how controversial it might be, who the artist might be, or the politician might be,” Hegarty explained. “This is a couple of months away, so we’ve still got plenty of time to fill those slots.”

According to police officials, it’s not uncommon for officers to shy away from working events featuring controversial artists or politicians, but that the department always make sure police are on hand.

During a Super Bowl party in Washington, members of the National Sheriffs’ Association boycotted BeyoncÉ’s performance during halftime by turning off the television in protest over her pro-Black Lives Matters song “Formation,” which police believe is anti-law enforcement.

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But these same cops will work a Ku Klux Klan march.  

Any Black cops going along with this racist jim crow extortion plow [i.e., attempt to extort houseniggeringout of Black people and Black artists and entertainers] should be ashamed of allowing White racists to emasculate them down to turning on their own people for psychopaths that hate us all.

I've come to the conclusion that we're in the Land of the Insane. Looking at these creeps running for "president", all the hatred they harbored against President Obama, all the killing of our kids and us ever since we've been here. There is something drastically WRONG with these folks, and that's it. No one's better than anyone, but folks can damn sure out-crazy the rest. All this hatred has turned me off big time. I'm just going to try to stay out of their clutches and hope my babies do too. The whites on this land are no different than the poisoned waters of Flint. Poison is poison.

Poisoned minds, poisoned water, poisoned seas, poisoned lands, poisoned foods, etc., eventually it all takes us where we're going to end up anyway and the color of your skin, hair texture, education/lack of, doesn't amount to a bag of beans.

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RadioRaheem posted:
Norland posted:

Call the NOI or any remaining Panthers. Let Blacks take care of Blacks for a change. That shouldn't bother the Mighty YT too much.

Black men guarding a Black woman for once in our lives.


Fruit of Islam is in every major city...they helped Johnnie Cochran during the OJ trial because he got even more death threats than OJ.

I'm sure that Beonce' and Jayzee their own private security anyway, eliminating their needing anything in particular from the local police in given cities they perform in.  

It's the citizens of the particular city that need police to fulfil their duties of protecting and serving the citizens, the general public, the community and the consumers in that city.  

Attention-grabbing headlines like "TAMPA POLICE REFUSING TO WORK SOLD OUT BEYONCÉ STADIUM SHOW" are to merely disseminate Racist Propaganda against Black people and to plant seeds of contempt for Black people in the minds of Whites.

Headlines like the one above also serve as the needed distractions to keep people from realizing that all this contempt for Beonce' was initiated on a false premise spread by racist Propaganda Artists in the first place.  

America's Racist Propaganda Artists quickly took to the airways/media to spread the false propaganda that Beonce's performance had something to do with being against the police or that only "Black Panthers" wore black leather, and that any Black people advocating against Black people being dismissed, brutalized, and executed with complete impunity by our own government, tax-payer funded agents/agencies, are "militant".


All this FAKE OUTRAGE by police should tell ALL Americans EVERYTHING they need to know about the POLICE STATE they are trying to put this nation under and socially condition Americans to accept.

First, everything they are saying is are LIES!

Beonce' performanceWAS NOT an attack on police! The word "police" is not in one lyric of her song.  The words "Black Panthers" are not in any lyric of the song.  The song had more to do with throwing shade back at her haters and those who insulted her little girl's hair and are spreading rumors that she is a member of the "Illuminati".  

The fact that Juliani claimed to have read "attack on police" from what amounts to an virtual electronic 'cat fight', lets you know how much psychopaths and sociopaths are willing to lie, exaggerate and spread racist propaganda to further their agendas.  

The fact that the Police Union is deliberately spreading this false propaganda as well, lets you know exactly what type of men make up such "police unions", and lets that they are willing to tell lies, make sh!t up, spread false propaganda designed to deceive the American public rather than stand on TRUTH like MEN.  

But America chooses to sit and do nothing while these sociopaths, psychopaths, homicidal maniacs, sadists and racist hatemongers give America enough rope to hang itself by using Black people to implement the vicious Police State that will lord overALL, Black and non-Black alike once in place.  


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